11 Unique Bathroom Grout Ideas

Are you tired of walking into your bathroom and wishing it had a little something extra? It's easy to get caught up on big bathroom remodel ideas. These can be so expensive and time-consuming! If you really want a stunning bathroom design, we suggest reading between the lines... or tile!

A new spectacular trend for helping your bathroom stand out is to do something new with that old dingy white tile grout! We know that it may not be the first thing you think of for rejuvenating your bathroom. There are a surprising amount of eye-catching looks that you can create by thinking a little differently about your tile. We have gathered 11 different grout looks that just might ignite some inspiration!

close-up of a hand in a protective glove holding a yellow spatula, in the process of grout of white tiles, light brown sealant. 11 Unique Bathroom Grout Ideas

Thoughts before you spruce up that grout

If you've never installed tile grout yourself before, you may have some concerns. It might seem like a huge job but removing and installing new grout is a relatively simple process. There are hand and power tools designed specifically for removing that old drab grout --as well as simple tools to help you fill in those lines with something different!

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You may also be worrying about the fact that you'll have to take even more care to clean your new grout. Cleaning grout is certainly a tedious process. Some of the choices below may show you that's actually not the case! Depending on what you choose, you might be able to go even longer without cleaning the grout before it starts to show. Here are some different grout ideas that may give you exactly what you need for your bathroom!

1. Gray grout

Round mosaic tiles

Choosing gray for your grout helps retain a traditional and classic look for your bathroom while also updating. It is still a very minimalistic color choice but gives the eyes something a little more interesting to look at than your standard white. It can pair well with really any color of tile as well. The main benefit to this neutral color of traditional light colors is the fact that it's not going to show grime nearly as quickly. 

2. Black grout

White square ceramic tile with black seam, located horizontally

While traditionally, many bathrooms showcase darker tiles and white grout, we suggest flipping that idea. A great way to keep that contrasting appeal but freshen up the look is to go with black grout. Much like the gray, you keep a contemporary look without diving into anything too intense. It also won't show any darkening or dinginess since it's already as dark as it can get!

3. Brown grout

The hands of the master rubbing a brown grout for joints on white tiles with a special sponge, finishing work

The last choice on this list for keeping a more neutral grout color is brown. Going with this hue touts the same benefits as with the other colored neutral options. If it comes down to choosing one of these tones, the color of the tile may be the deciding factor. Different colors look better highlighted by gray, black, or brown. Brown also gives your bathroom aesthetic an earthier tone.

4. Gold grout

White ceramic hexagon tiles mosaic with gold grout in seams

Gold is a classic accent color. Designers have been using it for a very long time to showcase their style preferences. So why would this popular choice be left out of tile considerations? Using a gold-colored grout on many different colored tiles will really allow everything to shine. There's a reason why so many people already use it to showcase their tastes.

5. Silver grout

Herringbone tile arrangement on a wall with silver grout

When discussing accent metals, many people either choose gold or silver. So it makes sense that silver would be another grand choice for tile grout consideration. Silver gives off a different appeal than gold does. It's a little less flashy but still retains a good deal of elegance. You can't go wrong with seeing how this metal tone would stack up next to your current tile!

6. Bronze grout

The last metal tone that deserves mention is bronze. While it might not be as popular as gold or silver, it certainly has earned a place at the accent table. Bronze brings its own aesthetic that is a great median choice between gold and silver. You may also find that it helps the rest of your bathroom shine better than the other choices.

7. Bright colored grout

An exciting and different choice is to put your favorite color into the grout itself! This can bring a truly unique look to your bathroom that may have people leaving with some remodeling motivation of their own. You can use a colored grout with a neutral-colored tile to still keep that great contrasting look. The main concern with this approach is to make sure you don't have any clashing colors.

8. Monochromatic colored grout

A monochromatic color scheme may give you the look you've been searching for in your bathroom! To pull off this look, you simply need to pick a shade for your grout that is the same color as your grout, only lighter or darker. This will give you walls a look that may surprise people with how good it looks!

9. Analogous colored grout

While this might not be for everyone, it is certainly unique for those that love it! To achieve this look, simply pull up a color wheel and look at the colors on either side of your tile. Making your grout one of those colors can help achieve this offset and incredibly colorful look!

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10. Contrasting grout

Using this method, you can achieve some truly iconic looks! You can do this regardless of what color or shape your tile is. It's easier if your tile is already black or white. Then you can simply pick a color for your grout that really stands out from the tile. This doesn't mean that you can't pair two contrasting colors together, though! You could always try out something like a bright light yellow grout paired with a dark blue tile. 

11. Glitter grout

How much do you love glitter? You better believe that you can extend that love to your bathroom grout! This style is also definitely up there with the boldest, brightest, and most unique! If you have a ton of natural light in your bathroom, you may find that this a great option. Deciding to glitter your grout certainly isn't going to leave guests thinking your bathroom's style is boring!

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Finishing touches

Regardless of your style preferences, you can find something inspirational in this list. There are certainly options if you want a minimalistic gray grout or a bold color sparkling with glitter. These pictures are just the beginning as well! There are tons of different color combinations that you can use the above ideas to find. Hopefully, we've inspired you to finally take the plunge and make your bathroom look as amazing as you've always wanted it to!

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