6 Barn Door Alternatives To Consider

Sometimes, increasing the visual appeal indoors is as simple as replacing your doors. What better way to make your home look unique than installing barn doors! Unfortunately, sometimes you can't go with this option. So, what are the alternatives? If you want to explore some ideas, let's look at the possibilities.

If barn doors aren't an option available to you, other doors are just as unique. Since barn doors cover large spaces, here are other options that can work similarly:

  1. Bifold Door
  2. Sliding Door
  3. Pivot Door
  4. French Door
  5. Cafe & Saloon Door
  6. Pocket Door

Of course, before choosing a door to install, you'll want to learn how they function. Another aspect that goes into consideration is appearance. Will the alternatives fit the decor of the rest of the room? These are some of the concerns we cover further ahead.

Barn sliding wooden door in loft room, 6 Barn Door Alternatives To Consider

Things To Consider Before Buying A Door

When you have to make a big purchase, you'll want to consider what purpose it will serve. In this case, why do you want to purchase a barn door? Is it because of space or layout constraints?

Or is it more of an aesthetic decision? In addition to these questions, think about where that door will go. Is it going to be for a laundry room? Perhaps it's a door that leads to the kitchen. If it isn't, is privacy a big concern?

Let's take a deeper look into this below:

1. Bifold Door

Folding doors

You should consider a bifold door if your primary concern is visual appeal. It doesn't function or look like your typical door. Bifold doors have two or more panels that fold together.

They can rest on one side. But, if you'd like, there's an option to allow bi-fold doors to fold on either side of the opening. You'll typically see them for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, etc.

Material-wise, bifold doors are available in aluminum, wood, composite, or glass. Though, wood is the most popular choice for internal use.

2. Sliding Door

Happy young boy opening the sliding door on rooftop patio area at home

Following the theme of visual appeal, sliding doors are another good option. The most popular areas to use these doors are bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Material-wise, you can choose wood, mirrored, glass, and silhouette.

Additionally, you can even change the trim to accentuate the look. Sliding doors are one of the more unique choices with lots of styles.

3. Pivot Door

Open front pivot style door to a luxury Australian home

Sometimes, we want that "wow" factor. Is there any door that can make a room stand out from the rest? Yes! In terms of functionality and looks, pivot doors are one of a kind.

It's a door that rotates on a spindle. Thus, it's not like your typical door that works with hinges affixed to a frame. However, you'll need a lot of space for this door.

They are massive. Pivots doors are typically wood or glass. If you're looking for a door for the entrance or patio, you could consider this one. It's elegant but expensive. They can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000.

4. French Door

French doors with clipping path

What if you're trying to bring more sunlight into a room? It's a place where privacy isn't the main concern. More specifically, you want a door that can link two rooms elegantly.

Then french doors are an option that might interest you. You'll typically see them as an exterior door. They're large doors with clear glass panes. So, they're a popular option for balconies, patios, and gardens.

Still, that doesn't mean you can't use them for inside use. Need a way to link a living and dining room? You can consider giving these doors a try:

5. Cafe & Saloon Door

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Maybe glass pane doors aren't your style. You want to give your home a unique look but don't want to go overboard with spending. So, pivot doors aren't an option you can consider. What can you do?

Cafe and Saloon doors are another notable option to link different rooms. They don't have large glass panes. So, you're maintaining a level of privacy.

However, this type of door doesn't lock. It swings in both directions. When you go through the door, it will sway back and forth. Of course, it stops in the closed position.

They come in many styles. You can go for a western look, barn, farmhouse, colonial, modern, or traditional style. In any case, you won't be lacking options if you go with this door.

6. Pocket Door

New pocket door in a house bedroom

Sometimes all that matters is saving space. Therefore, removing the need to swing is crucial. It's one of the benefits of using a barn door. However, pocket doors also have this advantage.

Another similarity they share is their ability to blend with the walls in your home. Though, pocket doors are slightly different. They slide into a built-in pocket. So, when you open it, it's out of sight.

You can use these doors in any area where you want to save space. Install them for bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms. Still, it's important to keep in mind that you will have to make clearance in the walls to make this work.

What Can I Use Instead Of A Traditional Door?

When you don't want to install a new door, there are various ways you can cover a doorway. One of the simple solutions is to use curtains. They're inexpensive and convenient. You can also change them as often as you want.

Accordion Divider

If you want something that functions like a door, you can consider using an accordion room divider. Accordion dividers work similarly to bifold doors. However, you don't necessarily have to install them. They're movable.

So, once you get tired of using it, you can replace it easily.

Beaded Strings

If you want to add style to a room, beaded strings are the perfect way to go. They were popular in the past. Like doors, they come in many styles. Though, there is a downside to it.

Since they're hanging beads, they don't give you much privacy. In addition, they lack soundproofing. Thus, it's better to use this for living or dining rooms.

Roman Shades

What if you love the curtain idea but want a form to keep it out of the way? Roman shades are an equivalent solution! However, you can slide them up and keep them there. Then, when you want to separate rooms, you can bring it down again.

Are Barn Doors Out Of Style?

When you're considering switching up a style, in most cases, it's because there's a new trend. So, it raises the question, are barn doors going out of style?

It's entirely situational. For some, barn doors are an outdated trend because they're present in areas where they don't make sense. Some homeowners have used barn doors for bedrooms or even bathrooms.

In this situation, barn doors would only serve as an aesthetic option. The reason is that barn doors aren't a good choice for privacy. There's always a gap between the door and the wall. It also makes it inherently less soundproof.

However, when you use them for an appropriate setting, they're perfect for the architecture in any home. Additionally, long gone are the traditional barn doors. There are many more styles to choose from.

If you don't like the barn look, there are more modern options that can add visual appeal to a room. Thus, it's more likely that barn doors are here to stay. Though, it's crucial to keep in mind that they're best to use as a room divider rather than a fully functional door.

Can Any Door Be Used As A Barn Door?

When you're trying to save on costs or don't like the options available, it's time to consider DIY possibilities. Yes, you can use any door as a barn door. However, it's not going to be simple as installing it with barn door hardware.

The typical door isn't as large as a barn door. So, if you want to use your current door as one, you'll need to add height and width to it. From there, it's entirely up to you how you want to design it.

Although it takes a lot of work to modify a standard door, the results are worthwhile. Barn doors cost around $200 to $1,000 to install. If you make one yourself, it can cut down costs significantly.

It adds much more control regarding how you want your home to look.

In Closing

It's not the end of the world if you can't go with your first choice. Although barn doors add a unique look, other types of doors are just as visually appealing. Do you like any of the options you see? If you don't, you can take matters into your own hands and create a barn door style that fits.

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