27 Awesome Bathroom Sink Ideas You Need To See

Remodeling a bathroom can be a fun and exciting challenge. Selecting new fixtures, accessories, and decor for this room can be a bit overwhelming, though. When you've decided on the layout design that is right for you, you'll then move on to picking out just the right fixtures. While you might have overlooked it before, choosing the right sink is integral in getting your new bathroom perfect.

As with any fixture, you can imagine the countless possibilities out there for bathroom sinks in general. We've looked high and low to present 27 of our favorite bathroom sink setups that homeowners and designers have shared. 

Not all of the ones featured in this post will work with your layout or available space. Before narrowing your choices down, it's important to be fully aware of the remodel's limitations and what size and style will work best with what you've got. But don't worry, you're sure to find a bathroom sink idea or two that you and your family will love.

Beautiful remodeled bathroom in a condominium with white cabinets, 27 Awesome Bathroom Sink Ideas You Need To See

1. Single sink with counter space

This design uses one single vessel sink, and a tap set off to the left side. On the right, we see ample counter space. Below is a long storage drawer, which sits above an open storage space spanning the entire fixture's width. The counter space could double as a vanity, should a freestanding mirror be attached above the counter.

Modern bathroom interior with shower, mirror above sink

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2. Basic single sink layout

The homeowner here chose a small fixture to be installed in a tiny guest bathroom. This sink is minimal, with no storage space around it. The lack of counter space makes this a perfect unit to install in the smallest of bathrooms and is ideal for apartments, guest bathrooms, or half-baths. Note that the only room you'll have for items would be just enough room for soap dispensers and/or toothbrush holders and a minimal amount of space for other toiletries or cosmetics.

Sink soap dispenser on modern bathroom

3. Minimalist Modern

This sink design uses a raised basin that is filled by a single tap. The available counter space on each side is just enough for keeping toiletries and cosmetics, but only for those of us that require a minimum of these items. The sink itself rests on a marble slab, with no storage space underneath. The exposed plumbing matches great with the industrial design of the light fixtures and accessories.

Bathroom with sink, decoration and mirror

4. Single sink with counter space II

The designer for this bathroom uses a single basin and tap, set off to the right side. To the left is plenty of counter space, which could double as a dressing vanity if a mirror were installed above it. Unlike the single sink mentioned earlier in this post, this design is without storage and drawer space.

Attic bathroom with tiled walls and round mirror above sink

5. For the smallest of layouts

If you need the smallest sink imaginable for the tiniest space, this one will serve you well. It's the smallest one we could find and has a single basin and tap. There is no counter space at all and no storage underneath. There is enough room for soap and a toothbrush holder, and that's about it. It's perfect for half baths and guest baths.

Bamboo toothbrushes in a ceramic holder on bathroom sink

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6. Modern design with ample storage

This layout uses a modern look, complete with a raised basin and a sleek, curved tap. The amount of counter space on either side is perfect for a his-and-hers layout. Below are numerous storage drawers for other toiletries, linens, and cosmetics.

Modern and contemporary bathroom with white cabinets

7. Modern hers-and-his sinks

For couples who share a bathroom, this layout might be what you're looking for. The dual sinks sit side by side, with great counter space in between. There is also ample drawer and cabinet space under the sinks for extra items.

A modern bathroom sink with rolled up towels and hand soap

8. White freestanding basin

The large, white basin in this design is fully rounded. It sits atop a matching white marble slab. Beneath the slab, there are no drawers or cabinets. Instead, we see a long metal bar. This bar is for hanging dry towels. Beside the sink is plenty of room for various bathroom toiletries, cosmetics, and hair tools. While not the roomiest sink design, it will work great for a single person or half bath. 

Modern white bathroom sink with faucet

9. Modern hotel look

If you've stayed in a newly renovated hotel recently, you've probably seen a bathroom sink similar to this. The raised basin sits high on what is designed to look like a small bureau, which gives a bit of storage space. This design is sleek and modern but won't give you a lot of room to work with. It's great for that guest bathroom you've been itching to remodel, however, and will accentuate darker color schemes perfectly. 

Bathroom interior with bathroom furniture set includes bathroom accessories

10. 1970s hers-and-his

If you want to remodel your bathroom in a manner that captures a vintage look, check out this design. Based on an aesthetic from the early 1970s, this hers-and-his master bath dual sink design is a trip down memory lane. There is a great amount of shared counter space between each basin and copious amounts of drawers for storage.

Vintage style master bathroom with old fashioned wall paper design, gold trimmed faucet and pink marble bathtub

11. Centered, raised basin

This sink is fairly minimalistic. The raised basin is spacious and is centered on a counter that gives a decent amount of room for storing items you need at the ready. 

Modern bathroom interior with mirror and white sink

12. Modern hers-and-his with large basins

The layout here is another dual basin design, perfect for couples. The sinks themselves have larger than normal basins, with ample room in between them for shared counter space. The counter itself has empty space underneath, leaving no drawers or shelf storage.

Modern clean white bathroom, elegantly designed with white bathtub

13. Traditional Modern 

This homeowner used a design that combines the modern raised basin with the more conventional storage space underneath. The open shelving on the left of the sink is great for towels and toiletries, while the doors directly underneath the basin are concealing an open space that will serve as a great way to store a small bathroom trashcan. Although outfitted with less room than some of the others in this post, this sink design will work well in a master bath.

Vertical shiplap in bathroom with white sink and white wooden walls

14. Sink that is inset

You might need to fit a sink into a space that is inset into the wall. This design has a smaller, single basin whose countertop has been fit between two sidewalls. Note the cabinet and drawer space underneath the counter.

