13 Awesome Bathroom Rug Ideas

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, it is often left neglected. Some of us spend hours in the bathroom, so why not at least make it a fun space? We have searched high and low to find our top 13 favorite bathroom rug ideas and are very excited to show you. 

Following recent trends is kind of what we do around here, so we will make sure to include all our favorites. Your bathroom is probably going to be dramatically different than someone else's who may be reading this, and we have also considered that. No matter the style of your room, there is a rug for you.

As we continue this post, we will show you our top bathroom rug recommendations. We want to cover just about all aesthetics and bathroom sizes, so let's dive in.

White tiles in a modern small bathroom, gray bathroom rug and bamboo toilet paper stand next to the toilet, 13 Awesome Bathroom Rug Ideas

1. Boho Chic


Our first bathroom rug suggestion follows a boho aesthetic and is a moon phase design. This rug style looks excellent in bathrooms with both hardwood and tile flooring, which is a plus. Boho is BACK, baby, and we are completely obsessed.

KIMODE Tufted Cotton Area Rug 

Here we have another great Boho bathroom rug for you to check out from the KIMODE store. This rug has a tufted design with fringe at either end. Click here to view this on Amazon.

2. Quirky 

Our next bathroom rug pick is a quirkier design. Having fun in the bathroom is always a great way to keep your floors dry and your guest's eyes wide. Trying a fruit shaped or even raunchy rug for your bathroom is on-trend and going to get people talking. 

Seek4comfortable Pineapple Bath Mat 

We found this super cute pineapple bath rug on the web from the Sleek4comfortable brand. Who doesn't want a big pineapple in their bathroom? Click here to check this item out on Amazon.

3. Matching 

Another excellent bathroom rug idea is to match your rugs. Going with two of the same style and size rugs is a clean and modern way to decorate your bathroom. Even deciding on fun rugs that match is a great way to maintain style and cohesiveness in your space. 

4. Cushioned 

Our next bathroom rug inspiration is a plush and cushioned option that will have you feeling RELAXED. Stepping out of the shower or tub onto a cloud is literally our idea of the perfect moment. This style of rug is actually very durable and comes in simple to very artsy designs. 

Lifewit Plush Bathroom Mat 

Here we have found a plush cushioned bath mat that Lifewit makes. Deciding to go with a softer and more cloud-like rug may be the best idea we have ever had. Follow this link to Amazon to see this rug. 

5. Woven 

The next idea on our list is a woven rug design. There is something beautiful and comfortable when it comes to woven or handmade rugs. Going with this style may be an artful and more unique way to decorate your bathroom floor. 

6. Floral

One of our favorite picks is a floral bathroom rug to brighten up your space. When we see flowers, we automatically have to smile because of their beauty and effortless style. Going with a floral bath mat paired with a matching curtain or even towels is a super cute way to get your space looking cheery. 

Ambesonne Romantic Rose Floral Bath Mat 

We found this rose flower bathroom rug while snooping around the internet from the Ambesonne company. This bath mat is very soft-spoken and will add an elegant design to your space. Click this link to check it out on Amazon. 

7. Eccentric

Why not get a little eccentric with your bathroom rug selection? This fried egg bath mat is fun, quirky, and certainly will be the talk of the tub. Don't be shy to add neat elements like this into your bathroom. 

8. Long 

Our next bath mat idea is a long runner type of rug that will cover more floor space. This may be a great idea for thinner and longer bathrooms that have a tile or wood floor. Apartments tend to have these slender and deeper style bathrooms so that this rug would be great for that type of space. 

9. Rounded 

Another great bathroom rug design idea would be to try a rounded rug style. Round bath mats are very trendy and can be shifted around your bathroom wherever they are needed. These styles of rug come in plenty of cool patterns and materials, and we definitely recommend them. 

Dill Crochet Collection Reversible Round Bath Mat 

Here is a round bath rug we pulled from the internet from the Dill Crochet Collection. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

10. Vintage

The next style on our list is a beloved and eco-friendly vintage option. Shopping for pre-owned and vintage rugs and furniture is a great way to find one of a kind pieces and helps the planet. Taking that initiative to make something entirely your own without having to buy a brand new item is a sustainable as well as design-savvy style trick. 

11. Striped 

Another great and timeless bathroom rug idea would be to go with a striped option. Stripes have been a staple in home design forever and will add some pattern and color to your space. This type of rug usually looks great in minimalistic and ocean themed bathrooms. 

H.VERSAILTEX Store Non-Slip Striped Bath Mat

Here is a striped non-slip rug that we found from H.VERSAILTEX. Click this link to be directed to Amazon.

12. Animal Print 

As we reach the end of our list, we knew we had to include some animal print. This is one of our favorites when it comes to bathroom theming and rugs because of its versatility. Animal print can be relaxed in design or look very upscale, and we appreciate a little bit of everything here. This one is for all of our wild animals out there!

Ambesonne Leopard Animal Print Bath Rug 

Here we have another rug from the Ambesonne brand. This is a more cost-effective option and may be better suited for a child's bathroom. View this rug on Amazon by clicking here. 

13. Retro 

Last but certainly not least, we have a retro-style bath mat design. The unique colors and patterns associated with retro style rugs have a very cool look and will add a pop of art and color to your bathroom. This has a very 70's look to it, which may be the perfect final detail in your space. 

Final Thoughts 

Decorating your bathroom with a fun and trendy rug will only elevate your space. Choosing a more quirky or odd-shaped rug is very trendy right now and will keep your guests talking. Deciding on a more traditional shape and style rug is good for anyone who might want a softer design in their bathroom space. 

You can't go wrong with a little color or pattern, so why not choose a rug to match your personality? We covered floral and animal print rugs for a good reason and always love to see them in bathroom design. It really just comes down to what you want and what your space needs. Most importantly, don't slip when you get out of the shower!

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