11 Basement Wall Color Ideas To Inspire You

Basements are a fun space to decorate because you can get away with almost anything in terms of the wall surface and color. Whatever your style, you can find a way to incorporate it. Many basements also have fun architectural features that you don't see in other places that you can experiment with.

Just remember that basic design rules still apply, so make sure that the color you choose is suited not just to your taste but also the room's purpose, layout, and details. One important thing to remember is that since a basement space will have fewer and smaller windows, it is important to take the lack of natural light and the purpose of the room into account when choosing your wall color and style.

Below are eleven ideas for what you can do with the walls in your basement space. Whether you're planning to create a man cave, rec room, living room, or a bedroom, there are ideas for walls to match different purposes. These ideas range from painting brick white to capitalize on an existing design element to a dark teal accent wall in a basement bedroom, where keeping everything light and bright is less important. Whatever your design goal, you're sure to find the inspiration you're looking for on our list.  

Concrete wall living room with sofa and decoration, 11 Basement Wall Color Ideas To Inspire You

1. White Painted Brick

White Painted Brick in a basement

Because the basement walls are often part of the foundation of a house, some basement rooms have brick walls instead of sheetrock. This might seem like a design nightmare because while red brick walls can seem chic in a loft apartment,  they can seem too dark for the main decorative element in a basement room. Painting the bricks white allows the whole room to look brighter while still keeping the texture of the bricks to add a unique look.

2. Gray Stripes

Basement with Gray Stripes wall

With alternating stripes in various colors from white to dark gray, an accent wall of gray striped wallpaper creates a focal point in the room. This works well here for a few different reasons. First, it creates a point of interest that distracts the viewer from the fact that there are no windows in the space. Second, the teal color of the breakfront's doors really pops against the background of neutral gray stripes. It's just the right amount of color without being overwhelming. 

3. Peach

Modern minimalism peach interior with couch, sofa, palm plants and coffee tables.

With a tinge of orange, this peach color provides an excellent canvas for your basement living room. To choose a wall color like this, you need to have furniture in neutral colors. The color of the couch complements the look while allowing the wall color to be the key component of the design. Also, the cheerful color brightens up the room to counteract the lower light conditions that can make a basement room appear gloomy.

4. Teal

Young woman decorating bedroom with beautiful flowers at home

This teal accent wall with colors brought out again in the bedding is a perfect touch for a basement bedroom. You might think it would be too overpowering, but the beauty of it is that with your headboard up against the accent wall, you won't really see it. As you lay in bed, you'll fall asleep looking at a lighter palate so you won't be overwhelmed by the design elements. It's the best of both worlds.  

5. Marbled Gray  

Interior of modern room with blue armchairs, table with books

With a small amount of effort, you can create a marbled look on your basement walls. Using sponges to blend shades of white and gray paint, you can create a marbled effect.  This effect gives you a neutral background while still adding a touch of chic that might be missing if the walls had been painted a flat gray. The best part is that the design holds its own from a style standpoint while still allowing these gorgeous periwinkle chairs to become the room's focal point.

6. Leaves

basement wall with leaves pattern

Wallpaper seems to have fallen out of favor somewhat as a solution for entire rooms. But as it is used in an earlier entry on our list, small portions or single walls covered with unique wallpaper are a great way to add a unique design element. Another positive of this trend is that many wallpapers can be purchased as peel and stick, so you can even use them in a rental apartment. When it's time to move away, all you have to do is pull it off, and everything looks as good as new.  

7. Blue-Gray

Desk used for homework or other school work

These light blue-gray walls are really set off by the white ceiling and desk nook under the stairs.  The clever use of the accidental spaces and well-placed lighting creates a pleasant space to spend time in. The white paint on the ceiling and within the inset gives the room an appearance of being taller and airier. Also, though not dark, the blue-gray paint is still somehow brightened when contrasted with the white paint.

8. Wall Art

Calm evening cozy guest bedroom in the basement with large king size sued bed

We don't know about you, but when we think of painting the walls, a purple mural of mountains isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But then again, why not. A beautiful full-size wall of art is actually pretty cool. In addition, the fact that the basement is a historically less lived-in part of the house can give you more freedom to choose to do the unexpected when decorating there. So if you always wanted to wake up to sunrise over Waikiki, now the dream is attainable, assuming you can find the right artist. You can also look online for a large ready-made mural for your wall.

Another option to beautify your wall is these extra-large flower decals.   You can find these on Amazon by clicking here.

9. Mint 

Lower level family room with mint wall

The mint green walls of this lower-level family room are very soothing and make it an excellent place to chill. The old-school look of the red bricks of the fireplace contrasts beautifully with the lighter mint hue. While they have chosen to stick with neutral furniture choices, it would be okay to go for a couch or chairs with a bit more color in this particular case. 

10. Concrete

Concrete wall living room with sofa and decoration, 11 Basement Wall Color Ideas To Inspire You

In recent years concrete has been chosen much more often as a design element. Sometimes it is even chosen over more upscale options for floors and kitchen countertops because it gives a less polished look. It works especially well in a basement environment since its minimalist look suits the setting. Because in the case of a basement wall, the concrete is the original building material, this look has the bonus of being less stress, cost, and work than other options.   

11. Green Brick

Bedroom with open doors and a canvas on the wall

Red bricks and white bricks are design staples. Green brick, on the other hand, is something a bit more unique. That said, I think green bricks are definitely going to be the next big thing. The green brick and the interestingly patterned flooring give this basement bedroom a very dignified and masculine look.  The minimalist vibe makes it the perfect design solution for a basement hideaway.   

In Summary 

Now you've had the chance to see some of the different options you have for your basement walls; you know that the only thing holding you back is your imagination. Once you decide what you do with your walls, the next step will be to look at what you should do with your floors.

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