Noah Agles

Noah Agles

Why Are My Bathroom Countertops Turning Yellow?

Table Top And Blur Bathroom Of The Background, Why Are My Bathroom Countertops Turning Yellow

Keeping the surfaces in your home looking brand-new can be challenging at times. For example, do you have bathroom counters that are turning yellow, and you have no idea what’s happening? What is the reason for yellowing on bathroom countertops?…

Are Fleece Sheets Warmer Than Flannel?

a warm, white, plush micro fleece blanket fabric is swirled into a circular pattern background, Are Fleece Sheets Warmer Than Flannel

Finding the perfect bedding can feel like an impossible task sometimes. Are you torn between fleece sheets or flannel ones but don’t know which is warmer? Are fleece sheets or flannel sheets the better option? What’s the main difference between…

How To Tone Down Busy Wallpaper

Dining room in luxury home with red floral wallpaper, How To Tone Down Busy Wallpaper

Choosing different colors, patterns, and designs for your home can sometimes backfire. Suppose you wanted an eccentric wallpaper, and you’re now wondering how to tone it down. Is there any way to make a wild wallpaper design less in your…

9 12×15 Bedroom Layout Ideas

cozy Scandinavian bedroom interior design, 9 Great 12x15 Bedroom Layout Ideas

Figuring out the best way to organize furniture in a space can be tricky. Do you have a 12×15 square foot bedroom you’re working with and don’t know how to arrange your decor and furnishings? What is the best way…

How Big Should A Coffee Table Be?

Luxury interior home with coffee cup and gray midcentury loveseat with coffee table, How Big Should A Coffee Table Be?

Figuring out what size coffee table you need can be tricky. Do you want to purchase one but don’t know how tall or long it needs to be? We’ve done the work to bring you the answers!  Generally, it should…

Should Couches Always Match?

Should Couches Always Match?, Bright Living Room with gray couches

Choosing the perfect couch for your living space can feel impossible. There are so many different colors, styles, and textures to choose from. Should your couch match your other furniture, or should you have more variation? These all immediately come…