12 Types of Bathroom Shelves Every Homeowner Should Know

No bathroom is complete without a sensible storage solution to organize towels, lotions, and display decorative items like art and plants. Different types of shelving provide plenty of visual appeal as open storage, keeps a space tidy, and expands the functionality of a bathroom.

12 Types of Bathroom Shelves Every Homeowner Should Know

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Whether it’s the master bath or a small bathroom, there is a shelf that complements your home’s bathroom decor. Bathrooms with an industrial look, eclectic style, or classic vintage treatments can all benefit from attractive and functional shelving. Keep reading to learn more about the types of shelves available from cubes to ladder-style fixtures.

Bathroom shelves types by material

A common way to look at shelving types is by the material. When it comes to bathroom organizing and decor options, the color and material of your shelving does matter. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular shelf ideas by material.

1. Wood bathroom shelves

Furniture made from wood is prized for its durability, easy maintenance, and versatility. A wood shelf in the bathroom quickly becomes a point of visual interest because of the grain, staining, and design. Depending on the quality of wood used for a shelf, it could end up becoming an heirloom in the future.

Brown Wall Mounted Shelves by SODUKU

Create a more inviting bathroom with a modern flair when you install these attractive. floating wood shelves in a dark brown finish. The wood is treated to be both dampproof and heat resistant. The metal elements on the shelves retain an architectural design, acts as a protective guard, and includes space to hang towels underneath the wood panel.

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Check out this modern wood shelf set on Amazon.

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2. Teak bathroom shelves

A sub-category of the former, teak is one of the most valuable woods for making exquisite furniture, and it is a sought-after material because it is resistant to dry rot. Due to the intense harvesting of teak wood, newer furniture is constructed using sustainable sources to create beautiful, sophisticated furniture.

Teak Bath Shelf by AquaTeak

Go with a highly reviewed company when choosing a shelf for the bathroom. Take advantage of the corners of your bathroom with this Architectural Digest featured furniture. Comprised of teak wood, this naturally water-resistant shelf is suitable for modern, contemporary, and classic bathrooms without taking up excess space.

Check out this modern and sophisticated teak shelf on Amazon.

Moa Teak Wall Shelf by AquaTeak

Say less with more when you decorate your bathroom with a shelf that is durable, water-resistant, and classy. If you need a modest amount of storage space or are looking for a tasteful display, this teak shelf comes with stainless steel hooks for hanging up towels, loofahs, and more.

Check out this minimalist and durable teak shelf on Amazon.

3. White wooden shelves

Wood is wood, but white wood shelves seem to be a very popular choice for bathrooms small and big, so we chose to mention them as a type in their own right. Furniture in white is the perfect addition for most bathrooms, no matter the decor or theme. White is a neutral color that complements most spaces and elevates the accessories surrounding the fixture.

Multifunctional Cabinet by VASAGLE

Dress up a bathroom in need of some extra storage space, and complement decor that is minimalistic, country, or vintage with ease. Choose this neutral, bright white cabinet with ample shelf space, and a slim profile to station in corners or compact bathrooms. Cement a clean, crisp look that is sophisticated, trusted, and comfortable with this choice of cabinetry in white.

Check out this vintage style cabinet in white on Amazon.

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4. Glass Bathroom Shelves

Furniture made from glass gives off an energy of elegance, and looks great when paired with contemporary and modern fixtures. Glass furniture is subject to breaking if not careful and requires frequent cleaning. However, glass furniture is prized for being inexpensive, and its transparency visually opens up space and makes it seem larger.

2 Tier Glass Shelf by HOMEIDEAS

Sophistication is at its finest when you install this wall-mounted, tempered glass shelf with a protective rail design. Stainless steel metal accents keep bathroom items safe,  and the nickel finish is clean and attractive. Bathrooms with an industrial, modern, contemporary, or classic look would be improved with this shelf set.

Check out this contemporary and chic glass shelf on Amazon.

5. Ceramic Bathroom Shelves

Ceramic is a durable material that is used for drinkware and furniture. Ceramic furniture is aesthetically pleasing, has a fresh, modern look, and can withstand high temperatures.

Bone Ceramic Shelf by Vogue Tile

Adorn your bathroom wall with a shelf that is fitting for a bathroom with vintage, modern, or country decor. The shelf has an attractive glaze finish and should be installed on a tile wall.

Check out this beautifully glazed ceramic shelf on Amazon.

