Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon

How To Clean Cedar Wood Walls [Inc. Mildew]

A woman dusting a wood wall with a feather duster, How To Clean Cedar Wood Walls [Inc. Mildew]

Cedarwood paneling is a classic, low-maintenance favorite among homeowners. But low maintenance doesn’t always mean you don’t have to do some upkeep. One of the first obstacles you’ll face keeping your cedar looking like new is dirt and grime. We’ve…

Should A New Garage Floor Be Sealed?


Concrete garage floors often aren’t sealed as quickly as outdoor concrete, such as driveways. Since it’s protected from the harsh outdoor elements, the floor won’t necessarily be ruined if it isn’t sealed right away. Some people have floors that they’ve…

Is A Shower Base Better Than Tiles?

A new blue bathroom design with marble shower surround and mosaic accent tiles, Is A Shower Base Better Than Tiles?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you may have started looking for inspiration for a new shower design. If this is the case, you’ve probably already realized that there are actually not very many options to sort through. While tile design…

11 Unusual Bedside Tables

Trendy Scandinavian style bedroom interior with washed linen gray pillows and wooden nightstand with bucket of flowers and candle, 11 Unusual Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are both functional and fashionable. You want a piece that’s the right height and size for the space. It needs to be visually pleasing and match the rest of the decor. But it also needs to be functional…