How Much Does a Bath Fitter Tub Cost?

You’ve seen the commercials and done a bit of initial research, and you think a Bath Fitter tub may be the right choice for your bathroom. Before you proceed any further, though, you need more information. Namely, how much does a Bath Fitter tub cost?

A Bath Fitter tub, like many other acrylic tub liners, may cost $700 to $1,400. That’s before you factor in for installation or the wall surround panels. If you get a team to put the tub and the wall panels in for you, you can expect the entire project to be somewhere in the ballpark of $4,000 to $7,000.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into the costs of getting a Bath Fitter tub overlay installed in your bathroom. We’ll also talk about  Bath Fitter alternatives that may be better for your budget or have styles more conducive to your tastes. Let’s get started!

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What Is Bath Fitter?

Before we look closer at the cost of Bath Fitter’s services, we figured we’d start with an explanation of those services. Bath Fitter is a Canadian-based company that got its start back in 1984. It was that year that founder Brian Cotton worked with Glenn and Wayne Cotton, his brothers, to create the company.

Bath Fitter installs bathtub liners in residential bathrooms. They do this by taking out your tub’s faucets, then putting up the Bath Fitter wall panels (if you opt for these). The installation team would then add protection to the walls to keep them looking their best.

Next, the tub liner gets installed. Remember, it’s not a brand-new bathtub here, but only an overlay that covers your preexisting tub. If you want any accessories in your new bathroom, these would be put in next. Then the team takes care of cleanup and you’re all done.

How Much Is a Bathtub Overlay? Breaking Down Bath Fitter’s Costs

Knowing a little bit more about Bath Fitter and what they do, we can talk about their pricing now. If you search around on Bath Fitter’s website, they’re not exactly clear about the costs of their services.

Here’s what they say on their site about pricing: “Everything we do is custom; no two bathrooms are the same. Without seeing what there is now, it’s impossible to quote accurately. However, pricing is determined by what you choose as well as the condition and complexity of what is already there. We’ll assess all this and more as part of a free in-home estimate.”

Therefore, we recommend getting that estimate above all else. While we can give you projections for what the cost of the project may be, they’re general estimates. Only Bath Fitter can tell you the exact cost for getting your bathroom remodeled.

In the quote above, Bath Fitter mentions that “pricing is determined by what you choose.” We take that to mean the material of your tub liner.

While Bath Fitter is the most well-known company that installs these liners, that doesn’t change the fact that theirs are made of acrylic just like many other bathtub liner brands are. Some liners come in PVC vinyl (although not from Bath Fitter), which is more inexpensive than acrylic. In fact, you can lower the cost of the liner itself by $200, maybe even $300 by choosing PVC vinyl.

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In saving that money, you’re sacrificing appearance, as PVC vinyl liners never look as good as those made of acrylic. Also, they don’t last as long. Acrylic liners can get brittle, but that’s their biggest downside.

Keeping all that in mind, let’s talk moolah. As stated before, a liner could average out to $700 to $1,400. The price depends on the current state of your bathroom, the size of the bathroom, and the extent of the work you want to be done. Also, the wall panels will jack up your price even further.

That’s just for the liner itself, by the way. If you want the professional Bath Fitter team to install your liner for you, you’re looking at a home reno price estimate of $4,000 to $7,000.

HomeAdvisor notes that the national average for a bathtub overlay is $3,199. We take it that installation must be factored into that price as well. The site also states that a typical range you can expect to pay is $1,729 to $4,980. The higher-end for this project is listed as $8,000.

Can You Install a Bath Overlay Yourself? Should You?

Let's be real, $7,000 can be a lot to pay just for a bathtub overlay and not even a new tub itself. After all, recent data from HomeAdvisor (different link than before) mentions that it may cost $1,040 to $5,579 to get a new tub installed, with the national average $3,310. It’s unclear if this accommodates for the cost of the tub itself, though.

If you really do want the tub liner, then you could shave hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars off the cost of your overlay by doing it yourself. Does that make it a good idea?

Not necessarily. While it might seem easy enough to fit the bath liner where it should go and attach it, this job can be tougher than it appears. A professional installation team has experience with similar projects and can ensure a result with the highest quality. The same can’t necessarily be said for you.

