101 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas [Photo List Inspiration]

A backsplash is a subtle yet crucial design element that creates a vibrant aesthetic in an otherwise mundane space. A bathroom is one of the most common areas that can benefit from the strategic use of backsplash.

In this post, we'll answer a few common questions about bathroom backsplash and give you some product suggestions to help start your project. Then we'll give you some photo inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

Small sink with faucet with brown mosaic tile backsplash

Here are some bathroom backsplash inspiration presented in a video.  Make sure you read the post as well for more photos!


Is Backsplash Necessary In A Bathroom?

We've already established that backsplash can be a significant aesthetic enhancement to a bathroom. But is it necessary? We think that a backsplash is an essential component of a bath for two reasons — design and utility.

It is undeniable that backsplash is a great way to make a bathroom more inviting. When done well, backsplash serves as a great color and texture accent that makes the room more lively. Backsplash also helps tie in other design elements such as shower curtains, rugs, and other bathroom accessories.

Did you know that backsplash serves a purpose? The backsplash helps protect the drywall behind and around parts of the wall that can get wet. In this way, installing backsplash in your bathroom can prevent mold from forming and other drywall damage.

How High Should Bathroom Backsplash Be?

In short, it depends. When it comes to determining how high backsplash should be, it's really up to you! With that said, we suggest finding the intersection of aesthetics and utility; in other words, you should put backsplash as high as it needs to be to protect the wall around those common splash zones while optimizing visual appeal and overall balance with the rest of the bathroom.

What Materials Can Be Used For Backsplash?

Some of the most common backsplash materials are ceramic, glass, marble, granite, quartz, and wood. But in reality, there is a vast array of different materials that can be used for bathroom backsplash.

There are a lot of backsplash sheets that are made to look like other materials. These sheets are usually made of vinyl or another similar material.

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Photo Inspiration

Now that we've covered the basics of bathroom backsplash and recommended a few products, here is some photo inspiration!

Modern bright house bathroom with yellow flower

Modern bathroom interior with two sinks, wooden walls, glass mirror and two windows

With the right accompanying bathroom decor, wood makes for excellent backsplash.

Luxury bathroom with marble walls, bathtub, shower and white ceramic sink

Don't be afraid to use more than one kind of backsplash — when executed well, the result can be fantastic!

White wash basin with chrome faucet and teal wall tiles

White wash basin in modern bathroom interior

Domestic bathroom interior with white tiles, cherry wood cabinets, mirror and standing sink

The entire bottom half of this bathroom wall is covered with backsplash tile, providing maximum splash protection and aesthetic appeal.

White sink with chrome faucet on yellow wall design

White modern bathroom interior with shower, orange towel and plant on sink

White ceramic sink with chrome faucet and grey marble wall in modern style bathroom

Bathroom backsplash doesn't have to be loud and noticeable. With the right material, the entire wall can function as the backsplash.

White ceramic bathroom sink with a small rolled green towel on the right side of the faucet

White ceramic bathroom sinks with white tiles and toiletries

White bathroom interior with two faucet sink and house plants

Mirrored subway tile backsplash will undoubtedly make your bathroom unique.

White and clean bathroom sink

Top view of white sink with tap and toiletries in contemporary bathroom

Top view of modern bathroom with concrete walls, toilet seat, sink and wooden paneling wall

Stylish bathroom with two sinks and lighting

Standing bathroom sink in artistic black and white tiled bathroom

Bathroom backsplash doesn't have to be subtle — if loud is your aesthetic, go crazy!

Small sink with faucet with brown mosaic tile backsplash


Sink and bathtub with dark marble tiles in modern bathroom interior

Scandinavian style restroom with large mirror above white double sink

Round mirror with a bottle of perfume for men above the sink basin of a modern bathroom

Round mirror on modern bathroom sink in a luxury home

This style of backsplash makes whatever is in front of it the focal point of the room.

Round mirror above white ceramic sink on white cabinet with black countertop

Public toilet with ceramic wash basin, wooden countertop and glass mirror

Public restroom with modern design sink and stainless steel faucet

Public restroom with mirrors, stone countertop and wooden walls

Modern white wash basin on white countertop

This bathroom makes use of a variety of materials and textures to create a simple monochromatic color scheme.

Modern white sink on white cabinet

Modern white sink in a house bathroom with round mirror

Modern white bathroom sink with chrome faucet

Modern toilet room in luxury home

Another unique way to use backsplash in your bathroom is to combine color elements from other parts of the room.

Modern teal bathroom sinks in a public restroom

Modern style bathroom design with butterfly shaped mirrors and orange tiles

Modern sinks in a restroom with mosaic design wall

Textured backsplash like this is a great way to balance other louder decorative elements in the bathroom.

Modern sink in a bathroom with brown wall tiles

Modern sink, counter and faucet in a residential bathroom

Not all backsplash has to be big, loud, and bold. Sometimes small and simple is the better option.

