Angelique Amargo

Angelique Amargo

Do Picture Windows Open?

White living room interior with lamp and green landscape in picture window. Do Picture Windows Open

Picture windows help you view the scenery outside without the risk of drafts. You can put them anywhere around the house where you would want to appreciate the view better. However, if you’re still unsure whether to get them, you…

Does Brick Insulate Better Than Siding?

Modern contemporary brick-built home in dappled sunlght with brick driveway. - Does Brick Insulate Better Than Siding

Exterior insulation materials will affect your overall interior comfort. So, if you’re considering exterior applications such as bricks or siding, which material insulates best? We have gathered information so you can make the best decision. Brick has a higher R-value…

How High Should Wainscoting Be?

white wainscoting and chair rail on wall of orange peach dining living room of colorful home house - How High Should Wainscoting Be

Wainscoting is a decorative but functional feature you can have in your home. It protects the surface from dents or scuff marks so your walls can maintain their pristine look. The design has evolved from its conception in the 18th…

Quartzite Vs. Granite: Price Considerations

Comparison between quartzite and granite, Quartzite Vs. Granite: Price Considerations

Quartzite and granite are both reliable and elegant options for bathroom or kitchen countertops. Granite has a natural and luminous surface, while quartzite is an excellent alternative to marble. However, aside from aesthetic and functional considerations, your budget is one…

11 Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas

A wooden cabinet inside the laundry room with a black washing machine and dryer, 11 Laundry Room Color Scheme Ideas - 1600x900

You can make doing laundry more tolerable or motivating by strategically designing the room in a calming way. Explore various shades that you can’t incorporate into other spaces around your house and make your laundry room more aesthetically pleasing. We…

What Colors Go With Cedar Siding?

Abstract wooden texture of red cedar shingles, shake wood siding row roof panel, What Colors Goes With Cedar Siding?

Cedar siding makes our house exteriors look visually warm and inviting. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, they are also highly durable and sustainable, and energy-efficient. Cedar has a vibrant tint, but it naturally goes well with a wide range of…