6. Metal (stainless steel shelving)

Metal furniture is desirable because it is easy to clean, looks good, lasts a long time, and comes in an assortment of styles. Since the bathroom is a place where there is a lot of moisture, a well-designed and constructed metal fixture will last for years.

4 Tier Chrome Freestanding Shelf by Organize It All

Take advantage of this metal shelf that is perfect for smaller bathrooms. The shelf is attractive, comes in a chrome finish, and has a modern look that makes your bathroom look sophisticated.

Check out this chrome tiered shelf on Amazon.

7. Wire Bathroom shelves and wire baskets

Wire furniture provides function, versatility, and lightweight solutions to furnish a home. Wire shelving is sturdy, has a clean, modern appeal, and is inexpensive.

Chrome Finish Wire Rack by AmazonBasics

If you are in the market for bathroom shelving that is clean, modern and adjustable, check out this furniture. Bathrooms of all decor types are well suited for this sturdy open shelving unit, with plenty of space to stow away items.

Check out this simple and clean wire shelf on Amazon.

5. Plastic shelving for the bathroom

Plastic furniture is valued for being inexpensive, flexible, lightweight, and resistant to breaking easily when dropped. When choosing shelves for a bathroom, a plastic fixture is ideal because it is easy to clean by wiping down, but still strong enough to store towels, toiletries, and knick-knacks.

White Slim Storage Cart by SPACEKEEPER

If you are short on space but need extra storage in your bathroom, check out this slim design rolling cart. Since this shelving unit is on wheels, it’s easy to rearrange your bathroom and move it about as needed. The four high-quality plastic shelves provide ample space for bathroom accessories, towels, and soaps.

Check out this chic, rolling plastic cart on Amazon.

Types of Bathroom Shelves by Position

Another way to sort the types of bathroom shelves is by looking at where they are in the bathroom.

6. Above the Door / Floating Shelving

Placing shelving above the door is a smart idea if your bathroom is short on space. Anything that you want to keep in your bathroom but doesn’t need to be used often is best placed above the door. Be mindful of potential accessibility changes due to the height of the shelf placement. Shelving that floats above the door is visually exciting and keeps things out of the way. Look for shelving that has a bar or hooks for hanging up bathrobes, towels, or decorative elements.

Rustic Floating Wood Shelf by Love-KANKEI

The black brackets on this sturdy wood shelf have an industrial feel, and the bar and the hooks at the bottom provide plenty of storage space to hang things up. The finish on the wood is attractive and fits in nicely with most bathrooms, no matter the decor. Use this shelf to store toilet paper, kitschy decorations, or hang up a bathrobe.

Industrial Iron Pipe Shelf by WGX Design For You

Transform your bathroom with this stylish shelving unit that mounts on the ceiling. The exposed pipes and brackets give off a lovely ambiance and have an industrial touch. Use this semi-DIYopen storage solution to display and organize the items you use daily or hang attractive plants. To use this product, you will have to get your planks, but you get an artful and unique shelf for your bathroom.

7. Over the Door Shelving

Keep your bathroom clean and put together with a shelf that hangs over the door. Your stuff stays neatly off of the floor, and you quickly expand the space your bathroom offers without stress. An over-the-door shelving unit is an excellent choice for both small and large bathrooms.

Over Door Organizer by Simple Houseware

Stop struggling with a place to keep bottles of lotion, perfumes, hair products, and other beauty products. Know precisely what you have in your bathroom and keep everything organized with this durable, grey storage solution that doesn’t require any hardware. Hang this trusty shelving unit over the door of your bathroom and keep washcloths, accessories, and other needful items where you can easily see them.

8. Over the Toilet

Don’t let a lack of space leave you feeling stumped. The area above the toilet provides plenty of room to install a shelving unit that provides concealed or open storage for your bathroom accessories. Many over the toilet shelving units include supports to ensure it stays securely in place.

Above Toilet Space Saver by LDR Industries

If you have a compact bathroom with little space to spare, why not build up? A three-shelf storage unit that fits nicely above the toilet provides plenty of space to place towels, keep toiletries organized, or stow tissue boxes. Anchors are included to keep this classy metal shelving unit in place.

Over the Toilet Bathroom Spacesaver by Zenna Home

Choose this luxurious espresso-colored shelving unit for over the toilet storage that is modern, clean, and attractive. Complement a bathroom with vintage details, an industrial look, or a modern style with ease. Enjoy a shelving unit that has both concealed and open storage in a tasteful wood fixture that has hardware with a chrome finish.

