11 Cool Basement Pole Decorating Ideas

Basement poles are the foundational structure of our homes, so we often forego how they look since their function is the most important. However, when you want your basement remodeled, you can't ignore the eyesore that it poses, especially if it goes against your style. You must be wondering what you could do to make them look better, so we have researched answers to find out.

There are many ways you can elevate your basement poles. Fortunately, because of the structure itself, it can be versatile.

  1. Turn them into coffee tables
  2. Build a crown molding cover around it
  3. Turn it into a storage shelf
  4. Wrap it with hemp rope and fairy lights
  5. Wrap it with vines
  6. Attach two poles to form a kitchen island
  7. Paint on the poles
  8. Turn them into stone pillars
  9. Build couches or settees around them
  10. Wrap in padded foam
  11. Wrap it with carpet

Although there are many creative things you can do to your poles, following your personal style is important to narrow down your options. You should also consider whether the designs will have a functional purpose and if your kids and/or pets will be safe around them. If you want to learn more about pole cover ideas, keep reading below.

Modern apartment living room with large leather sofa and concrete pillars, 11 Cool Basement Pole Decorating Ideas

11 Cool Basement Pole Decorating Ideas

Your basement poles should be able to blend into your interior design seamlessly. The trick is to make the design cohesive with your color scheme and aesthetic. Here are ways you can improve your poles' look and make them seem to be part of the layout. 

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1. Turn Basement Poles Into Coffee Tables

If basement poles have a support base, you can build a round table over it to make it a functional fixture instead of something that takes up space. It's your choice if you want the table for standing or if you want to add chairs around it.

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Wooden chairs and a supporting column of a basement decorated and wrapped in wood with a table

This way, you have additional dining space during informal gatherings. You can also turn this into an extended work area.

The material for this is often made with wood, so you may want to stain it in a lighter color if you have a soft color scheme. Make sure to paint your pole as well to make it a cohesive design.

2. Attach A Crown Molding Cover Around Basement Poles

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A square column in the basement with crown molding and hardwood flooring

These pre-made covers are on the pricier side, but the ease of installation and pleasing aesthetics make them worth every penny. There are various designs available on the market so you won't have to worry about it not fitting in with your interior. 

  • Adjust the crown molding to make sure it is strong and aligned perfectly.
  • Apply construction adhesive on the joints.
  • Hold the joints over the pole.
  • Cover the pole with the molding using screws and nails. 
  • Remove the tape on the joints after 3-4 hours.

3. Turn Basement Poles Into Storage Shelves

Utilize these poles by turning them into storage shelves. That way, you can remove the clutter that sometimes comes with having a basement to throw materials in. You can use these storage shelves to store books, cups, board games, or gadgets to get your basement looking tidy. 

Modern apartment living room

You can buy pre-made bookshelf pole covers in the hardware store, but you can try to build one yourself.

Wooden basement pole with a wooden shelf adjacent to it

Don't do anything to the pole itself; it's the foundation of your home and you don't want anything to do anything that can jeopardize it.

4. Wrap Basement Poles With Hemp Rope & Fairy Lights

a construction column wrapped in rope inside a coffee shop themed basement

If you want to have a rustic or country home aesthetic in your basement, you can wrap your poles in hemp rope. If you want to make it look magical, you can wrap it with fairy lights to go with the rope as well.

You can turn on the fairy lights during dinner parties to set the mood, and it can make for an effortless decoration during the holidays.

This design is affordable and doesn't require any construction. The hemp rope doesn't have to be naturally brown all the time; you can try looking for other colors that can go with your interior better. Make sure to wrap it tightly and not make the structure underneath show. 

5. Wrap Basement Poles With Synthetic Vines

A concrete column decorated with vines and leaves in the basement

For a more nature-inspired appeal, you can wrap the poles with synthetic vines. Real vines might be dangerous to your basement poles since they can puncture and compromise the foundation of your house, so it is best to use the faux ones.

If you still want to incorporate something natural in your basement, you can surround the poles with potted plants. That way, your nature-themed aesthetic will look more consistent and cohesive all throughout. 

6. Attach Two Poles To Form A Kitchen Island

Beautiful kitchen and living room interior with hardwood floors in new home

If you want to convert the basement into a separate living space, you can build a kitchen island between two poles. That way, you have an integrated design that makes the poles seem like they were purposely built to have an island in between. 

To do this, the colors need to match one another perfectly. You may also get matching bar stools to go with the kitchen island, as well as build a mini bar shelf over it. 

This structure can also be converted into a workspace if you carve more legroom underneath the island. You can build shelves around the poles to make it more convenient. This is ideal if the basement isn't large and you need a space-saving solution. 

7. Paint The Basement Poles

Modern interior room with black pole and white wall

If you don't want to bother having to build something around it, you can paint it with a color that will make it blend with the rest of your interior. The most versatile color you can go for is eggshell white since it can go well with any removable decoration like twin or fairy lights. 

However, this may only be ideal if round poles pair well with your aesthetic. Cosmopolitan and modern styles can go well with round poles, but for more traditional aesthetics, you may still need to transform them into columns.

8. Turn Them Into Stone Pillars

Unique house terrace pole design

Faux stone wraps can make your basement feel elegant and classic. It is also a timeless design that won't fall off the trend in the years to come. Stone pillars, despite their intimidating look, are aesthetically versatile. It can go well with a man cave, a gaming room, an art studio, or a wine bar. 

This will also blend with rustic aesthetics; with rich wooden floors and warm lighting. Contemporary designs can also incorporate stone pillars, but with finished stones instead of rugged ones. 

9. Build Couches Or Settees Around Basement Poles

Build Couches Or Settees Around Basement Poles

This is an alternative to coffee tables. If you want additional seating during informal gatherings, you can transform these poles into comfortable settees.

Simply build a sturdy platform around the base, have it finished and painted in a complementing color, and place covered foam and pillows over it. 

This can also be a more kid-friendly option since kids can't always climb up on high stools, nor can they appreciate sturdy bar tables. If you have kids at home, these settees will be more comfortable for them and there would be less risk of bumping over the edges or falling on stools.

10. Wrap Basement Poles In Padded Foam

Wrap Basement Poles In Padded Foam

Another child-friendly option is to just wrap the poles in padded foam. This is ideal if you want to convert the basement into another play or study area, and you're worried that children might hurt themselves.

You can reuse your old foams, cover them with fabric, and stick them to the poles with velcro adhesives; but it's better to purchase basement pole bumpers that you can easily wrap around the posts.

There are many colors you can choose from so you won't have to sacrifice the basement's look. Go with neutrals to keep the basement looking polished and clean.

11. Wrap Basement Poles With Carpet

Wrap Basement Poles In Padded Foam

If you want your poles to be pet-proof, wrap them with carpet. This is a cheap solution that doesn't require construction, so you can rest assured that your poles won't be filled with scratches and bites. This is also another way to keep toddlers safe from bumps when they run around. 

Be sure to choose a carpet color that blends well with your interior. 

In Closing

Remodeling your basement will always include doing something about your basement poles. If left as it is, these poles will be an eyesore and make the place feel unfinished. As with any fixture, make sure each material you use for it is durable so it can benefit you for a long time.

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