Kristyl Rose Santiago

Kristyl Rose Santiago

How Many Screws Per Sheet Of Durock?

A tall shower with white subways tiles set vertically on cement backer board, How Many Screws Per Sheet Of Durock?

For home improvement projects and you’re DIYing installation of cement boards, you’ve probably asked yourself how many screws you’re going to need for every sheet of Durock you’re putting up. Fortunately, we’ve researched this topic, and in this post, we’ll…

How To Whitewash Tile

Large brush, which artisan used to clean surface of decorative tiles from dust, stands on desk in foreground, close up, side view, How To Whitewash Tile

Tile is a great way to add texture and color to your space, but sometimes stone or clay tile might feel a little too bold looking for the design you are going for. A great way to lessen this is…