15 Awesome Mexican Style Kitchen Ideas

Have you ever sat in a Mexican restaurant eating your meal and just enjoyed the entire vibe, from the decor to the colors? If so, then creating your own Mexican-style kitchen in your home might be an idea that’s occurred to you.

However, if you’re not sure where to begin, you may be feeling overwhelmed with how to go about this, especially when there are so many colors, so much decor, and lots of patterns to choose from. 

Fortunately for you, we’re here to provide you with some inspiration with 15 amazing Mexican-style kitchen ideas. So how can you capture the warmth and fun of a Mexican kitchen and implement it into your own? Let’s take a look at some ideas!

A Mexican inspired kitchen with white walls, blue decorative tiles and dark brown tiles, 15 Awesome Mexican Style Kitchen Ideas

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1. Traditional

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Traditional Mexican-style kitchen with warm colors, textured seat cushions, and rustic furnishings

One of the best tools you can arm yourself with when decorating a room in a particular style is knowledge. Learn what makes a design Mexican, and then you can take the basics and make it your own.

This simple design touches on some of the main qualities that make a Mexican-style kitchen. Take a look at the simple but warm colors, texture in the seat cushions, rustic furnishings, and backsplash.

2. Fun With Patterns

Mexican-style kitchen with bold colors, vibrant patterns, and a colorful tablecloth

Once you’ve discovered and decided on a basic color theme, you can start adding fun patterns if you want to. Mexican kitchens are often bold and full of color and patterns, especially in their tile.

This kitchen also has a fun table runner which is a simple way to change up the look of your kitchen and try out new patterns without them being a permanent fixture. 

3. Decor, Decor & More Decor

Mexican-style kitchen adorned with Talavera pottery and vibrant patterns

Another way to add Mexican flair to your kitchen without changing anything permanently is to spruce up your kitchen with decor. Talavera pottery or tile is extremely popular in Mexican design, and the patterns and colors show off the vibrant and exciting culture. You can even find Talavera utensil holders. 

If you plan to add a lot of patterns in the form of decor, you may want to keep the other areas [for example, the walls] relatively simple and one color so as not to overwhelm the eyes. 

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4. Add A Modern Flare

Modern Mexican-style kitchen with vibrant colors and modern furnishings

While many Mexican-style kitchens are full of rustic and primitive finishings, you can also add a modern twist if you’d like something less traditional.

This kitchen still embodies all of the vibrant colors and textures of a Mexican kitchen but uses modern furnishings and finishes to complete the look. Take a look at the modern ceiling, stainless gas range and rangehood. 

5. Take Advantage Of Your Cabinets

Mexican-style kitchen with pottery above the cabinets, blue cabinetry, and matching accessories

One of the bigger features of a Mexican-style kitchen is lots of pottery. If you are pressed for space in your kitchen, try taking advantage of the space above your cabinets. This can be a great way to bring in some of the Mexican decors we’ve mentioned. You can add large pieces of pottery, plants, or even figures.

Also, note how this designer used the blues found in the backsplash and added blue cabinetry and even a matching oven to tie the look together. 

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6. Backsplash Beauties

Mexican-influenced kitchen with a colorful backsplash and warm, inviting tones

Here’s another example of a Mexican-influenced backsplash. If you want a more subtle design, there are some great ways you can incorporate Mexican style into your backsplash, and you can use it sparingly but still get the effect you want.

In addition, warmth is added to this kitchen with the earthy browns and bright yellow, which results in an elegant and inviting look. 

7. Another Backsplash Statement Piece

mexican Kitchen with a patterned backsplash, colored glass bottles, and a blue kitchen island

This kitchen draws your focus to the pretty patterned backsplash that’s full of color and fun! Here’s another example of how to bring hints to the Mexican style into your kitchen without changing the look of your kitchen entirely. The different colored table and the blue cabinets help complete the look. 

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8. Light & Airy

Rustic inspired Spanish kitchen decorated with wooden tables, white cabinets and a cupboards and a brown marble countertop

So here’s a light and airy approach to a Mexican-style kitchen. It still has the vibe, but lighter colors are used, and there isn’t a heavy use of patterns.

