Beverly Elivera

Beverly Elivera

How Wide Should A Shower Be?

Spacious bathroom in gray tones with heated floors, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and skylights. Northwest, USA, How Wide Should A Shower Be?

Whether you’re altering a current bathroom or constructing a new one, you should be aware of the conventional shower sizes. There are a wide variety of shower size choices. What are the potential options, then? We have researched this question…

Can You Pour Concrete Over Sand?

Pouring cement during for construction with with vintage tone, Can You Pour Concrete Over Sand?

If you’re working on a project that requires a small amount of concrete, you might be considering using sand as your foundation. However, can cement be poured over sand? We conducted an in-depth study to provide a definitive response for…

Carpet Tiles Pros And Cons [For Home Use]

Flooring is a crucial component that will influence the outcome of your home regardless of whether you’re remodeling or planning it from scratch. Have you thought of using carpet tiles but have no idea if they’re worth it? But what…