11 Great Bar Stools Ideas For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the most widely used spaces in your home. Whether your kitchen is the center of all of your family gatherings and social events or used mainly for eating meals, bar stools not only add extra seating to your kitchen but can also make quite a statement in your home. Bar stools can transform an unused bar or counter space into an extra table of sorts. Bar stools can come in many heights, making them the perfect choice for seating to eat, drink, or visit at the bar.

The height of nonadjustable bar stools can be one drawback to this type of seating, as some people may find them difficult to get on and off. They can also be dangerous for small children if left unattended. Stationary stools can also be heavy and awkward to move. Bar stools are also historically less comfortable than regular cushioned chairs. 

Choosing between different heights, functions, and styles of bar stools can seem slightly overwhelming. Bar stools come in tall or short, swivel or stationary, and range from a basic plain design to trendy and stylish.

Finding the right bar stool for your space is a matter of personal style but also practicality. We brought you a diverse selection of styles along with examples of different bar stools to help you make an informed choice during your search for the perfect kitchen bar seating. 

A series of gray bar stools at the bar, 11 Great Bar Stools Ideas For Your Kitchen

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1. Multi-colored pastel bar stool set

Eclectic design consists of different colors, patterns, and textures and has recently become widely popular for its quirky and random style. The different shades of pastel bar stools pictured in the example above work well with this eclectic style kitchen.

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Pastel barstools in colorful kitchen interior with turquoise island

By using all cool pastels in closely related colors and the same bar stool design, a cohesive look is achieved even with the bar stools being different colors. Using one of these colors for the cabinets directly in front of the bar stools also brings some cohesiveness to this space.

2. White dipped legged wooden bar stools

Panoramic white kitchen with bar

Stark white kitchens have emerged as a huge trend recently, popular for their expansive and elegant look. Although an all-white kitchen looks crisp and clean, there’s something to be said for the addition of the simple warm brown of plain wooden bar stools as shown in the example above.

The white dipped tips of the stool legs set these plain wooden bar stools apart, giving this space some character and charm. The dipped legged stool pictured below can help you achieve a similar look in your own space. 

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3. Rustic wood bar stools

Vintage and rustic wooden bar stools on wooden floor

Rustic decor can add so much detail and character to any space including your kitchen. The rustic bar stools shown in the example above can warm your kitchen space with a vintage ambiance. 

Rustic bar stools, such as the ones pictured below, can help you achieve a look like this, but you may also opt to use older furniture to refinish or reupholster. Using old furniture will not only add charm to your room but may be a bit easier on your pocketbook. 

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4. Soft blue bar stools

Kitchen bar counter color faded coral with soft chairs

While all-white kitchens may be trendy, one color that seems to be gaining popularity in kitchen decor is blue in various shades. The light blue kitchen bar stools pictured in the example above blend in perfectly with the light blue color of the kitchen cabinets for a harmonized and expansive look.

Gold accents give these bar stools a modern metallic touch and make them stand out beautifully against the surrounding blue while also coordinating with the gold color of the vent hood. A similar look can be achieved in your kitchen by using the blue and gold bar stool pictured below. 

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5. Contemporary white leather bar stools

Contemporary kitchen

The white leather of the bar stools shown above gives this kitchen space a classy and polished look, especially against the warm wooden floors. While the colors may blend in a bit with the surrounding white cabinets, the leather detail of these bar stools adds a lavish touch to this room.

Swivel bar stools, such as the ones pictured in the example below, can add a detailed look to your kitchen and bar space and also serve an important function. The white leather bar stools pictured below can also add a similar classy look to your home.

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6. Simple silver metal bar stools

Modern kitchen

For a sleek modern look to your kitchen space, consider using metal bar stools as accent pieces as shown in the example above. The silver metal coordinates perfectly with the stainless steel appliances for a streamlined and modern look. 

The simple design of these particular bar stools adds a polished look to this black and white kitchen. This cool metallic color stands out with an unassuming elegance against the deep brown floor and black cabinets. 

7. Four-legged chair-style bar stool

Open floor plan kitchen with coffered ceiling

If the look of bar stools doesn’t quite fit your style, a chair-style bar stool may be for you. With the overall look of a tall chair, these bar stools stand on four legs and have back support that makes them look and feel a little less like a bar stool.

The upholstered look of the chair-style bar stools pictured above blends with the decor of the rest of the kitchen and table chairs for a warm neutral look. This color palette gives this kitchen and bar space a comfortable homestyle feel.

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8. Pedestal bar stool

Islands and stools in modern kitchen

For a more stylish and modern look, consider a pedestal-style bar stool for your kitchen. Pedestal bar stools stand on one solid leg and often swivel and are adjustable for added detail as well as function. 

This type of bar stool often has a metal base that looks sharp and fashionable. The black pedestal bar stools pictured in the example above add much-needed contrast to this otherwise neutral-colored kitchen.

9. Clear bar stools

Mountain modern interior design

Transparent may not come to mind when thinking of bar stool choices, but this can be an amazingly unique addition to your kitchen space. The clear plastic bar stool shown in the example above gives this kitchen a streamlined glossy look.

Clear bar stools are not only unique but they are extremely versatile, coordinating with any color or look you can imagine. The clear bar stools as shown below can be used to achieve a similar look in your home.

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10. Black leather swivel bar stools

Kitchen island and stools

One disadvantage of traditional stationary bar stools is not being able to turn to face away from the bar without moving your entire stool. Swivel bar stools, such as the ones pictured above, allow for a 360-degree rotation.

The particular bar stools pictured above are also adjustable in terms of height. Being able to adjust the height of your bar stools allows you to use them for tables or bars of different heights.

11. Black wicker bar stools

View of modern bar stools

A weaving technique that has been around since ancient Egyptian time, wicker decor is a timeless and unmatched look. You may think that wicker is outdated, but this isn’t necessarily the case. 

This black wicker bar stool set looks modern and stylish, especially when coupled with this unique kitchen table. The deep color of these wicker bar stools adds the perfect dramatic effect to the warm wood floors and table. 

Final thoughts

Kitchens are the heart and soul of many homes, so using seating that is comfortable and functional is important. Your choice of bar stool may seem like only one small detail in your kitchen, but they can add a decorative element and add alternative seating options in your kitchen space.

No matter what your preferences are in bar stool height, function, or style, the perfect bar stool for your kitchen is out there. We hope that the above selection of bar stool ideas has helped to inspire your kitchen project. 

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