15 Baby Blue Lamp Shades That Will Look Stunning in Any Room

Looking to add a gorgeous element of color to your decor? How about baby blue lampshades? We have just the right ones for you right here!

Sometimes, the simplest change can work wonders in a room. It's easy to get overwhelmed when weighing out household decor and choosing a theme or aesthetic can seem a daunting task. But often, a small addition can add flavor and depth to a room. Consider adding a statement piece to the room, a quirky or eye-catching piece of decor. In addition to a statement piece, you can add a vibrant pop of color! An easy way to add an unexpected dash of color is through your use of lampshades.

When considering what kind of color pop to add to your decor, you will want to think about what kind of mood you are trying to set. Every shade of color carries with it its own personality. Bright red suggests confidence, while soft yellow adds a sense of serenity. Baby blue, however, lends a sense of innocence, playfulness, and joy. The calming color of a light blue also evokes a clear sky or a calm ocean. Blue accents are an easy touch that will add personality to any living space.

15 Baby Blue Lamp Shades That Will Look Stunning in Any Room

Here we have compiled a list of stunning baby blue lampshades in various styles and aesthetics. Keep scrolling to find a particular shade that will help add some color and life to your home!

Cylindrical Fabric Shades

Cylindrical fabric shades are simple and chic. A clean, minimalist, fabric cylindrical shape can read modern, while larger shades with accent stripes can have a vintage edge. When choosing the right shade for your lamps, you are going to want to consider the shape, type of lampshade, and opacity (how much light you want to come through).

1. Classic Cylinder

This is a classic cylindrical shape that gives off some modern vibes. It comes with a simple yet stylish silver base that also functions as a charger. Perfect for desks or side tables, this piece will give your space a splash of blue without overwhelming the eye.

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2. Modern Glow

This cylindrical shade also lends a modern vibe. The semi-transparent shade allows for a nice effect and a muted spreading of light. The subtle yet beautiful detailing on the fabric shade also adds dimension to the piece. Another shade that would look stunning on a bedside table or desk.

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3. Vintage Edge

This larger cylindrical fabric lampshade is a beautiful shade of baby blue. Big drum shades like this one, especially with its thin fabric accent, can add a vintage touch to any room. This shade will produce a soft, warm glow. It is a spider shade, meaning that it is designed to attach to a lamp harp. Consider purchasing this lampshade to vamp up your room with a vintage touch.

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Tapered Shades

Tapered lamp shades are a classic look. The empire shade is a classic shade with a sloped side. The angled side allows for more light to disbursement. Today, tapered shades can be found in a variety of styles, with steeper slopes or intricate inclines. Check out these classically chic tapered shades.

4. Simple Chandelier

This is a basic tapered shade with a sleek, simple slope. The narrow slope makes this a chandelier shade. Choose this shade for a classic and chic look. The soft and simple baby blue fabric will add a pop of color to your space.

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5. Classic Spider Shade

This baby blue lamp shade comes in a traditional empire shape. The slight fabric detailing adds a nice accent to the fabric. This particular shade uses a Virgin Styrene backing board that is said to create a soft, warm, natural light. A spider shade, this shade is designed to be attached to an existing lamp harp.

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6. Pleated Baby Blue

This traditional empire shade is made playful by its pleated fabric. Lined with baby blue faux silk, this shade is an excellent piece for any room. It would complement a living room, or look great in a nursery.

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7. Bright Blue

This shade is bolder, brighter, and deeper than baby blue. A real statement piece, this is the choice for someone who is really looking for a color to add pizazz to their room.

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8. Bell Shaped Shade

This lamp shape is an elegant, squared shape with a bell curve. The unique shape is eye-catching, and the deeper blue will blend into deeper, richer color schemes.

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Novelty or Nursery Shades

Often, baby blue is associated with nurseries or young children. It is a soft, gentle color, pleasing to the eye, so it is no wonder why children's rooms often are decorated with a baby blue color scheme. Here are some baby blue lamp shades that are made for nurseries, or novelty, one of a kind shades.

9. Constellation Shade

This adorably designed baby blue lamp shade is adorned with constellations. The shade itself is attached to a cute bear lampstand and will add a nice warm glow to your nursery. It would look adorable next to a crib, or on a bookshelf.

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10. Dinosaur Shade

Another great option for those looking to decorate a nursery, this one of a kind baby blue dinosaur shade is a great accent piece for any child's room. The white background and navy accents allow this piece to blend seamlessly into the room regardless of the color scheme.

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11. Unique Origami Shade

Here we have a unique novelty shade constructed out of navy blue paper. This one of a kind origami shade is a definite conversation piece and will draw attention. The wonderful folds are crafted by specially able people, and the unique shape is certain to play wonderfully with the light. This novelty shade would look great in any room, from a nursery to a living room, to a bedroom space.

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Glass Tiffany Style Shades

A glass lampshade is a statement piece that will elevate any room. The elegance of a Tiffany-style shade is unparalleled. Not only will it catch the eye of anyone who enters the room, but glass lamp shades also create incredible effects with light. If you're looking to elevate your style and add a classic, elegant touch, consider adding a Tiffany-style lamp shade.

12. Tiffany Style Shade

This glass lampshade is a simple tri-color piece, with a beautiful baby blue layer of stained glass on the bottom. The shade comes with small diamond accents in a stunning purple shade and is finished off with white-colored glass. Eight inches in diameter, this shade will look great on any side table or stand. The simple colors make it versatile, as it will blend easily into a variety of color schemes.

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13. Light Blue Glass

This stunning Tiffany-style shade is colored with a light blue lavender shade. The intricate design is certainly unique, and will most definitely make for a great conversation piece. This is a classy shade that will add elegance to any room.

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14. Baby Blue Floral

This glass shade is mostly white, with baby blue floral accents. A stunning piece that will complement a baby blue colored room well. Consider pairing with matching accents, like baby blue pillows or baby blue curtains. This lamp comes with an easy touch to turn lampstand, making it easy to use. This piece would make a great gift!

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15. Intricate Glass Shade

We might have saved the best for last. This incredibly beautiful glass shade is complete with an intricate, unique design. The pattern is comprised of many colors, one of which is our darling baby blue. The many colors mean this piece will transition smoothly into any room, with any color scheme. A truly unique and stunning shade, this is the piece for anyone who wants to add a bold accent to their living space.

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