Beautiful remodeled bathroom in a condominium with white cabinets

15. Modern hotel look II

This design is meant to mimic more modern hotel bathroom sinks. The sink's inset basin is part of a cabinet that is designed to look more like the bedroom furniture that surrounds it rather than a sink itself. The drawers are decorative only, but there is a bit of storage space on the counter surrounding the basin.

Bathroom sink and mirror with hand towel and sponge

16. Single tap hers-and-his

The homeowners here settled on a more modern hers-and-his layout. The raised basins are small and filled with a single tap each. The marble slab countertop lends enough room to share, although it lacks storage space underneath. The underside is open, framed by a decorative grillwork. If you have a guest bath meant for couples, this might be a good sink to consider.

Double sink bathroom with large mirror in luxury villa

17. Small dual tap sink

This smaller fixture would be a great addition to a guest bath or half bath. Sitting on a lone pedestal, this sink occupies but a small amount of room in your bathroom and allows just enough space on top for soap and dental care items. Dual taps fill the basin of this model, giving a classic look to this modern sink design. 

Top view of white sink with two tap in contemporary home bathroom

18. Luxury dual sinks

If you want to give your bathroom an overhaul that will give it a luxurious look, this design is worth considering. Using hers-and-his dual sinks and taps, the inset design conceals the plumbing in the wall directly above the counters. The raised oval basins are set upon a thick slab of hardwood, with plenty of open space beneath it for dual trash cans or storage racks and hooks. 

Luxury bathroom with dual sinks

19. Single basin and open storage

The designer of this layout uses an open storage plan so that the linens, toiletries, and other items can be easily viewed and reached. The single basin is raised and set to the right of the center. This gives a lot of counter room for keeping those toiletries that you always want within arms reach. 

Contemporary white bathroom with sink on wooden shelf and bathtub

20. Modern hers-and-his with storage

Another look at the modern hers-and-his sink is the focus of the design in this photo. Larger, elongated basins leave a bit less counter space than other hers-and-his dual sink fixtures that we've featured in this post. The lack of counter space is evened out with the amount of drawer and cabinet storage space beneath. 

Modern bathroom vanity with dark brown cabinets

21. Hers-and-his with raised basins and plenty of storage

The modern look of this sink design is defined by the sleek, raised basins and single taps. These sinks are set upon a long countertop, which leaves plenty of space alongside and in between each sink. Smaller doors under each basin access the plumbing and leave room for a concealed bathroom trashcan. The fixture's very center is open shelving, which is used to store towels in this photo. On either side of the unit are two large sets of drawers for additional storage.

Shot of master bathroom sinks and vanity in luxury home

22. Contemporary sink with built-in storage

This sink has one basin set into the center of a moderately longer countertop. Beneath, we can see sets of drawers on either side, lending a lot of room for storing bathroom items. Above the sink is a mirror that is set in between elongated doors that conceal plenty of shelving. This sink is a great one for anyone who might share a single bathroom with multiple people and might not have the room to store linens elsewhere.

A contemporary modern bathroom design featuring a contemporary classic vanity and bathroom fixture, large mirror and separate shower room

23. Modern hers-and-his with open storage

The raised basins in this sink design are set upon a really long countertop. This countertop is long enough to accommodate the dual sinks and lends plenty of room alongside and in-between for the couple to use simultaneously. The area underneath the counter has been left open and has been used to store more bathroom necessities. 

Contemporary blue bathroom with double sink on wooden shelf

24. Freestanding hers-and-his

This design uses freestanding pedestal sinks, with a shared shelf in-between them for toiletries, soap, and the like. While not ideal for the master bath, this sink layout would be a great consideration for a guest bath. 

Blue and green bathroom with double sink

25. Single basin with offset storage

The homeowners in this photo chose a design that has a basin inset into a smaller countertop. The taps are installed in the walls above the basin, leaving a bit more counter space. Instead of having storage directly below, this design has it offset to the right of the sink. You'll note the lower level counter that has been installed directly below storage cabinets. This setup leaves plenty of open space below the sink itself. 

Modern bathroom with stylish furniture

26. Single basin set in granite

This design holds a solitary basin set into a granite countertop. The counter layout doesn't leave a lot of room, but it is adequate for a guest bathroom or half bath. It would also work in a master bathroom if more storage features were readily available elsewhere in the bathroom. 

Close up of the bathroom sink with stone counter

27. Contemporary with dressing table capability

Finally, we come to a sink design that uses a small amount of available counter space for the basin itself. This bathroom has the longest countertop yet set beneath a mirror that runs the entire length. The shelf underneath the basin is great for extra towel storage. The open area beneath the open counter space is perfect for one or two dressing table seats to be placed, making this counter double as the perfect in-bathroom dressing table. 

A contemporary modern bathroom design, glass enclosed shower stall, vanity and sink counter

If you're using this design for a dressing table, having the right countertop storage would help you keep this area organized and clutter-free. Check out this guide: How Big Is A Dressing Table? While you might have more room than you know what to do with, it can be easy to make all of this space untidy. To help with this, we suggest looking at makeup caddies, like the two we feature below.

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Should you need a way to keep your jewelry neat and organized, we suggest looking for a jewelry box for your bathroom countertop. This will keep your jewelry untangled and always at arm's reach. The model we feature below has plenty of drawer space and has bars for draping your bracelets and necklaces over. 

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In Closing

For every bathroom layout, there is a perfect sink to be found. Be sure to explore all of your available options before narrowing down the sink design of your choice. While some of your space may be limited, you're sure to find the sink that's right for you. 

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