23 Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Whether you are considering redecorating your bath based on appearance or practicality, changing or adding what may seem like a small detail can make a huge impact on the appearance or function of your space. Additional storage to small things like a new statement bathmat can give life to your space and change the appearance more than you may think it will.

Your bathroom, being a frequently used space, should be in alignment with you and your family's tastes, styles, and budget. Finding decorative items that serve a purpose in your space as well as appeal to your sense of style can be a big task. We have searched several sources to find some quick, easy, and budget-friendly ideas to update the look of your bathroom.

We have compiled a collection of some interesting bathroom looks to inspire your inner designer. Although there are no rules when it comes to decorating your own space, there are several looks that can be achieved by highlighting simple focal points in your space. We have compiled the following selection of 23 bathroom decor ideas to help you plan your perfect bath!

Bathtub in the loft interior bathroom with hardwood floor, 23 Inspiring Bathroom Decoration Ideas

1. Ladder Shelf

Interior of white modern bathroom with toilet bowl near folding screen, laundry basket, rack and plants

Ladder shelves are shelves that resemble the shape of a ladder. They have recently emerged as a popular shelving option in homes. Inspired by industrial style decor, these shelves make for perfect storage and decorative accent pieces for the bathroom. When placed within arm's reach of the toilet, this shelving option can replace traditional over-the-toilet shelves for storage of toilet paper and other toiletries.

To achieve a similar look, find this ladder shelf on Amazon.

2. Hardware

Interior of a bathroom in Art Deco style

Changing your hardware may seem like a small detail but it can make a world of difference. The rose gold metallic color on the sink, mirrors, and bath hardware gives this bathroom a chic upscale look.

Combining this modern metallic color with the ever-popular white tile bath, sink, and flooring gives this bathroom a bright contemporary ambiance. If rose gold isn't for you, consider a stylish brushed gold, copper, or brushed bronze color for your bathroom hardware.

To achieve a similar look, find this rose gold bathroom sink faucet on Amazon.

3. Greenery

White toilet bowl in a bathroom with brick walls

Inspired by nature, greenery can brighten up a space and create a sense of outdoors in your indoors. Adding a natural touch of green to your bathroom using artificial or live greenery can transform your space with a sense of calm and tranquility.

In the example below, this white bathroom is given new life with the addition of the bright green plant and the other small plant decorations scattered throughout the room. 

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4. Cactus

White bathroom interior with massive sink

For an unconventional look in greenery for your bathroom, cacti are a unique alternative to traditional greenery such as artificial plants or potted trees. Cacti can create a soft desert or western ambiance for your space. The tall winding cactus in the example below adds a relaxing and serene nature-inspired feel to this space.

To achieve a look similar to this, see this artificial cactus on Amazon.

5. Floral Decor

Modern bathroom interior with sink and rectangle mirror with wooden frame

For a more colorful natural look, artificial flowers can make a dramatic accent piece to complement your space. In the bathroom pictured below, this artificial long-stemmed crimson flower adds the perfect amount of striking color to this deep earth-tone and neutral design scheme. 

To achieve a look similar to this, find this faux floral piece on Amazon.

6. Ottoman

Freestanding tub and ottoman stool in center of bathroom with shower in the background

If space allows in your bathroom, adding seating options is a great way to add some functional decor to your home. In the example, this ottoman is a cozy seating option that can be practical for getting dressed and holding towels and clothing. 

To achieve a similar look, see this gray velvet ottoman on Amazon.

7. Hanging shelving

Bathtub in the loft interior bathroom with hardwood floor

Unconventional shelving is both appealing and practical. A rope-hung shelf can add a nautical feel to your space and is the perfect spot for small decorative items. The simple and unique look of the rustic rope and wood hanging shelves in the photo example adds a whimsical ambiance and a warm neutral color to this space.

To achieve a similar look, find this rope wood shelf on Amazon.

8. Floor lamp

White wall bathroom interior with wooden floor, arched windows, white bathtub and double sink

While you may ask yourself why a floor lamp would be needed in a bathroom, a floor lamp could come in handy during a relaxing bath after a long day. The floor lamp in the photo example overlooks the bathtub for direct lighting, perfect for a book and a bubble bath.

To achieve a look similar to this, see this arc floor lamp on Amazon.

9. Lighted mirror

Modern bathroom interior with luxury round mirror above sink

For an ultra-modern look in your bathroom, a lighted mirror can serve as a unique focal piece in your space but also a practical part of your daily grooming routine. The lighted mirror in the bathroom pictured adds a soft warmness to this vanity area and the lighting is great for the application of makeup or any other grooming process that requires good lighting. The round shape combined with the crisp bright light gives this vanity a striking appearance.

Love the idea of decorating your bathroom with mirrors? You'll want to check out this article: 43 Bathroom Mirror Decorating Ideas

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10. Chandelier lighting

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Chandeliers are usually associated with dining areas or entryways but can add a luxurious flair to any bathroom. The chandelier lighting overlooking the freestanding bathtub in the picture coordinates with the surrounding gold hardware to give this space an extravagant feel. The unique floral shape of the chandelier lighting pairs with the black and white floral flooring for a fun and upbeat feel.

