15 Awesome Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

In most home bathrooms, large fixtures such as tubs, toilets, and sinks take up most of the room. As a result, there is not very much space left to make a fashion statement. This means, of course, that you will want to pick carefully. You don’t get many chances to complement your decor, so make it count when selecting items such as your towel rack.

At the same time, fashion isn’t enough when it comes to the bathroom. Since it is a small, limited space, items must also be functional. For example, some bathrooms are humid or damp. In this case, they need a towel rack that offers maximum drying power. Other rooms are cramped, and in this case, space-saving is a valuable asset. 

No matter your style or needs, there is a towel rack on this list that can meet your expectations. We’ve pored over some of the best racks available to bring you this collection of 15 awesome bathroom towel racks.

Minimalist gray bathroom with stainless steel towel rack in eccentric shape, 15 Awesome Bathroom Towel Rack Ideas

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1. Barnyard Bathroom

This quirky take on rustic decor is fun, unique, and certainly eye-catching. Any guest to your home will take notice of this standout piece. The mixed materials create a textured look that is warm and inviting for any bathroom. 

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2. Space Saver

White towels on a chromed heated towel rail in the bathroom of a hotel room

This rack would be perfect for a contemporary bathroom that doesn’t have much extra space. You can hang four towels in a relatively small footprint. It can even be installed right on the door for maximum space-saving.

3. Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Here we have an unusual towel rack. This is a retractable option that folds right into the wall. Nothing could be more perfect for a small but damp bathroom. It can extend as far as needed. In all, it has eight bars for plenty of drying space.

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4. Just Warming Up

Bathroom towel heater warmer rail with towel in front of gray tiles wall

This is not just a towel rack. It is also has a bonus towel warmer. Who doesn’t love getting out of the shower and wrapping themselves in a warm, fluffy towel? This is sheer luxury on two counts. First, there is adequate room to hang all your towels. Secondly, the towels can always be soft, warm, and ready for your comfort.

5. Pipe Dream

This super fun rustic rack offers shelves as well. It is a perfect way to store a few dry towels and also still have a rack to hang up your wet ones. It would look great with a farmhouse or steampunk decor.

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6. Back to Basics

White color towel to hang on bamboo ladder cloth rack with gray curtain in background

If you like ultra-simple style, you can’t get much more basic than this. This bamboo ladder can lean casually against any available wall. It’s basic but still stunning. This gives you both an interesting decor piece and also a place to hang your towels. After all, it’s hard to top form and function.

7. Clutter Buster

Interior decorators always say that there is one key to conquering a small space. That key is finding wasted spaces, such as corners, behind doors, or the unused spaces up high on the walls.

This towel rack is a perfect example of just how to do that. They call it the clutter buster, and with good reason! This can install on the hinges behind the bathroom door. As a result, you can transform the dead space behind your door into the ideal location for drying towels. 

If you prefer, it also installs on the wall. It won’t do quite as much to save space that way. However, the four towel racks can still swivel in and out of the way.

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8. Free As A Bird

Spa product in modern bathroom interior with white brick wall

Freestanding towel racks are great when you don’t want to install a permanent rack in the wall. They also offer the advantage of portability. This one is simple but still cute. It adds a cozy, relaxed vibe. Compared to more industrial looking metal racks, this one is less sterile.

9. Over The Door

Here is one more option for making the most of the space behind the door. It installs easily by hanging over the door. As a result, there are no screws or hardware involved. It goes up in a minute and can be taken back down at any time.

This one is rust-resistant, perfect for a damp bathroom. It has three bars in all, so it can hold multiple towels. And, finally, it’s made with a brushed nickel finish. This makes it easy to coordinate with matching bath decor.

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10. Another Hot Take

White contemporary electric towel dryer mounted on black tiled wall in modern bathroom

For another alternative to a heated towel rack, this white version is a bit more casual. Many heated racks are silver metal, which can be too modern or contemporary for some looks. A style like this still works in relaxed decor.

Heated towel racks are growing in popularity. Keeping towels dry is more hygienic. They are less likely to develop mold and mildew. As a result of their quick drying times, they also save on laundry. You won’t need to wash as often to keep your towels fresh and clean.

11. Hung Out To Dry

This towel rack is made of two earthy materials — jute string and wood. For a natural, rustic look, this basic rack is ideal. It’s simple to hang without lots of complicated accessories. The weathered wood is gray to match almost any decor. It’s warm and inviting for a homey or vintage bathroom space.

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12. Just For Now

Towels hanging on the tiled wall background in the bathroom

If you really want a traditional towel rack that hangs on the wall but can’t install anything permanent, there’s still hope. Racks like this suction to the tile wall. These racks are temporary options that will not damage the wall. As a result, they are perfect for rentals. 

However, they are limited in how much weight they can support. Be sure to read the limitations before you buy your own. Don’t put too many towels on at a time. Remember, wet towels are surprisingly heavy! You’ll also want to place it in a location where it won’t get bumped or jostled too often. An unsecured rack like this can’t stand up to roughhousing.

13. Slender Spaces

This ultra-thin, freestanding option can fit just about anywhere. It’s a mere 10 inches wide, which is hard to beat. This is ideal for an awkward bathroom where nothing seems to fit. 

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14. Spread Out

Two white terry towels on a hanger on the background of a wall of ceramic tiles

If you hate damp towels, this is your rack. Everyone knows how overcrowded towels never seem to quite dry. But in this rack, the hooks can be adjusted.  This means that you can push the towels apart to dry. Then, you can push them closer together to make room for new towels.

It’s a perfect, flexible option. You can still hang multiple towels. But, you can stop worrying that they are stuck in one big clumpy mess.

15. Fantastic Farmhouse 

This small, lightweight option is easy to hang. This is a perfect size if you just want to hang one or two towels. It is a fun and fresh take on farmhouse style. It hangs close to the wall for a stylish but simple display.

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In Conclusion

While standard towel racks still are available, they are far from the only option. In the modern home, there are a variety of unique or unusual selections. Space-saving choices include racks that retract into the wall. Likewise, hinged racks that swing in and out from the wall can be a helpful design.

If you can’t install a permanent towel rack, consider a free-standing version. You can also use an over-the-door hanging rack. Finally, there are towel racks that stick on tile via suction cups.

Meanwhile, if cold or damp bathrooms are the biggest concern, a heated towel rack may be ideal. No matter your need, towel racks today come in several styles and designs.

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