Mariane San Luis

Mariane San Luis

11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options

multi-colored bitumen shingles, a sample of the product advertising. 11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options, 11 Roof Shingles Color Ideas And Options - 1600x900

Whether you are remodeling or reselling your house, finding the ideal roof shingles color for you can be overwhelming. Roof shingles come in different types: asphalt three-tab, architectural, wood, rubber, and composite, among others. Aside from that, a wide variety…

10 Best Colors For Metal Roofing

A hyperrealistic exterior image showcasing a brown roof that looks best with beige, cream, and lighter shades of brown1600x900

Dubbed the most selected metal roofing system, it is made from different types of metal. The most common metals used in residential houses are aluminum, galvalume steel, galvanized steel, and copper. Meanwhile, architects customize rare metals for roofing. These include…

How To Hang A Heavy Mirror On Drywall

Living room interior with white couch and basket with a bamboo plant and a big mirror on the wall, How To Hang A Heavy Mirror On Drywall

While drywall provides fire resistance and soundproofing, it can also be a surface where you can mount your heavy mirror. This will make your space feel larger. But, you are worrying if your mirror might fall and shatter into pieces. Thus,…