This is an excellent option if you have a smaller kitchen and you’re afraid that you will make it feel smaller by overpowering the room with colors and textures. The use of pendant lights and wooden wall frames add a pop of color to the room without adding unnecessary clutter. 

9. Don’t Forget About Light Fixtures

Mexican-style kitchen with a rustic light fixture over the island

We’ve talked a lot about paint colors, tiles, and decor, but don’t forget about your light fixtures! Light fixtures are a great way to change up the feel and mood of your space. This kitchen uses a sizeable rustic light fixture over the kitchen island, but you could also try finding some brightly colored fixtures as well.

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10. Architectural Arches

Mexican-style kitchen with decorative arches in the cabinetry

A recurring theme in Mexican-style kitchens is the use of arches. Often found instead of cabinet doors, these arches typically create an opening to storage space beneath the counters.

If you are remodeling your kitchen entirely, you could consider adding some of these ornate arches into your counter space. If not, you can implement the art shape in other ways, such as free-standing cabinets or in your doorway using an arch framing kit.

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11. Create A Space To Gather

Mexican-style kitchen with a wooden table for gathering and cooking

If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s time to point out that many of these designs have a table in the center of them. A huge part of a Mexican kitchen is having a space to gather and cook, and kitchens are often the heart of the home. The great thing about this style is that you don’t have to have a fancy matching dining table set. Simple wooden tables that you could likely find second-hand are all the rage. 

12. If Color Makes You Nervous…

Subtle Mexican-style kitchen with rustic light fixtures, arches, and patterned tile in a less bold color palette

Here’s another example of a not-so-bold Mexican-style kitchen for those of you who might be too nervous to dive headfirst into the typical vibrant color palette. Almost every one of our image examples has used blue and yellow. This kitchen chooses to implement it less boldly.

The kitchen also still has rustic light fixtures, arches, and patterned tile, which are some of the basic checkmarks for this style.

13. From Top To Bottom

Warm and inviting Mexican-style kitchen with rich hues, warm oranges, and browns

Rich hues and warmth radiate from this kitchen to create an inviting and ambient space, which Mexican interior design is all about.

This kitchen has warm oranges and browns throughout its design, including on its ceiling. White ceilings can sometimes detract from the overall design and look awkward, so consider adding some color above as well. 

14. Make A Statement With Colored Appliances

Mexican-style kitchen with a statement blue stove and orange tile

If you are considering investing in new appliances, don’t be afraid to use them to add more color to your kitchen. Look how fun this blue stove looks in this kitchen. Paired with the orange cabinets, it makes a statement!

By now, you should have plenty of ideas on how to implement color into your kitchen!

15. Different Textures, Different Colors, One Unified Look

Colorful Mexican-style kitchen with different textures, crockery, and fresh flowers

This room brings color in every way. From brightly colored crockery to the natural color of fresh flowers, this room is so vibrant and fun.

We mentioned this earlier, but different textures are also a huge part of Mexican interior design. Natural textures such as woven rugs and wooden furnishings can add character and interest to your room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

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Key Notes To Take Away

From these examples, you should have a better idea of how to change your kitchen to achieve these styles. The main design characteristics you should take away from this are the following:

  • It’s all about color! Warm and vibrant tones of orange, reds, yellows, and blues are almost always found in Mexican Style kitchens. 
  • Add texture! Shoot for a mixture of natural textures such as woven fabrics and wooden furnishes and finishings.
  • Talavera patterns are the most common style of pattern found in Mexican-style kitchens. 
  • For everything else, think rustic!

Final Thoughts

A Mexican woman making quesadillas at her kitchen

Hopefully, you feel inspired and prepared to implement this style into your kitchen. From subtle hints of the style to full-blown color explosions, we’ve given you lots to consider.

With a paintbrush and some accessories, you should be able to start enjoying your own Mexican-style kitchen in no time at all. 

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