18 Bathroom Faucet Styles (By Finishes, Handle Options, & Installation)

Bathroom sinks are an often-overlooked space of great importance in your home. The right sink and faucet combination can make your bathroom more practical and efficient. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom with a new faucet or designing a bathroom and looking for the perfect piece to coordinate with your new space, there are many factors to consider when purchasing your new bathroom faucet. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a comprehensive list of bathroom faucet styles to help make your bathroom project a success.
With thousands of different choices available, bathroom faucets styles can vary greatly. Bathroom faucet styles can be broken down by finish, double or single handles, and type of mount. The different styles of bathroom faucets that we will take a closer look at are:
Bathroom Faucet Finishes:
  • Black
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Chrome
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Oil-brushed Bronze
  • White

Bathroom Faucet Handle Options:

  • Single Handle
  • Double Handle

Installation Options for Bathroom Faucets:

  • Wall Mounted
  • Vessel
  • Bridge
  • Single Hole Mount
  • Wide Spread
  • Centerset
Although picking out a bathroom faucet is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your bathroom remodel or design, other important questions will need to be answered. Are bathroom faucets universal? Can I replace a bathroom faucet myself? Do faucets come with a drain? We will answer all of these questions and discuss a few closely related topics, so just keep reading!
Bathroom sink bowl style with antique look, 18 Bathroom Faucet Styles (By Finishes, Handle Options, & Installation)

Bathroom Faucet Finishes


Black bathroom hardware can give your space a modern, edgy look. The black bathroom single hole mount faucet shown below makes a bold statement against any sink or bathroom color. 

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Brass is a long-time favorite finish for bathroom hardware. Classy and elegant, brass bathroom faucets are a great choice if your space's ambiance is vintage or traditional. As a result of its long-standing popularity, brass hardware is often already in existing spaces but is easy to match with your new faucet.

While it may be a bit more expensive than some of the other finishes available, brass is durable and classic, making it a great choice for your new bathroom faucet. The white accented brass centerset faucet shown below is a traditional three-hole style that would coordinate easily with most existing brass.

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For an almost dark brushed metallic brown color, bronze is a unique finish option to add some color and warmth to your bathroom sink. This bronze centerset, double handle faucet shown below would be a great addition to any bathroom with brown accents and a three-hole sink.

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Brushed chrome

Brushed chrome is duller than polished chrome, with a slightly bluish hue that gives its distinct look. Widely popular in both bathrooms and kitchens alike, brushed chrome is an excellent accent to practically any color scheme. The wide spread, brushed chrome faucet shown below would be the perfect addition to your three-hole sink.

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Brushed nickel

Easier to clean than brushed chrome, brushed nickel is a very durable alternative that doesn't show water spots or fingerprints as clearly. Brushed nickel is just as easy as brushed chrome to match with most other colors and existing hardware. The centerset, brushed nickel faucet shown below fits a two-hole sink.

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The sharp, clean look of chrome is hard to miss. The perfect metallic accent to any color, chrome is timeless and can last a lifetime when properly cared for. The single hole one handle faucet shown below would be the perfect piece for your modern contemporary space. 

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One surprising property of copper is that the metal itself is antibacterial. Shiny copper can require some maintenance and is not as durable as other finishes but offers a bold color splash to your sink. This single handle one hole vessel faucet creates an antique mood around your sink.

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For striking color contrast, consider the use of gold for your bathroom faucet. This bold color can add a splash of elegance to any room. The brushed gold faucet pictured below is a single handle, one hole faucet with an optional three hole deck plate (escutcheon) included to cover other holes if you have a three-hole sink.

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Oil-rubbed bronze

Chemically treated to give it its signature dark brown/black hue with bronze and copper undertones, oil-rubbed bronze can give your space a traditional French or Italian country feel. Oil-rubbed bronze is a darker option in bronze hardware and faucets. The dark finish of oil-rubbed bronze hides water spots or fingerprints well. This oil-rubbed bronze, single handle, one hole waterfall style faucet also comes with the optional three hole deck plate.