Types of Bathroom shelves by shape

Finally, you can classify types of bathroom shelves by their form. And yes, form and function go hand-in-hand when it comes to decorating your home.

9. Modular bathroom shelves

Choose a storage solution that readily lets you adjust its shape, height, and shape to best store your items and fit your space. Most modular shelving is available in plastic or wood, and they provide cubbies for open storage. You can place a basket inside for a more semi-concealed option.

Cube Storage Organizer by Homfa

Keep essential items in your sight with a versatile modular organizer. Place the plastic cubes into the desired position vertically or horizontally, and insert your items where you see fit. Modular shelving is easy to install and alter as needed. Save space and expand your bathroom’s storage capacity with a trusted solution.

Cubeicals Organizer by ClosetMaid

Storing your items is fun and easy when you have stackable modular shelving. Reduce clutter, allow your bathroom to breathe, and decorate your bathroom with an accessory that provides attractive, open storage. Position this stackable shelving unit vertically or horizontally to maximize space and keep your bathroom organized.

10. Ladder Style

Shelving in the ladder-style provides ample storage space utilizing a vertical perspective. Many ladder shelving units lean against the wall, have modern or industrial aesthetics, and are a combination of wood and metal. If you are looking to expand the storage space in your bathroom and appreciate the clean and sophisticated look of a ladder shelving unit, there are plenty of desirable options.

Modern Ladder Bookcase by Haotian

Transform your bathroom and feel at ease with a stylish wooden ladder-style bookcase. Make space for potted plants, folded towels, and miscellaneous items. The style of this ladder-style shelving unit is clean and sophisticated, so it has a visual appeal for all forms of bathrooms and accompanying decor.

Shelf Ladder Bookcase by Casual Home

Stow items in your bathroom up and away in an attractive ladder bookcase. Securely keep your items in their proper place with a solid wood fixture with shelves of varying lengths. Pair this shelving unit with a contemporary, classic, or modern bathroom, or a space with vintage decor.

11. Tall bathroom shelf stands

Shelving that reaches for the sky and has a slim profile is fitting for compact bathrooms that are short on space. Tuck a tall shelving unit into a corner and expand the possibilities within your bathroom for easy storage. Look for stylish tall shelves in wood or metal.

Espresso Wood Shelving by Winsome

Add a touch of sophistication and class with this espresso wood and composite shelving. Choose between a slim, chic shelving unit with or without baskets to improve your storage needs. The open storage design is modern, attractive, and seamlessly works with most bathroom decor and themes.

Bamboo Bathroom Shelf by SONGMICS

Snag a shelving unit that is sustainable and has an attractive design. Achieve organization perfection with a shelf made from 100% bamboo, a smooth finish, and five shelves for plenty of space to keep decorations, toiletries, and appliances. Modern, contemporary, and boho-style bathrooms would benefit from a lovely, tall bamboo shelf.

12. Rolling Carts

Shelving should be multi-functional, user-friendly, and offer an attractive design that is uplifting and accurately represents your style. Rolling carts are an excellent way to save space in a bathroom, convert an area as necessary, and are fun to use.

Turquoise Mesh Utility Cart by DESIGNA

Give your bathroom the burst of color that it needs and enjoy the mobility of vibrant, sturdy rolling storage. Toiletries, magazines, and knick-knacks stay organized and ready to use when placed in baskets of this steel cart. Place this bathroom in a boho-style, minimalistic white, or country-style bathroom for added charm.

Silver Mesh Rolling Cart by DecoBros

Keep your bathroom organized, stylish, and stress-free with this metal rolling cart on four sturdy casters. Tuck away clean towels, shampoo, toilet paper, and more in the multiple baskets. Store this rolling cart between the toilet and wall, behind a door, or move it wherever helps you best save space.

Stay on Top of Your Storage Needs with Bathroom Shelving

Unless you have the luxury of built-in shelving, your bathroom could use an additional form of storage solution. Bathroom organizing can be a fun task though. Especially once you know the many types of shelves available to you.
Whether it is best for you to select shelving that mounts above your door or toilet, or you need a compact shelf for a corner, you have options that are both functional and decorative.
Change the way you view and move about your bathroom with specific styles of shelving, whether they are in wood, metal, or a combination of the two. No matter the style of decor in your bathroom and overall theme, there is a form of shelving that will readily upgrade your space and keep you organized.
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