DIY remodeling of bath tub using wrench

Should you happen to mess up anywhere along the way, you could accidentally leave leaks and cracks in your wake. Now it’s a lot easier for bacteria to get all over and into your new tub liner, making the bathroom a less hygienic place. That’s not even to mention the potential for water leaks, which can be very detrimental to your bathroom.

There’s also the matter that Bath Fitter doesn’t appear to let you go the DIY route. At least, there’s nothing on their website about it. You’d have to pay extra to let their team do the work with no other option, then.

So, how much would it cost you to get a local contractor to install a bath overlay? Use this form to easily and quickly get quotes right to your inbox.


How Long Does Bath Fitter Last?

Bath Fitter says on their FAQ page that “a Bath Fitter acrylic tub liner or acrylic shower is guaranteed for as long as you own your home.” Bath Fitter even backs this up with its Lifetime Warranty, which makes the same promise.

Per their site, Bath Fitter says it produces all the adhesive and acrylic it uses itself. We did talk before about how acrylic bath liners are far more durable than those made of PVC vinyl. The one downside to acrylic is that it’s prone to becoming brittle with time, as mentioned.

How long will it take the acrylic to turn brittle is anyone’s guess. Given that Bath Fitter uses their own acrylic for their home renovation projects, theirs may be less likely to go brittle. If so, then it can maybe indeed last for the duration you have your home. However, at the first sign of brittleness or cracking, you may want to check the provisions of your Lifetime Warranty.

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Bath Fitter Alternatives

Just because Bath Fitter is the most popular bath liner company does not mean they’re your only option. Far from it. Here are some other brands you might consider working with instead.

Miracle Method

Miracle Method is a company that specializes in ceramic tile refinishing, countertop refinishing, and bathtub refinishing. Their liners are made of either acrylic or PVC plastic and attached with glue. The Miracle Method site says you may pay $475 to $600 on tub refinishing and $800 to $1,200 for the tub plus tile surround ranges. That’s far more affordable than Bath Fitter.

Liners Direct

Liners Direct sells BathWraps, their shower and bath remodeling solution. They promise their BathWraps are barrier-free and will resist fading and cracking. The bath liner also includes Liners Direct’s Silver Shield Anti-Microbial Protection.

Custom Bath Liners

You might also consider Custom Bath Liners for your tub liner needs. They price their services as follows:

  • $859 for a walk-through system installation (done in a day)
  • $2,999 for a tub liner and wall system one-day makeover
  • $3,999 for a tub-to-shower conversion (done in a day)
  • $7,999 for walk-in bathtub installation
  • $6,999 for a complete bathroom makeover special, including a handheld shower unit, laminate flooring, under-mount sink, granite countertop, toilet and vanity, temperature valve, decorative trim, wall color upgrade, wall system, and tub liner (this may be a limited time special)

Bath Planet

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got Bath Planet, a BCI Acrylic company. As that relationship tells you, Bath Planet’s tub liners are all made of acrylic. Their services are showers, one-day remodels, walk-in tubs, and bath conversions.


Bath Fitter tub liners may cost anywhere from $4k to $7k when you factor in the installation costs. These bath liners go over your preexisting tub, which is supposed to save you money. The acrylic Bath Fitter uses for all their products is quite hardy, but it could potentially become brittle. Still, the company backs up its products with a Lifetime Warranty. They say their liners should last as long as you have your house.

If Bath Fitter’s prices are a little too high for you, then you can always try other similar services through Bath Planet, Custom Bath Liners, Liners Direct, or Miracle Method. You’ve got plenty of options for finding a great new bath liner within your budget. Good luck!

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  1. The suggested pricing in this article is not really correct. Bathfitter pricing always includes installation. They do not sell their products for diy. The first mentioned price of $700-1400 for the tub liner would include installation. The other mentioned price of $4000-7000 would be a good estimate for a full remodel of the bath or shower with wall surround and fixtures etc. Again, including installation and lifetime guarantee. I don’t sell their products, but after doing my research and speaking with one of their appraisers, this is the info I got.

    • @Jared, Agree. I just had an in-home estimate for an acrylic overlay which includes drain and vent hardware and installation for $1900 in NY area. Comparatively speaking that’s a good price versus a new tub with tile and floor work which runs easy $4-5K. The acrylic is super durable and comes with lifetime warranty.

  2. bathfitters is not the wisest choice of all. It is too expensive and not that durable. I find bathtub and tile refinishing a much better alternative

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