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11. Floating shelves

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Another choice for attractive storage options is floating shelves. Named for their lack of visible brackets or braces to stabilize these shelves, these shelves offer a sleek modern look for the walls in your bathroom. The floating shelves in the example pictured above add a natural but streamlined look while still offering storage space for extra toiletries, linens, and other decorative items.

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12. Geometric decor

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Geometric decorations are widely popular in home decorating and can be used in any room in your home for a trendy and unique look. A geometric design or pattern can be incorporated into almost any item, such as wall art or storage items. The sharp lines of this toilet paper holder coordinate beautifully with the geometric patterns in the wall art for a distinct and stunning addition to your space.

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13. Storage baskets

A contemporary modern bathroom design featuring a round mirror, an above counter vessel sink and a custom built vanity with storage

Unique looking storage container options can also serve as decoration in your bathroom. Decorative baskets can be used to store extra linens and toiletries. Adding decorative baskets adds some warm color to your space as well as providing storage and organization to your space. 

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14. Bath tray

Square contemporary spa bath with wooden tray caddy

For a spa-like feel in your own bathroom, bath trays can hold bathing items, books, candles, or anything else that would come in handy while soaking in a relaxing bath. A bath tray can also be used for displaying decorative items when not in use. 

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15. Wall stencil

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To liven up your wall space without the commitment or hassle of new wall paint or wallpaper, consider stenciling designs straight onto your existing wall color. As you can see in the example above, this simple design gives this room tons of character and charm.

Wall stencils can come in any form including simple geometric designs, such as the one below, or wording for those inspirational souls who like a good inspirational quote on the wall.

To achieve a similar look, see this wall stencil on Amazon.

16. Multi-functional toilet paper holder

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As we discussed earlier, home decor can be about more than just appearance. Combining appeal and function is a great quality in home decor. It's a great way to somewhat disguise sometimes unflattering objects, such as a toilet paper holder. In the example above, the toilet paper holder also serves as the base to a small wire basket to hold decorative items or toiletries. 

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17. Statement shower curtain

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A statement shower curtain adds color, texture, and decorative design as well as performing its intended function in your bathroom shower. In the example above, the boho-chic geometric statement shower curtain sets the scene for this monochromatic geometric decorated bathroom. For a cohesive touch, bath linens, floor rug, trashcan, and bathroom accessories are coordinated using this same design scheme.

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18. Organizational bathroom canisters

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An appealing option to organize the toiletry items on your bathroom counter is glass organizational canisters. Glass canisters are optimal for the storage of items in your bathroom because they are transparent, making it easy to see the item inside. Glass canisters are also easy to clean and most come with fitted lids to prevent moisture and germs from entering the containers.  

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19. Tiered storage stand

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A great way to save space on your bathroom countertop is by using a tiered storage stand. Leveled storage increases your available counter space by using several levels of storage stacked on top of one another. The simple three-tiered stand pictured in the example above gives this bathroom counter a quaint and organized feel and look.

 To achieve a similar look, find this two-tier tray on Amazon.

20. Decorative standing towel rack

Modern white and wooden wall bathroom interior with gray marble floor, a white bathtub and towel rack

Towel racks are an appealing alternative to towel hooks. Allowing towels to dry on a rack versus a hook allows for more ventilation and faster drying. Standing towel racks provide not only better drying capabilities but also a certain amount of decor value.

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To achieve a similar look, find this storage ladder on Amazon.

21. Rolling utility cart

Beautiful green theme bathroom with brass faucets and fixtures

Another possible item to add functional decor into your space is a rolling utility cart. A rolling utility cart can be utilized for holding toiletries and other items that prove to be useful in a bathroom. The portability of a rolling cart can come in handy when getting yourself and your family or kids ready. The rolling utility cart in the example above coordinates with the colors in the bathroom for an elegant and high-end feel.

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22. Bathmat

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Just as a rug in a room can be the focal point of the room, bathmats can add some color or flair to your bathroom. The peach, coral, and blue boho print bathmat in the picture adds a vivid blue to the soft color palette of this peach bathroom.

For more bathroom mat ideas, head over to this article: 13 Awesome Bathroom Rug Ideas

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23. Accent mirror

Interior of modern bathroom with round mirror

In addition to the main vanity mirror, another decorative idea for your bathroom is using an accent mirror to accessorize your space. An accent mirror in your bathroom creates an expansive and open feel. The round natural wood colored mirror used in the example adds a bright neutral color to the deep gray wall and makes the room seem slightly bigger.

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In Closing

Though your home and bathroom should be reflective of your personal tastes and style, a complete remodel may not always be realistic. As you have seen, there are many simple and cost-efficient ways to update the look of your bathroom! We hope to have helped inspire some decorative ideas that are perfect for you and your home.

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