Leah Rivera

Leah Rivera

How To Tone Down Yellow Wood Floors

Varnishing lacquering parquet floor by paintbrush, How To Tone Down Yellow Wood Floors

Shades of yellow are bright and cheery, bringing an unmatched ambiance into any space. Although yellow tones are beautiful, they can sometimes overpower your room, but they can be toned down through the use of several methods.  Finding a way…

11 Awesome Patio Color Schemes

New modern screened porch with patio furniture, summertime woods in the background. New home addition concept - 11 Awesome Patio Color Schemes

Outdoor living spaces have recently become hugely popular as an extension of your home space. Just as the interior decor in your home, your patio should represent your family’s style and appeal to your personal taste.  Decorating your patio will…

13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas

cozy and modern Scandinavian style domestic kitchen interior with a wall mounted bar style dining table, kitchen counter. 13 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas

With rustic undertones and warm nature-inspired accents, country kitchens are a popular trend. Consisting of muted colors, natural wood, and country-themed decor, this style has gained popularity for its minimalist components. With so many color and design options to inspire…