Modern scandinavian style restroom with a large mirror above two white sinks

Modern scandinavian style bathroom in neutral tones with shower and large rounded basin on a wooden cabinet

Modern restroom interior with toilet and sink

Modern house bathroom with two faucets on large white sink, glass shower and mirror

This tiled wall serves as a backsplash for both the sink area and the shower!

Modern house bathroom sink with dark blue wooden cabinets

Modern hotel wash basin with mosaic design countertop

Modern hotel restroom with double sink in dark colors and mosaic design

This bathroom features a variety of colors and textures. The textured backsplash ties it all together.

Modern hotel bathroom interior with sink, toilet, shower and mirror

Modern glass wash basin with chrome faucet

Rustic wood is virtually always a great aesthetic accent.

Modern female public restroom with double sinks and large mirror

Modern double sinks with mosaic design

Modern design of toilet closet room with black glossy tiles

Modern contemporary style bathroom with white sink and bathtub

Modern brown ceramic sink with golden faucet

Modern bathroom with two ceramic wash basin, wood countertop, shower and toilet

Modern bathroom with mirror, sink, bathtub and teal curtains

Modern bathroom with glass wash basin and marble countertop

Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and materials in the same patch of backsplash.

Modern bathroom with double ceramic sinks on and single-hole chrome faucets on granite counter tops

Modern bathroom with ceramic sink, dark marble countertop and walls

Modern bathroom sink with white tulips on vase, starfish and towels

Modern bathroom sink with stainless steel chrome faucet

Modern bathroom sink interior with mirror

Modern bathroom interior with wooden walls, ceramic sink, round mirror, shower and toilet

Modern bathroom interior with sink, toilet and washing machine

Modern bathroom interior with marble countertop and mirror

Modern bathroom interior with ceramic wash basin and chrome faucet

Modern and contemporary bathroom with stone wash basin by the window

Metal sink with faucets in public restaurant

Luxury white marble sink with white towel and large mirror

Luxury home bathroom with double sinks

Luxury bathroom interior with two mirrors, two wash basins, house plants, towels and glass window

Luxury bathroom interior with ceramic tub, sink, urinal and toilet

Luxurious wash basin and mirror in modern style bathroom

Lights off luxury bathroom with two faucet on large sink, shower and large mirror

A patch of light-colored stone is never a bad idea for backsplash. It matches virtually everything and provides a muted yet elegant aesthetic addition to the room.

Interior of large modern bathroom with corner tub in pastel green

To best protect your wall, put backsplash near water sources like faucets and bathtubs.

Interior of large luxurious bathroom in turquoise blue

Interior of a bathroom tiled walls and white wash basin

If your aesthetic is muted simplicity, a look like this might be for you.

Interior of a bathroom in modern style with a corner bath, shower, large mirror and dryer in beige and white color

Interior design of a modern and contemporary bathroom with white cabinets, ceramic wash basin, shower and large mirror


Hotel bathroom sink with towels

Grey natural stone wash basin on a wood washstand in front of golden shining textured wall

Green contemporary bathroom with white wash basin

Gold and black themed bathroom

Frontal view of a clean and modern bathroom, green ceramic tiles, wood floor

This bathroom is proof that more color can certainly be a good thing. In this bathroom, the tile makes up an entire wall of backsplash!

Empty bathroom with two sinks and large mirror

Double sinks on marble countertop in modern style bathroom

This bathroom features patterned stone backsplash. The result is a muted but elegant aesthetic.

Domestic sink basin and storage cupboard in a toilet decorated with colourful blue and yellow tiles, a large mirror and hand dryer

When done boldly, a simple color scheme like this can make the bathroom pop!

Domestic bathroom sink with white cabinets and mirror above

Dark green themed home bathroom interior

This bathroom makes use of matching stone for the countertop and backsplash.

Contemporary modern bathroom toilet and sink

Contemporary designed bathroom sink with wood cabinets, toothbrush, towels and soap


Close-up of a running water in a contemporary bathroom sink

Clean white sink with chrome faucet

Classic black sink interior

Ceramic sink with faucets in public toilet

Ceramic bathroom sink with dark blue countertop

Ceramic bathroom sink in modern toilet with grey towel

When in doubt, use a simple subway tile. Pick a unique color that complements the room for some creative flair.

Black and white themed public restroom with two sinks

Bathtub in a modern hotel room

Bathroom with artistic and colorful wash basin

Bathroom tap with running water


Attic bathroom interior with shower, sink, toilet and brick walls

A contemporary modern bathroom design with dark wooden cabinets, mirrors and two sinks

If subtle is your aesthetic, a concept like this might be for you. A small and simple backsplash accent can do the trick without taking the focus away from other decorative elements.

Modern style bathroom design with butterfly shaped mirrors and orange tiles

Public restroom with mirrors stone countertop and wooden walls

Round mirror above white ceramic sink on white cabinet with black countertop

Top view of modern bathroom with concrete walls toilet seat sink and wooden paneling wall

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