15 Awesome Bathroom Decor Gift Ideas

Is someone you know moving into a new home? Did someone recently complete a bathroom remodel? If so, housewarming and remodel gifts are a great way to show that person you're thinking about them and care for them. The bathroom may even be overlooked sometimes, so consider gifting some cute bathroom decor!

There are so many different decorating styles and items that it may feel overwhelming to pick out the perfect gift. Don't fret. We put together a list of 15 bathroom decor gift ideas to help you out. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

modern interior bathroom with bathroom decor gift ideas and essentials, 15 Awesome Bathroom Decor Gift Ideas

1. Bathroom Rules Canvas

Wall art is an excellent way to add some fun style to the bathroom. This canvas piece features the words "Bathroom Rules" on top of the text "Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush," encouraging the basic bathroom rules. The design is timeless and eye-catching.

The canvas is stretched across real pine wood for extra durability and strength. There's a sawtooth hanger on the back for easy hanging. Choose from over 4 different sizes.

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2. Funny 3-Piece Animal Canvases

These funny bathroom canvas prints feature three different dogs holding a newspaper as they sit in the bathroom. The ink used is top-quality, resulting in high definition printing and long-lasting color. You can order these canvases in two different sizes: 12 inches x 16 inches or 16 inches x 24 inches.

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3. Whale & Boat Candle Holder

If your friend has a nautical-themed bathroom, you can't gift them with a more perfect item. The resin whale and boat holder has a weathered driftwood look to it, adding to the charm. While a tealight goes perfectly in the boat, you can use it for any other type of decor, too. It measures approximately 5 inches wide x 6 inches high x 3 inches deep.

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4. Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

Mason jars provide ultimate versatility. These jars have been turned into the perfect bathroom accessory holders: a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and 2 apothecary jars. All the lids are crafted from coated stainless steel in a bronze-colored finish.

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5. Woven Rope Storage Basket

You can never have too many storage options. This woven rope cat face storage basket is adorable and perfect for extra storage. The rope is 100% cotton. The basket measures 15.7 inches long x 13 inches wide x 11.8 inches high. Choose from 4 different color options: beige, black, grey, or jute.

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6. Acacia Wood Bathroom Accessories

Acacia wood is simple yet very aesthetically pleasing. The natural wood tones match with nearly any style of decorating. This 3-piece set includes a liquid soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a soap dish with a drain. These accessories are durable and dependable. The finish used on these pieces makes them resist tarnish and corrosion.

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7. "Nice Butt" Wooden Box

Gift something humorous! This wooden bathroom storage box has the text "Nice Butt" written on it. For even more laughs, the back of the box has the text "Would Poop Here Again." The wooden box has a nice rustic look to it that's sure to charm. It measures 15 inches long x 5.8 inches wide x 4 inches high. It's the perfect size to fit on the top of the toilet tank.

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8. Bathroom Rules Decal

Use a wall decal to inform everyone about the bathroom rules. This removable sticker has the words "Bathroom Rules" with "Wash, Brush, Floss, Flush" scripted underneath. Since it's removable, you can move it around the bathroom until it's in the perfect spot.

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9. Western Themed Bathroom Art

If your friend has a western-themed home or bathroom, this will make for an awesome gift. There are three separate prints. Two prints have a horse on them while the other print has the words "Remove boots & guns before entering the tub." Reading this sign will bring a smile to their face. Each print measures 8 inches x 10 inches.

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10. Black Bear Bathroom Holders

Check out these cutesy black bear bathroom accessories. There are two different black bear bathroom holders: one for toilet paper and one for a hand towel. Each bear is crafted from resin and is hand-painted. There is a metal mounting plate on the back of each one; screws are included for mounting.

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11. Set Of 3 Faux Succulents

No doubt succulents and other houseplants are a wonderful way to bring more life and vibrancy into the room. Each container has different faux succulents to add diversity. Burlap and twine wrap the containers for a slightly rustic and charming aesthetic. It's easy to keep these plants looking lively! Each container measures 6.7 inches tall x 3 inches wide.

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12. Decorative Candle Holders

Candles cast a warm glowing ambiance in the room. Incorporating this decorative candle holder into the bathroom is truly welcoming. The candle tray measures 10.04 inches long x 3.74 inches wide. There are three frosted glass candle holders: red, green, and orange. River rocks are used to fill in the empty space around the candle holders.

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13. Tic-Tac-Toe Bathroom Storage Shelf

This fun, jumbo-sized tic-tac-toe bathroom storage shelf can be used just for toilet paper storage or as an actual game! Toilet paper storage no longer has to be a boring activity. You can even customize the colors of the X's: turquoise, farmhouse red, black, or unpainted. Pick the stain of the shelf, too: medium brown walnut, sunwashed gray, ebony, or unfinished. All these options provide a very customizable experience.

The dimensions of this shelf are 23 inches tall x 23 inches wide x 4 inches deep.

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14. Dolomite Mason Jar Bath Set

This 4 piece dolomite mason jar bathroom accessory set is cute and colorful. Pick from either white or mint for the color. While not actually a mason jar, the pieces have been molded into the shape and design of them with the word "Bath" scripted on each one. The set includes a liquid dispenser, a soap dish, a tumbler, and a toothbrush holder. The pump is made from polished chrome.

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15. Rustic Nautical Bathroom Decor

Help furnish your friend's nautical-themed bathroom with these 9 pieces of rustic nautical bathroom decor. This accessory set comes with a towel bar rack, a towel ring, a toilet paper holder, and 6 anchor-shaped wall hooks. Each piece is crafted from rustic brown cast iron and is outfitted with a drill hole. No hardware is included, but the pieces simply require a standard screw.

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Let us know in the comment section below which decor piece you decide to gift! Before you go, make sure to check out these other great home decor guides:

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