How Much Do Bathroom Tiles Cost?

Whether you're trying to lay tile for a new bathroom or have been overcome with the urge to remodel, you're guaranteed to have questions about the cost. So how much do bathroom tiles cost? To plan and save, you'll need to have an idea of all the resources required.  That's why we're here to help you draw up an accurate budget.

How Much Do Bathroom Tiles Cost?

Typically, you should expect to pay around $3-5 for good-quality ceramic tiles. However, taking other types of bathroom tiles into consideration, the cost ranges from under a dollar to $15 and more per square foot. Your overall cost for the project will depend on -

  • The type of tile you plan to use
  • How many square feet of material you need

If you don't have the time or inclination for a DIY project, you should also consider the cost of labor. All in all, it can be a complicated process, pricing out tile. This guide breaks things down for you.

Types of Tile

You will either be relieved or frustrated to know that, when it comes to choosing what tile you want for your bathroom, you have options. Some materials cost more than others, but look and feel is also an important consideration when it comes to interior design. You should love the tile you choose, as well as be able to afford it.

The common types of tile available on the market include:

  • Ceramic – This type of flooring is durable and versatile, which is probably why it's one of the most common and readily available.
  • Porcelain – Another fairly common option, porcelain, is popular for its natural look.
  • Marble – The elegance of marble makes it an aesthetically pleasing choice, and it's still a relatively affordable material.
  • Glass – Used for its unique look, glass tiles can be pricey. They sure do add a lovely element to bathroom design, though.
  • Limestone – Durable yet soft, limestone is versatile because you can easily cut it into different shapes. Since it also has a natural look, it's perfect for rustic homes.
  • Pebble – For that beach-inspired and carefree look, you can look for pebbled tiles.
  • Granite – This type of tile has a similar look to marble, making it another popular choice.

This isn't an exhaustive list—you can find a complete one here—but it does give you a better picture of what's available as you start this project.

Prices by Square Feet

Of course, the more critical information to have, after the available choices, is how much each type of tile costs. It's important to note that the price will fluctuate a little based on your location, as well as some other factors.

However, the price breakdowns for bathroom tiles should look pretty close to these numbers:

  • Ceramic tiles – Between $0.50 and $7
  • Porcelain tiles – Between $3 and $15
  • Marble tiles – Between $8 and $15
  • Glass tiles – Between $5 and $15
  • Limestone tiles – Between $2 and $11
  • Pebble tiles – Between $7 and $12
  • Granite tiles – Between $3 and $10

As you can see, a general rule you can count on is that your bathroom tile will cost between $7 and $10 per square foot. On the high end, you may find materials that cost $15 per square foot, while the low end of the spectrum can offer tile as cheap as $1 per square foot.

For example, you'll notice that ceramics and porcelains are among the most affordable. Marble and glass, on the other hand, tend toward the higher end of the spectrum.

Measuring Square Feet

So obviously, to get yourself an accurate estimate of the total cost, you'll need to know how many square feet your bathroom is. If you don't have easy access to documentation or even know the number off the top of your head, the calculations aren't that complicated to do by yourself.

The formula is: Length x Width = Area

To get the length and width of your bathroom, all you need is a tape measure.

For even more guidance, you can check out this calculator.

Picking the Right Tile For You

Knowing the general cost is only half the battle, of course. Picking a style you like is the other half. We've put together some examples to help you picture how your bathroom might turn out.


Straightforward ceramic doesn't pull any punches. The great thing about its versatile look is that it goes well with practically any bathroom design you can imagine.

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You'll notice how porcelain tile looks very similar to ceramic, making it a similar kind of versatile. The tile will look at home in any bathroom, from classic to contemporary.

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For gravitas, marble is the order of the day. The smooth surface and gleam of the tiles exude elegance.

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Glass gives your bathroom a classic grace and a splash of color.

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The color and feel of limestone belongs in rustic bathrooms or in the homes of people who love a warm color scheme. There's something so evocative about the natural texture.

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Nothing matches pebble tile in eclectic charm. Coastal homes should embrace this style, as it pairs swimmingly with anchor-themed accessories.

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Note the resemblance granite bears to marble. Turn to this type of tile if you want a similar drama with a different texture.

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How Much Does a Tiler Charge Per Hour?

Once you have your tile picked out and you know how much you need, it'll be time to hire someone to do the labor. This, too, comes with a price tag, of course.

It's hard to give an exact number without knowing the company from which you'll receive the labor, but, likely, this cost will also be based on square footage.

On average, you can expect to pay a range somewhere between $5 and $35 per square foot for labor. If you happen to choose a company that charges an hourly rate, you might see the cost look closer to $30 to $100 per hour.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Bathroom Tiled?

Now that you have all the numbers you need, it's time to add them together. Once again, your particular estimate will depend on who you hire to do the installation, what material you decide to use to tile your bathroom, and how large your bathroom is.

An average cost for a 200 square foot bathroom ranges from $3,000 to $4,000. Some people might spend over $10,000 to get the job done and done well, though. It's likely you won't find cheaper bathroom tile installation, unfortunately.

The bottom line is, expect to spend a couple of thousand dollars to finish the project.

How Do You Estimate a Tile Job?

Typically, whoever you consider hiring to do the job will offer an estimate before both parties agree to take on the project together. Line items such as materials, labor, preparation, and removal of old tile might feature in the number they give you.

Of course, you now know all it takes into estimating the cost of a bathroom tile job. This means you can check the math of any estimate you're given.

How Much Does it Cost to Retile a Shower?

If you're only looking to redo one part of your bathroom, like your shower, you can still use the tips and tricks mentioned above to determine the cost. Material and square footage remain paramount to determining how much the project will cost.

Additionally, since tiling one specific part of the bathroom requires less time and resources, you can count on the fact that labor will be less expensive.

For a thousand square foot shower, about the average size for a bathroom shower, you might expect to spend about $2,500 to complete the project.

While you're improving individual appliances in your bathroom, you can also check out our guide on what it takes to repair a bathtub.

How Long Does it Take to Tile a Bathroom?

Tiling your bathroom is not an especially time-consuming endeavor. It's the fact that tile and grout need time to set before they're ready. That's probably the most costly in terms of time. As such, you can expect a bathroom tile job to take anywhere from two to five days to complete.

Showers take approximately the same amount of time. This is because tiling up a wall can be a more tedious process. So even though it's a smaller space, the attention to detail must be more significant.

Finishing Touches

Once you've got your bathroom all tiled, you'll be on your way to having the space of your dreams. The next steps will include getting all the essentials in there, as well as decorating the bathroom with all the must-have accessories.

For a guide to odds and ends, you should remember to pick up, check out our guide to the crucial bathroom accessories.

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