Elaine Kabi

Elaine Kabi

Amana Dryer Not Drying: What To Do?

clothes inside dryer. overloaded dryer and basket. hand turning knob of clothes dryer. external dryer vent with dust. Amana Dryer Not Drying What To Do

A household brand, the Amana dryer is sturdy, affordable, and reliable. It’s a high-quality appliance that will handle your laundry like a pro. If it suddenly stops working, what should you do? We’ve researched this to provide you with the…

How To Whitewash Bamboo Blinds

Sunlight coming through venetian blinds by the window. How To Whitewash Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds add an exotic touch to your home. They are versatile as their natural color can blend in with your floor, furniture, or overall décor. But, is the color of your blinds making your home dull? We consulted with…