Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

A queen size bed with bed runner and reading lamp in villa, What Size Rug For A Queen Bed?

Queen size beds have flexible dimensions, so they continue to be the most popular bedroom selection. As such, you may be wondering what rug size will look nice underneath a queen size bed. We’ve carefully researched the ideal area rug…

How To Finish Garage Walls

Finished Clearing the garage and it's walls, How to finish garage walls

Because many garage walls are simply left unfinished, you may be wondering how to properly finish them yourself. And although drywall is often the most popular option, you don’t necessarily have to go that direction. We have thoroughly researched the…

How To Paint A Curved Wall

Painter applying gray paint on the curved wall, How To Paint A Curved Wall

Some walls curve at the corners, and these “bullnose corners” can make painting jobs a little more tricky than usual. Paint rollers could easily follow a concave curve from side to side. But bullnose edges will often require special tools…