21 Awesome Bathroom Cabinets Design Ideas

Besides the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the first rooms often considered when it is time to remodel. No matter if you are planning a total overhaul or just making a few updates, bathroom cabinets are an easy way to make an impact. Aside from increasing style, many benefits come with adding cabinetry to your bathroom layout.
Bathroom cabinets are highly practical as a means to organize all your necessities such as soap, hair products, cosmetics, razors, extra towels, and medicines. Nobody wants to have all of that cluttering their countertops, so cabinets provide the space to keep your toiletries close at hand but out of sight. As well as keeping the bathroom clean, cabinets can hide unsightly plumbing or be a strong base to support granite countertops.
Depending on your budget, there are three types of cabinets you can choose for your bathroom. Stock cabinets will be the most inexpensive option but are often sold pre-assembled. There is not much room for personalization in either style or size. Semi-custom cabinets allow more freedom when it comes to size and features you may like while keeping the price reasonable. However, if you are working with a generous budget and want a unique bathroom, then you will want to consider custom cabinets.
Choosing the right cabinets for your bathroom can be overwhelming, as they come in so many different types of styles, colors, and materials. We've gathered 21 bathroom cabinet ideas to not only show the diversity available to you but help you determine what you like best. So let's get started!
Interior of an ultra modern bathroom with marble tile wall, glass shower area, and dark cabinetry in the vanity, 21 Awesome Bathroom Cabinets Design Ideas

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1. Warm Craftsman

The quality construction of these cabinets and minimalistic ornamentation bring a casual look to this bathroom. The design with four doors and two open shelves in the center offers plenty of storage. The caramel stain used on the wood brings a lot of warmth to the room. Using the same material to frame out the mirror helps create unity.

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A modern contemporary bathroom vanity with wooden cabinetry

2. Rustic Charm

A rustic cabinetry with a granite countertop and two small square mirror
Besides the amazing character this custom cabinet brings, there is so much storage space as well. Using drawers instead of cupboard doors allows you to organize all of your small bathroom items. Besides the base cabinet, there are also two medicine cabinets mounted on the wall, which serve a dual purpose. Storing medications here helps keep them out of reach of children, and the included mirror saves you money.
If you like the practicality of a mirrored medicine cabinet, this one checks all the boxes. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

3. Luxuriously Large Bathroom

Vibrant interior of a post medieval inspired bathroom with white cabinetry and an arched window on the background
The white shaker cabinets used in this bathroom have a casual, clean appearance. This layout shows that you do not have to use only base cabinets but can use tall cabinets mounted on either side of the mirrors to create visual balance. Due to the sheer amount of cabinetry provided here, it delivers pure opulence. With this quantity of bathroom storage, you will not have any need for a linen closet.

4. Magnificient Mahogany

Interior of an ultra modern bathroom with marble tile wall, glass shower area, and dark cabinetry in the vanity, 21 Awesome Bathroom Cabinets Design Ideas
While white bathroom cabinets seem quite popular with the clean aesthetic they provide, do not be afraid of dark shades. Using richer woods, such as these mahogany cabinets, lends any bathroom an abundance of elegance. Clearly custom-made, these particular cabinets merge seamlessly into the ceiling and include recessed lighting.

5. Natural Pine

Modern rustic inspired bathroom with wooden cabinetry, small cabinet mirror, and a small bathtub
If you want a coastal, contemporary vibe for your bathroom, these pine cabinets definitely achieve that look. A tall cabinet over the toilet allows for storage of extra towels, as well as spare rolls of bath tissue. Meanwhile, the base cabinet hides the plumbing and gives more space to organize your things.
It is an exceptional decision to match the rest of the bathroom design to the material your cabinets are made of. It makes a statement, though, and gives it an orderly appearance.

6. Green With Envy

A huge bathroom with teal colored vanity and teal colored teal curtains
Bathroom cabinets are a great medium to experiment with color. You can choose any hue, but this sage green is very soothing. If you are looking to create a retreat in your master bath, green is the perfect color as it represents tranquility and renewal.
If you think you want to update your existing cabinets with a coat of paint but aren't sure how to do it, check out this article. It shows you "How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets" in nine simple steps.

7. Simple Appeal

A small bathroom with a mirror, small sink, and a small white colored cabinet
These traditional bathroom cabinets are rather simple and straightforward in their design - two doors, with two open shelves for all your storage needs. White paint keeps the cabinetry looking bright and neat. Nothing flashy, but it gets the job done while still being visually pleasing.
These woven storage baskets are a great way to keep your bathroom essentials contained either within your cabinets or on open shelving. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

8. His And Hers Storage

Interior of a rustic inspired bathroom with white painted bathroom cabinetry, two huge mirrors on the vanity, and spotlight above the mirror
These custom cabinets grant an abundance of storage in the master bath for both of you. Although a simple white finish, there are plenty of small details to push this cabinetry over the top. Besides the French country style of the cabinets, the antique handles and slight distressing of the paint makes this bathroom so charming.
Love the classic knocker bail style handles? These fit the bill perfectly! Click here to view this product on Amazon.

