Jace Martin

Jace Martin

21 Bedroom Must-Haves [The Complete Guide!]

A warm and cozy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with fireplace and framed artwork on wall, 21 Bedroom Must-Haves [The Complete Guide!]

Your bedroom is your recharging station. It’s where you sleep, relax, and prepare for the day. It should be a comfortable and convenient place. However, there is such a wide variety of bedroom items to choose from, and it can be…

Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

In the Living Room: Guy Relaxing on a Couch Watching War Movie on a TV. Modern Military Warfare Action with War Soldiers Shown on a Television, Can You Put a TV in Front of a Window?

Nowadays, TVs provide countless hours of entertainment. They’re the main attraction in most living rooms and are important elements in the room setup. If you’re looking for a place to hang your TV, you might be tempted to put it…

How To Keep An Ottoman From Sliding

Beautiful sitting room in new home with overstuffed chairs and ottoman, How To Keep Ottoman From Sliding

Few things are more frustrating than furniture that slides all over the room. This is especially true for your ottoman: you try putting your feet up on your ottoman, only for it to slide out of reach. You might as…

Does Leather Furniture Make You Sweat?

A dark blue painted study room with a leather sofa, bookshelf, and a rug on the middle, Does Leather Furniture Make You Sweat?

Most people consider leather furniture to be luxurious, long-lasting, and classy. Other people, however, don’t get the leather love and would prefer a different material for their furniture. One frequent complaint is that leather furniture makes some people excessively sweaty.…

Does A Sectional Need End Tables?

Modern scandinavian living room with sectional sofa in beige and other wooden furnitures, Does A Sectional Need End Tables?

A sectional sofa is usually the most important piece in the living room. Thus, it’s important to surround it with supportive pieces of furniture. For many people and situations, this includes end tables. But is that a necessary accessory for…

Where To Put TV In A Bedroom

A modern contemporary bedroom with a wooden accent wall with a TV on it, a split type air-conditioning unit on top inside a white themed bed with folded towels, Where To Put TV In A Bedroom

Watching TV is an enjoyable and relaxing activity. Many people have a television set in their bedroom to watch their favorite programs before bed. If you’d like to put a TV in your bedroom, you might be wondering where you…