15 Bathroom Art Ideas That You’ll Love

We love beautiful art in every room. This is why we don't think the bathroom should be excluded. Of course, you want to think about how moisture from a hot, steamy shower affects your wall decor. So you probably won't want to hang a genuine Picasso print in the bathroom. But there are plenty of fun ideas that can handle the moisture that may come with being hung on the wall in the bathroom. We've found fifteen cool art ideas that you might want to borrow for your bathroom. So let's take a look and see what we found.

Modern Bathroom with two sinks, 15 Bathroom Art Ideas That You'll Love

1. Frame Some Succulents For Artwork That Will Love The Moisture

Green is the theme in this beautiful bathroom with brass faucets and fixtures

This is a gorgeous bathroom with its brass fixtures and green tile wall in the shower. It's a step away from the more commonplace white and grey we see so often. They've run with the green theme by hanging two gorgeous square vertical succulent planters. The remarkable thing about these is that your "artwork" will thrive from the moisture from the shower steam.

We love this little three-pack of circular succulent planters. Layer soil and pebbles behind the glass-enclosed bottom half, then fill with your favorite little plants for a cool bit of bathroom art. Click here for this on Amazon.

2. Hang A Gorgeous Framed Mirror In Addition To Your Vanity Mirror

Luxury Bathroom with Gorgeous Framed Mirror In Addition To The Vanity Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to have the elegance of a fancy frame without worrying about a piece on canvas or paper framed in it. The glass will hold up to moisture and reflect the light in the bathroom. The small mirror will give you another spot to check your makeup or hair. Choose a really interesting frame for your small mirror, and it can provide an artistic element of its own.

3. Choose A Commanding Vase For Your Vanity

Simple gray and white colors bring the brightness and cleanliness to the forefront

Ceramic art is a great way to have something creative and moisture-resistant in the bathroom. In this lovely room, an oversized ceramic vase stands between the two double sinks. Tall fronds of dried greenery don't require upkeep but look elegant and give height in this high ceiling bathroom. Notice how the color of the vase works well with the overall color of the bathroom.

4. Find Unique Candle Holders For Your Freestanding Tub

a modern bathroom in an expensive new home with a tear-drop shaped bath (full of water) sitting on a marble plinth.

Wouldn't you love a long soak in this glorious bathtub? The freestanding tub sits on its own pedestal. Behind they've built a couple of wall niches for toiletries and other bathing needs. But what stood out to us as a unique art piece for the bathroom is the lantern-shaped piece that sits next to the bathtub and holds candles. It's unexpected and beautiful, and because it's made of glass and metal, it will hold up to the bathroom's steam.

5. Create A Vignette Above The Commode Area

Shot of luxurious interior of a bathroom with shower

This modern bathtub has a commode that is so unusual it takes one a moment to realize that's what it is. And we love how they've styled it. There is a gorgeous white ceramic vase on the back of the commode tank with stems of cherry blossoms and a matching lotion and soap dispenser. But what caught our eye was the set of three simple ceramic plaques in glossy white. The ceramic is an excellent choice for a bathroom wall.

6. Hang An Inspirational Quote Where You'll See It Every Morning

Large sink and modern two handle faucet

The bathroom is where we often begin our day. We wake up, brush our teeth, comb our hair, and shower to prepare for the hours ahead. All of this makes it a perfect place to hang a bit of inspiration. There are so many great wall plaques in materials suitable for a bathroom. Stone, tile, metal, and finished wood will all have a long life hanging on the bathroom wall. So search for your favorite inspiration on a plaque and hang it up.

This great saying is available on a plaque here at Amazon.

7. Get A Couple Of Miniature Topiary Plants For The Corners Of Your Tub

residential modern bathroom

We love these tiny sculpted topiary bushes. They are just the right amount of something more for this clean-lined bathroom. Whether you choose live plants or faux plants, the spot of dark green in elegant pots is sure to please you every time you enter the room.

8. Put A Collection Of Things You Love On Your Double Vanity

Modern Bathroom with two sinks

This double vanity is graced with a personal collection. A couple of potted succulents and a unique ceramic set of bathroom accessories add some artistic decor to an otherwise simple space. Because their vanity has raised sinks, there's a natural spot between them for this collection. 

This five-piece set for the bathroom vanity is more beautiful than using the containers things like lotion and soap come in. Add a couple of similarly beautiful planters, and you have your own private collection like the one above. Click here for this set on Amazon.

9. Hang A Couple Of Framed Prints Above The Toilet

Bathroom for people with disabilities in modern setting

If your bathroom is laid out, so your commode is not in the direct line of steam from your shower, then you can hang some framed artwork. Here, two lovely prints in black and white hang in white frames. Though there is some risk for paper artwork to buckle with exposure to steam, chances are fairly slight if you move them away from the shower or have adequate fan ventilation in the shower.

10. Put A Collection Of Votive Platforms Next To Your Tub

Bathroom Interior Home Design

A bath with candlelight is one of the most romantic gifts we can give to ourselves. Here, a lovely garden tub hosts a lovely collection of pillar candle platforms in scrolling metal. They match the decor style of the bathroom beautifully. In addition, a framed piece leans against the wall, and a couple of ceramic vases are used in another spot.

This set of antiqued bronze pillar candle holders can give you the look of the bathroom above. They come in sets of two, so be sure to order the number you need for a handsome collection of these.

Click here for the 2-set on Amazon.

11. Hang A Collection Of Decorative Tiles

View of the bathroom cabinets and toilet

In this bathroom, a grid of nine tiles has been hung to create an overall larger square. The effect is a large wall-hanging. Of course, ceramic is one of those great materials that won't be affected by the bathroom's moisture. And the abstract geometric pattern will go with everyone's taste and style.

12. Hang A Few Of Your Favorite Photographs

Modern bathroom with hanging picture frames

Like other framed prints, there is a risk when hanging photographs that they might receive some water damage over time. But if they are photographs you took that can be changed out without concern over the loss of value, this is a great idea. Get a couple of simple frames, print out larger sizes of some of your favorites, and make a gorgeous bathroom wall art collection of your favorite images.

13. Hang Some Pre-Built Shadow Boxes

Interior view of modern bathroom

Shadow boxes are a cool way to have a spot for all of your favorite little things. These are tiny boxes that hang on the wall where you can display collections. Think of showing off rocks found on beaches you've been to, or tiny pottery, or whatever other small collection you can think of that will be great to show off in your bathroom.

Some shadow boxes have a glass door that opens, giving you even more protection for the objects you store inside of them.

Click here for this shadow box on Amazon.

14. Use An Amazing Shower Curtain

Bathroom interior with an amazing shower curtain

If your wall space is limited in your bathroom, why not look at your shower curtain? There are so many super options out there, and of course, they're made for the bathroom. You can find all different types to suit all sorts of styles. We have several posts with various options, but here are a few favorites:

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15. Place A Tall Slender Floor Vase In One Corner

Modern Bathroom With A Tall Slender Floor Vase In One Corner

Sometimes all you need is one simple and elegant something extra. Here a slender and tall floor vase tucks into the corner near the vanity. It's dressed off with a few beautiful crimson blooms. It's the perfect spot of color in this mostly charcoal grey bathroom.

The Bathroom Is Another Place To Show Your Style

As you can see from these fifteen elegant images, the bathroom doesn't have to be ignored when it comes to dressing it up. Whether you want actual wall art or just an object d'art, there are fifteen great ideas here.

We do hope you enjoyed this post here at HomeDecorBliss.com. Please check out some of our others below:

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