What is a Bathroom Vanity? [And how to choose yours]

Modern wooden vanity with a mirror in a gold frame and sconces on the wall, a low table with decor and a rug with a chandelierKnowing the proper names and categorizations of decor will help you more efficiently plan for, purchase, and decorate your home. One of those central pieces, particularly when it comes to bathrooms, is the bathroom vanity. We did all the research so you can know exactly what your options are and what to look for.

A bathroom vanity is generally the combination of a sink, a mirror, and some kind of storage area which may hide the sink's pipes. They are commonly found in typical master bedrooms.

Are there different kinds of vanities? What kinds of materials are available? You may still have some questions, so if you do, keep reading to get them answered!

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

Bathroom vanities are what you get when you combine your bathroom sink or sinks with some type of storage area. One of the more common bathroom vanities you have probably seen is the combination of a mirror, sink, counter, and cabinet storage space underneath the sink and counter.

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The majority of master bedrooms with an attached bathroom are going to have a bathroom vanity. While this may vary with the size of the house and the attached bathroom in question, many master bedrooms will actually have vanities with a larger mirror and two sinks.

You may be familiar with traditional vanities, which are generally included next to a wall in the bedroom and at a minimum consist of a table with drawers, a chair, and a mirror. The mirror will occasionally be rimmed with lights so you can see your face more clearly. This setup has simply been adapted for bathrooms, making it easier for you to prepare and get ready for your day in one place. Generally, the most noticeable differences include the addition of the sink and a different placement of the lights.

What Are Bathroom Vanities Made Of?

There are a number of different kinds of bathroom vanities, which means that there are quite a few different kinds of materials that they are made of, as well as different combinations of materials. For simplicity's sake, we're going to categorize everything into two different kinds of vanities. There are the kinds that have been built into the bathroom that are attached to the walls and floor, and those that aren't.


The types that are attached to the walls and floors are the ones that are typically included in most suburban houses, specifically in the master bedrooms. They're one of your lower end, cheaper options, and are generally made out of particle board, a type of plywood, or some type of fiberboard, usually a medium density. Typical sinks are usually made from some kind of ceramic mixture.

That being said, you always have options. Just because your current bathroom vanity is attached to your walls and floor doesn't mean you can't redecorate and install something more elaborate or fancy looking if you choose to. Whether you're looking for something more sleep, is a little more detailed, there is something there for you. If you decide to redo your vanity, you've have quite a range of materials to pick from, like natural wood or stone countertops.


You will most typically find unattached bathroom vanities in older houses, unless someone has decided to replace an existing vanity with a detached one. With a detached vanity, you will have more control over the materials that get used, and it will generally all be made out of the same material.

They can be purchased for bathrooms that have a sink installed in the wall already but no counter space, or they can be purchased with sinks and faucets built-in for the bathrooms that don't already have them. They are a very versatile way to include a bathroom vanity of your choice in style, dimension, and material. If you're curious about how tall your vanity should be, click here to learn more.

Do Bathroom Vanities Have Backs?

The answer to this question really depends on the kind of vanity in question. A "back" could be counted as anything attached to the side furthest from the front of the vanity. Above the sink, this could include a backsplash or a mirror. Below the sink, this could mean a divider between the storage space and the wall it is resting against.

When it all comes down to it, some vanities have those things, and some of them don't. It will all depend on which of the different kinds of vanities you have installed in your bathroom.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Bathroom Vanity?

That depends completely on what you're looking for in a vanity. Some of the things that should generally be considered are the dimensions of the vanity to make sure it fits, whether or not you need to purchase a sink and faucet attached to the vanity, the style of vanity you want in your bathroom, and the available storage space it gives you.

What Are Some Popular Bathroom Vanity Colors?

When it comes to the colors you can use for the vanity in your bathroom, you are always safe when it comes to using neutral colors, as they have easily remained popular and withstood the test of time.


Ebony vanities are great because they are classically elegant, and on their own, don't draw the eye unless they're being used to add contrast to the bathroom. This leaves you free to include other kinds of decor that can be the focus of the bathroom or to add onto the vanity to make it the focus.


Incorporating a white vanity in your bathroom should be considered if you have little space to work with, as the use of white in decorating helps open up space visually, making the area seem bigger. It will match any other colors you decide to include, whether they be the main color or an accent color.


A grey vanity in your bathroom will be a nice middle ground between white and ebony, adding a little more contrast than white, but not casting a shadow in the room like ebony might. With the ability to pick from any number of different shades of grey, it will be easy to personalize your vanity to fit your ideal vision for your bathroom.

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