15 Back Porch Ideas You Should See!

It's almost that time of year again! The temperatures are quickly rising and the days are getting longer, leading many of us to want to spend more time outside soaking in the fresh air. Come summertime, there will be backyard barbeques, pool parties, and simply relaxing out on the back porch. Now is the perfect opportunity to turn your back porch into the perfect summer spot. We've rounded up 15 amazing back porch ideas you can use as inspiration. 

Back porch of a huge mansion with gray wooden sidings and a nicely lit interior with a back porch with stone decorative cladding, 15 Back Porch Ideas You Should See!

1. Backyard Vacation

backyard with a stock tank pool surrounded by lush greenery and accented with black and white details

This back porch brings the vacation to you. Stock tank pools were all the rage last summer, and we're here to tell you that they're back. The heavy greenery and black-and-white details make it feel like you're on a lush tropical vacation, even if you're only in the backyard! 

2. Cozy Conversational Set Up

back porch setup featuring white rattan sofa and chairs around a coffee table, accented by a jute rug, string lights, and greenery

With the beautiful setup on this back porch, hosting friends and family is no problem. The rattan sofa and chairs offer plenty of seating and are arranged in the perfect setup to promote conversation. The coffee table is a great addition for guests to set their drinks or phones while hanging out. These beautiful white rattan pieces are accented by a jute rug, string lights, and, of course, plenty of greenery. 

3. Comfy Porch Swing

wooden porch swing with rope details, complemented by light and neutral cushions and pillows

DIY porch swings are one of the hottest TikTok trends, and now we know why! This porch swing is beautifully made, especially with the rope detail to cover up the chains. The light stain of the wood mixed with the light and neutral cushions and pillows give off a seriously dreamy vibe. A porch swing this size is the perfect spot to lounge all day long. 

4. Dreamy Lighting

wooden porch swing with rope details, complemented by light and neutral cushions and pillows

Cafe string lights are a must for a dreamy back porch setup. The lights on this porch are set up across the ceiling in a zigzag pattern, but the options are endless when it comes to how these lights can be set up. If you like to spend time on your porch late into the night, these lights are an easy solution to keep the space illuminated. 

5. Cozy Accessories

porch adorned with throw pillows, light blankets, wooden furniture, and a mix of lighting sources including string lights, lanterns, and candles

This porch keeps it comfy in style. Adding extra throw pillows and light blankets for summer will always soften up your space and make it comfortable and welcoming. The warm tones of the wooden furniture create an extra cozy space when mixed with neutral white accents. Additionally, this porch mixes different types of lighting -- string lights, lanterns, candles -- to create an even more relaxing atmosphere.

6. Rattan Chairs

farmhouse-style porch with traditional rattan chairs and a small side table

This porch calls for sipping coffee on the porch with your loved one. These chairs are beautiful in the way they mix a traditional-style chair with a modern rattan. A small side table makes the perfect spot to set your coffee. If farmhouse is your design style, this is the porch inspiration for you. 

7. Statement Rug

back porch setting with Adirondack chairs placed around a firepit

Let's get one thing straight: your back porch needs an outdoor rug. A rug on your back porch defines the space and ties all of your design elements together. This bold rug immediately draws your eye to it with a black and white pattern. The rug gives this porch personality and creates a beautiful space at the same time. 

8. Fire Pit

porch featuring lounge chairs shaded by a white umbrella with a bamboo pole

Summer nights were made for sitting around a fire and roasting smores with friends. Set up your back porch like this one, with a handful of big Adirondack chairs placed around a firepit. Even without the smores, lighting the firepit adds a great ambiance to the area. Don't forget to add a few throw pillows for comfort!

9. Cute Umbrella

back patio showcasing a patterned floor, either tiled or painted with a stencil

We all love soaking up the sun in the summertime, but sometimes it's nice to hang out in a shady spot. That's why a porch umbrella is always a good idea. This porch has a super cute white umbrella that can be opened to cover the lounge chairs for a little reprieve from direct sunlight. The bamboo umbrella pole and white umbrella mix perfectly with the overall styling of the porch. 

10. Patterned Floor

back patio showcasing a patterned floor, either tiled or painted with a stencil

Similar to a rug, flooring can have a huge impact on a back porch. This patio has a beautifully patterned floor. You can achieve this look either by installing tiles on your patio or by simply using a stencil to paint the concrete floor. As you can see from this photo, a patterned back patio floor makes a big statement and can add a beautiful and unique element to the patio. 

11. Backyard Bar

back patio bar setup with a bar-height table, white and blue rattan stools, and a summery atmosphere

There's no question where the summer happy hours will be if your back patio has a bar set up like this one. This would also be easy to recreate with just a bar height table and some stools! These beautiful white and blue rattan stools easily add a summery touch to this porch. 

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12. Bold Boho Design

boho-style back porch dominated by bold colors, a sectional, hanging chair, and touches of greenery

Who says back patios have to be light and neutral? Don't be afraid to use bright and bold colors too! This back porch takes boho style to a new level by incorporating bold colors like blues and black. With a big sectional and super cool hanging chair, this space is optimally arranged for summer evening hangouts with plenty of family and friends. Don't forget the touches of greenery!

13. Outdoor Living Room

luxurious back patio featuring a faux chimney, fireplace, television, and living room furnishings

If you're looking for back porch ideas that are more luxurious and feel like you're in your living room, this is the inspiration for you. By adding a faux chimney, fireplace, and a television this back patio is the ultimate spot to hang around and watch the big game with friends. 

14. Hot Tub For Two

patio with natural wood tones, foliage, and a jacuzzi for relaxation.

Take after this oasis of a patio and add natural wood tones, plenty of foliage, and don't forget about the jacuzzi. This is the perfect patio to unwind after the day and enjoy a glass of wine with your significant other. 

15. Private Oasis

back porch highlighted by greenery, a firepit, accented chairs, and a wooden privacy wall

Greenery, a firepit, and beautifully accented chairs? This back porch seems to have it all. And thanks to the wooden privacy wall they installed, this space feels secluded and cozy. Take this as your sign to add a privacy wall if your neighbor's yard is nearby!

A Vision For All

No matter what kind of back patio you want to create this summer now is the perfect opportunity to get your space styled perfectly! We hope these 15 back porch ideas provided the inspiration you need. If you enjoyed this article, you'll love "4 Ways To Keep Cushions On Outdoor Furniture" and "How To Clean Bamboo and Rattan Furniture!"

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