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For an ultra-modern, almost futuristic mood, white bathroom faucets can provide the perfect contrast color to your sink space. The example below is a wide spread, two handle, three-hole waterfall style faucet; although it may take a moment to figure that out at first glance. 

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Bathroom Faucet Handle Options

Single handle faucet

Also referred to as single lever faucets, this option has only one handle or lever to control both water pressure and temperature. The pressure is usually controlled with an up and down motion, while the temperature is normally controlled by the side to side movement of the handle or lever.

The single handle, waterfall style faucet pictured below offers LED color changing lights to indicate your water temperature. Blue indicates water is cool, green is warm, and red is hot.

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Double handle faucet

Providing a different handle or lever for hot and cold water individually, double handle or double lever faucets have a more traditional look. The brushed nickel, double handle faucet pictured below is also available in oil-rubbed bronze.

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Installation Options for Bathroom Faucets


For a unique placement of bathroom faucet and hardware, consider a fun wall-mounted design for your bathroom faucet. Wall-mounted faucets can save counter and sink space. This placement of your faucet can also help to keep the area around your sink cleaner, as the normally hard to reach area will now be easily accessible.

Because wall-mounted faucets require plumbing to extend up higher than the sink base, a professional may be necessary to add the extra length of plumbing needed. The double handle, wall-mounted, waterfall style example shown below creates a miniature colored waterfall above your sink, with temperature changing color lights of blue, green, and red for cool, warm, and hot temperatures, respectively.

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Vessel sinks are widely popular, especially for a country-inspired look. Vessel bathroom faucets are the most common companion to vessel sinks. The sharp lines of the chrome, single lever vessel faucet pictured below perfectly accents any vessel sink.

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Bridge faucet

Bridge faucets are installed in sinks with two holes. The faucet and each handle or lever branch off of the two holed insertions into one faucet. The example below also has a spray nozzle off to the side of the bridge faucet.

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Single hole mount

Single hole faucets combine the spout and handle into a single elongated unit such as the one below. If multiple holes are already present in the existing sink, extra holes can be covered using a deck plate or escutcheon, as shown in the example below with this single handle faucet.

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Wide spread

Wide spread faucets are classified as faucets with a distance of six inches or more in between handles. Wide spread faucets, such as the one pictured below, are installed in three-hole bathroom sinks and have an eight-inch spread. Wide spread faucets have two handles and a separate spout.

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Also referred to as a mini-spread or four-inch spread, centerset faucets are classified as faucets with a distance of fewer than six-inches and normally have a four-inch spread with two handles, as seen in the example below. Usually installed in a three-hole sink, centerset faucets combine a wide spread faucet and a single hole faucet. 

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Are bathroom faucets universal?

Not all bathroom faucets are created equal, and not all bathroom faucets can be paired with any size sink. If your sink has one hole, a faucet with a handle or lever as part of the faucet will be required. If your sink has multiple holes, you have the option of switching from a two handle faucet to a single handle faucet if the single handle faucet includes a baseplate that will cover the extra holes.

Can I replace a bathroom faucet myself?

With some basic home repair skills and tools, you can replace your bathroom faucet yourself in less than a couple of hours. A basin wrench is used to remove connections from plumbing underneath your sink and reconnect connections to your new bathroom faucet.

Do faucets come with a drain?

While bathtub and shower faucets do not normally come with a drain, bathroom sink faucets usually come with a drain included. Multiple variations in combinations of bathtub and shower faucets exist, which is why these particular faucets do not come with drains. Drains that come with faucets will match your new faucet perfectly, adding just the right touch to your bathroom sink.

Final words

Bathroom faucets can add the perfect design touch to your bathroom and come with many different options in many different styles. Deciding on a few key factors can help make your bathroom project a success. With the list we have provided, we hope to have helped you to narrow down your decisions.

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