Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Are Mailboxes Waterproof?

A black opened mailbox attached to a wooden frame, Are Mailboxes Waterproof?

Mailboxes that are compliant with local postal service standards are typically waterproof. However, you may wonder if most mailboxes are waterproof and how to keep out moisture. We researched mailboxes, how to put a stop to wet mail, and other…

5 Of The Best Toilets For A Heavy Person

Bright bathroom interior with toilet and gray rug, 5 Of The Best Toilets For A Heavy Person

A toilet should provide a comfortable, supportive place for elimination and not contribute to soreness or pain. Heavier people may have difficulties using a standard toilet, so what toilets are best? We researched toilets designed to be tough, supportive, and…

Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

Warm and cozy bedroom interior design with lamp on bedside table, Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

Think beyond placing your bed centered against the main bedroom wall and explore other possibilities. If you were curious if there are other visually pleasing and practical arrangements for a bed, you are in luck. We researched different positions to…

How To Choose Accent Chairs

Concept interior setup with furniture with accent chair furniture, How To Choose Accent Chairs

Have you ever thought it was impossible to find accent chairs that made your home look chic and sophisticated? We researched the most important criteria when searching for the perfect accent chair. No matter if you like to entertain guests…