Maya Dela Cruz

Maya Dela Cruz

How To Remove FRP Panels

Removing FRP panel on the wall, How To Remove FRP Panels

When renovating your space, you may need to tear down a wall or ceiling panel. How you do this depends on the material you’re working with. For instance, how should you remove FRP panels? Based on our research, we’ll answer…

Should Windows Be Flush With Siding?

white siding of a frame house. - Should Windows Be Flush With Siding?

When installing a new window, more considerations go into it than we realize. For instance, you know that the window should be perfectly aligned. But should it be flush with the siding? We answer this question for you in this…

How Wide Should Pantry Shelves Be?

Nothing completes your home kitchen quite as a pantry does. When installing a pantry, it needs to be wide enough to fit everything while leaving you enough room to reach around inside. So, how wide exactly should pantry shelves be?…