9. Modest Side Cabinet

A nautical inspired bathroom with blue baseboard, tall lavatory, and a small white colored hanging cabinet
Do not think you need to physically attach your cabinetry to the wall or floor. If you have a small powder room that needs some organizational help, a stand-alone cabinet is a great solution. This particular cabinet features a glass front to allow you to display your towels and soaps decoratively. The cleaning supplies or plunger can be hidden away in the bottom half to keep things looking tidy.
This freestanding cabinet is excellent for those not wanting the effort involved in permanently installing bathroom cabinetry. Click here to view this product on Amazon.

10. Splash of Sunshine

A yellow cabinet in the vanity with a huge mirror and a small plant placed on top
Need a fun cabinet for the kid's bathroom? Or maybe you just want to bring some energy to your morning routine. Painting your bathroom cabinet a bright yellow is definitely one way to achieve that. By keeping the rest of the bathroom a neutral color, this splash of sunshine doesn't overwhelm the area.

11. Neutral Hues

A wide cabinet design painted in light brown with rolled up bath towels on the dividers
These large cabinets have been painted a tawny brown, which complement the tile backsplash nicely. Having an abundance of space to organize all your toiletries, this setup also allows you to display your towels in an almost artistic way. We are getting autumnal vibes with the orange, yellow and purple towels they decided to display.

12. Contemporary Contrast

A small dark colored bathroom with white cabinet in the vanity and a dark marble wall
These cabinets are very modern, both in their design and how they are installed as floating cabinets. There is a stark contrast between the dark granite tiles and this brilliantly white vanity that is pleasing to the eye. Silver accents are carried throughout the bathroom to create a cohesive look. 

13. Classic Cabinet

A small rustic designed bathroom vanity with wooden cabinets and a dark framed rectangular mirror
These stock cabinets are very traditional in their design but are slightly updated with the more modern hardware used. The warm wood used for the bathroom door is echoed in the cabinets, producing visual unity. While this cabinet offers less storage than some other options, it is a happy medium for those lacking a large space.

14. Mirror, Mirror

Interior of a gorgeous contemporary inspired bathroom with brown walls, metal cabinets, and a huge square mirror
Want to create real drama in your bathroom? These mirrored cabinets would certainly do the job. This glamorous choice is pushed over the top with crystal knobs. If you hate cleaning or have small children, this might not be the right cabinet for you, as it looks like it would get easily dirty.

15. Soothing Style

A small light blue painted drawer cabinet below the vanity
The icy blue of this cabinet gives off a very calming quality. This quaint cabinet will help make any small space more efficient. Although it isn't expansive, it still has a lot of style with the tapered legs, raised paneling, and detailed handles.

16. Overhead Storage

A nautical inspired bathroom with blue baseboard, tall lavatory, and a small white colored hanging cabinet
If you lack storage in your powder room but don't have extra square footage on the floor, installing a small cabinet above the toilet is a great solution. This cute cabinet mimics the beadboard that wraps around the bottom half of the walls. It offers just enough room to store extra bath tissue and spare hand towels.
If you are looking for a cabinet to mount above the toilet, your search is over! Click here to view this product on Amazon.

17. Brassy Blue

A small blue cabinet drawer with brass fixtures and a round brass framed mirror
This cabinet is pure fun! The vibrant blue paint brings energy to this space. The cupboard has a louvered style paneling, but it is both horizontal and vertical, giving a lot of visual interest. The brass details that are carried throughout the entire room tie it all together.

18. Ample Oak Cabinetry

Interior of an elegant modern bathroom with wooden cabinetry on the vanity
These craftsman oak cabinets give you plenty of room to store all your bathroom essentials. The top cabinet features frosted glass, which adds appeal while still keeping the clutter hidden. There is even a hand towel rack attached to the cabinetry to further its practicality.

19. Farmhouse Chic

Interior of an elegant and rustic bathroom with wooden door cabinetry, carpeted flooring, and two round mirrors
These custom cabinets are perfect for those who love that farmhouse style, with natural wood and iron-like hardware. The raised paneling on these cabinets gives them character. There is no shortage of space with nine drawers and four cupboards.

20. Tiny Yet Trendy

A small pastel colored cabinet with a plastic plant in an orange vase
This small standalone cabinet packs a mighty punch. The frosted glass keeps your stuff hidden, while an open shelf allows you to display any excess towels you may have. Although this particular cabinet is painted blue and orange to match the trendy decor, you could paint your cabinetry any color you desire.

21. Beautiful Bright Bathroom

Interior of an arctic inspired bathroom with white paitned cabinetry and lighting all over the bathroom
White shaker cabinets keep this bathroom looking brilliant. Besides the standard base cabinets, this bathroom includes massive floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that features an abundance of open shelving should you require storage for a hundred towels. Although it might not be necessary, it certainly makes a beautiful impression.

To Wrap It Up

No matter if you have a tiny powder room or a massive master bath, cabinets are a useful addition to any bathroom. If your style is contemporary or more country, there is something available for everyone. Whether you paint your cabinets or keep them in their natural wood state, they are sure to look stunning.

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