How to Modernize Arched Windows

scandinavian living room 3d rendering image, How To Modernize Arched Windows

Arched windows are an architectural marvel you’re glad to have in your home [at least most days], but you wish you could make them look fresher. How do you modernize arched windows? Here are some ideas for modernizing arched windows:…

What Color To Paint A Door Jamb? [And How To]

Workers are using the roller to paint the door jamb, What Color To Paint A Door Jamb? [And How To]

A door jamb is a frame on both sides of the door. If you’re repainting a room or several, the question then becomes, what color should your door jamb be? You can paint your door jamb any color you wish,…

Where Does A Bath Rug Go?

Bathtub near window and slippers on bath rug, Where Does A Bath Rug Go?

When planning the layout of your bathroom, not only do aesthetics matter, but safety does as well. You don’t want to finish designing this room without a bath rug or two, but the question becomes, where should your bath rug…