What Backsplash Goes With Blue Dunes Granite?

Having a distinct kitchen space is essential to building your home. It can be challenging to design it since you need to make sure the materials are both cohesive and functional. With that, you must be wondering what backsplash could go with your blue dunes granite--and we have gathered the best ideas for you.

Blue dunes granite has a textured, earth-toned surface that can tie up any color scheme. You can technically go with any backsplash, but here are ones that would make your kitchen space lovelier:

  • White 
  • Tan
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Cream 
  • Muted green
  • Multicolored

Blue dunes granite is an elegant stone that gives off natural beauty with its texture and color tones. Incorporating this in the kitchen is an excellent idea, and you get to explore colors and patterns that complement your slab. If you want to learn more about designing a kitchen with blue dunes granite, keep reading below.

Luxurious modern kitchen with marble countertop and granite backsplash with hardwood flooring, What Backsplash Goes With Blue Dunes Granite?

What Backsplash Goes With Blue Dunes Granite?

Blue dunes granite is rich in both texture and color. It has a base with blue, green, and black tones, branching out to unique brown bands over the surface that creates a wild, rustic, yet still opulent appeal. 

The stone originated from India and is also called Azule celeste granite. Its uniqueness stems from the symmetrical flow of texture, making it complement even contemporary interiors. 

Though it has a playful array of colors, this stone can still complement a wide range of color schemes because of its neutral tone. However, if you're designing you're kitchen, you want to balance out the wildness of the surface with a backsplash that's a little more muted.

Of course, you can still explore, but these colors will make your kitchen space feel more cohesive and polished. Here are colors of backsplashes that will blend well with blue dunes granite. 

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White is a classic and safe choice for a backsplash. Since blue dunes granite has symmetrical veins, you can pair it with white tiles in a herringbone pattern. This will add structure to your kitchen space and give it a more contemporary feel.

This combination will also make your kitchen space more timeless. White backsplashes over elegant slabs of granite will never go out of style, guaranteeing an increased value over the years.

White backsplashes also balance out the wild streaks on blue dunes granite. This will create a more polished and neat atmosphere, making your kitchen more appealing to cook in!

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Luxurious white and rustic kitchen with laminated flooring and white cabinets and gorgeous marble countertop

If you want your kitchen to have an almost monochromatic look, go with a tan backsplash. This color will match your countertops, and the veins on the countertop should give the space visual stimuli so the pairing won't look too plain.

If you want a more cohesive look, avoid clashing with your countertop's texture by going with an equally textured pattern. For example, tan penny tiles can make your kitchen space too dated and chaotic since both the countertop and backsplash are competing for your attention.

Go with seamless and neutral tile patterns such as subway, herringbone, or Versailles. 

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Rustic modern kitchen with laminated flooring, marble countertop and white cabinets

Neutral-on-neutral pairings are always in style. Grey backsplashes lean into the neutral tones of blue dunes granite, making the colors complement seamlessly. 

Having a neutral color palette in your kitchen gives you more agency on how you want to decorate it. It's also safer since it won't overwhelm your eyes, but the color scheme is not too plain since the countertops add texture and dimension to the interior. 

There are slabs of blue dunes granite that have a grey-dominated tone, and you can use that as a backsplash as well if you want a uniform look.

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Light Blue

Blue brick backsplash and white canisters with for kitchen spices

Light blue backsplashes lean into the soft blue tone of your granite countertop. They would naturally pair well together not only because the countertops already have a pale blue color, but also because they create a natural color scheme that looks visually cohesive. 

Light blue backsplashes by themselves also have a unique charm that can make your space look more whimsical and intimate that can't easily be replicated by a neutral color palette.

These backsplashes will also inject vibrance into your kitchen space without being overpowering, elevating your kitchen's overall look. 

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Minimalist inspired kitchen with white cupboards with dangling lamps

If you want a more classic color scheme without the risk of looking too plain, go with cream-colored backsplashes. This color will seamlessly complement the brown streaks of your blue dunes countertop, and you'll have a more timeless color palette that you can revamp to retain its luster.

If your slabs have lighter streaks of brown, you can achieve an almost monochromatic color scheme, with the veins injecting visual allure to your kitchen space.

Go with classic tile patterns to lean into the quiet elegance of your interior, and to balance out the wildness of the countertop's texture.

Muted green

Muted green leans into the rustic color scheme of the countertop. You can try other shades of green, but richer and more saturated tones can make the space feel cramped and clash with the veins of your countertop. 

Muted green can make the kitchen space feel more refreshing, and the touch of vibrance will still make the space cohesive and not overpowering. 

You can incorporate unique tile patterns to inject character into the interior, but avoid going for more textured and chaotic patterns since the countertops are already visually stimulating. 


Multicolored backsplashes add a unique charm to your kitchen--just make sure the color palette of your backsplashes is cohesive and easily identifiable and that all the tones are muted. Having a vibrant but muted color scheme will inject character into your interior without making your space look chaotic.

Remember that your blue dunes granite already has a number of colors on the slab, so it would be best to lean into them or get a backsplash that doesn't have an overpowering color. 

Lean into the warmth of your granite countertops by incorporating a sunset color palette into your backsplash. You can also go the other route and have a cooler-toned palette to balance out your countertop.

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How Much does Blue Dunes Granite Cost?

The cost of blue dunes granite depends on the size of the slabs. The cost per square foot ranges from $70-$100, but it can go higher. 

They are more expensive than other countertop materials because of their durability, strength, and aesthetic value, so you should prepare to shell out around $2,000 for a 120x74 slab. 

Since blue dunes granite is very pricey, you should let a professional contractor install your countertops. The last thing you want is to have your money go up in smoke because of a rookie mistake.

Is Blue Dunes Granite Durable?

Blue dunes granite is a highly durable material that is also heat and scratch-resistant. These qualities can make your kitchen experience more pleasant since you don't have to worry about it getting damaged after a few years of use--truly worth the investment!

Just like regular granite, this specific one is also relatively low-maintenance, making it a strong contender against other countertop materials in the market. Granite is one of the strongest stones, so it will last a long time and continue to add value to our home.

However, just like other natural stones, blue dunes granite still needs to be sealed. This is necessary to prevent water from seeping into the surface and causing damage.

Is Blue Dunes Granite Dated?

Blue dunes granite is a timeless piece of fixture that will be in style for years to come. It has an elegant finish and symmetrical veins that can inject style into any kitchen interior, and the play of colors within the stone elevates a color scheme.

Of course, there will be times when granite will temporarily be overshadowed by other materials, but in a sense, the material will always make a space look polished and elegant--never tacky. 

Where Can You Put Blue Dunes Granite?

You can add visual allure to any surface using blue dunes granite. Having it in kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanities, and walls can elevate your interior design. 

Final Thoughts

Luxurious modern kitchen with marble countertop and granite backsplash with hardwood flooring

Blue dunes granite is a versatile material both in form and function. The stone's look will never go out of style, so you will always get your investment back. However, just as with any expensive kitchen fixture, maintenance is necessary to keep its luster. 

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