At What Height Do You Install A Shower Rod?

Since there are a few factors to consider when you are looking to mount your shower curtain rod, it can become a little overwhelming to make sure you are measuring and mounting correctly. Whether you're remodeling, moving in, or trying to freshen things up, mounting a rod can be a little challenging. We've gathered some information to help you decide what placement is best for your space! 

The average height is between 5 feet 7 inches and about 5 feet 9 inches, depending on a few variables to hang a standard shower curtain with a standard curtain rod. 

Depending on the type of curtain rod you have, the length of your shower curtain, and the design/height of your shower or tub, the exact placement of the shower curtain will vary. Below we will review the variables and determine the proper place to mount your shower curtain rod. 

Curtain rod with shower curtain hanging on hooks, At What Height Do You Install A Shower Rod?

Types of shower curtain rods

The type of shower or bath that you have in your bathroom will determine the shower curtain rod you will need to hang. There are a couple of different kinds of shower curtain rods: 

Ceiling Mounted Rod

These options are popular if you have a clawfoot tub or a clawfoot tub/shower combo. Hanging a rod from the ceiling gives you full coverage to enhance privacy and can be placed in many versatile situations. 

Where you hang this curtain rod will heavily depend on what type of rod you have and how far it hangs from the ceiling, and how tall your tub is compared to how long your shower curtain is. For example, if you are looking to have a 1-foot overlap around your tub that sits 2 feet above the ground and you are hanging a standard 6ft size curtain, you will want to hang your rod 5 ft above the top of the bathtub. 

You'll also want to consider the device and length in which the rod is mounted to the ceiling. Note that some come with longer poles than others, and this will change how you mount it and what length of a shower curtain you will need to accomplish your goal. 

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Curved Shower Rod 

A curved shower rod is very similar to a standard straight shower rod. You do not need to make any special alteration or purchase a special shower curtain to use a curved shower curtain rod. These types of rods have grown in popularity because they look very luxurious, and they provide additional space in the shower.

One major drawback to a curved rod is that they extend outward from the tub or the shower, causing the curtain to take up some additional bathroom space. This can pose a problem if your bathroom is very narrow or that space is shared with a sink or a toilet. You will mount and measure for this rod the same as you would for a straight rod. 

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Straight Shower Curtain Rod

A straight shower curtain rod is standard and probably something everyone is familiar with. A straight shower curtain rod and a curved shower curtain rod can be mounted in any bathroom as space allows.

To hang both of these types of rods, you will need to consider how long your shower curtain is or will be. If you'd like the space to feel more elegant and larger, you could opt for an extra long shower curtain and mount the rod closer to the ceiling.

For a standard 6 ft long shower curtain, you need to leave enough space to allow the curtain and curtain liner to overlap on your tub a bit to keep the water within the tub. A good rule-of-thumb is to allow at least 5 inches of overlap space. In this case, you will want to mount your rod 5-feet and 7-inches from the top of the tub. 

Another thing to consider is how the curtain hooks are constructed. Some hooks will keep the curtain on the rod or relatively close to it, while others dangle a bit more. Keep in mind how much extra space there is of overlap. If the hooks allow the liner and the curtain to dangle an additional 2-inches below the rod, then you will want to hang that same standard curtain at 5-feet and 9-inches above the top of the tub. 

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What Is The Standard Shower Rod Size?

The majority of shower curtain rods are adjustable these days. There are some that are of fixed size, but many of them will be adjustable. The standard adjustable sizes are 57-inches to 61-inches, but you can find some longer, up to 73-inches to accommodate large bathtubs. 

A curved shower curtain rod for the same space will be longer to account for the design curve. Many of these curved shower curtain rods will come in an adjustable configuration as a result. 

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Do Curved Shower Rods Take Up More Space?

Curved shower rods are popular because of how elegant they look, but they also add more space to your shower experience. Due to their design, they allow for more comfortable shower time because the shower liner doesn't stick to your skin and chase you around the tub. Check out our article that explains why your shower curtain attacks you.

However, this additional space found inside the shower is countered by the loss of extra space outside the shower. This is because the curve generally goes outward, and all of the additional space you gained inside was taken from outside. This is usually not much of a problem, but it can prove to not be ideal in tight spaces. If a bathroom is already cramped, then those few extra inches that creep on the sink or the toilet are precious, and you may want to opt-out of a curved rod and go with a straight rod. 

A great way to combat an external space issue but still have a desire to utilize the additional space inside the shower is to pt for a rotating shower curtain rod instead. This has a glide ability, so you can glide the curve inside of the tub space when not in use, giving you back all of that precious space outside of the shower. 

Should A Shower Curtain Touch The Floor?

Generally, you do not want your shower curtain touching the floor. The rule-of-thumb is to have a 5-inch overlap of your bathtub and your shower curtain. This looks good and provides coverage for water to drip back into the tub and not out onto the floor. 

With that being said, many people prefer the look of a floor-length shower curtain and will opt to get an extra-long one to have such a look in their bathroom. If this is the case, that is wonderful. You can choose to do this if you would like. This is more of a preference on aesthetic vs. a need to have a shower curtain drape to the floor. 

Should Your Shower Curtain Be Higher Than The Shower Head?

Your curtain rod should be hung a little higher than your shower head, or at the very least, level with the showerhead. This will prevent too much water from splashing out over the top. 

In Closing

The height you choose to hang your curtain rod is variable, depending on the shower curtain you've selected, the look you are going for, and the type of rod you will hang. Remember to consider what kind of curtain hooks you are using and how much additional space they allow for before ultimately making the decision. Be creative, and check out our article showing you how to amp up your curtain rod game with double shower curtain rods.

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