11 Fantastic Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

Bathroom walls are fairly straightforward. You have walls, and they're tiled so that splashed water won't penetrate them. Bada bing, bada boom! You have a bathroom wall that's adequately covered using tile. The general gist of having a tiled bathroom wall is about as obvious as it can be; however, functionality is not the only thing to think about. 

It's clear that you need to have a little style involved in your bathroom wall tile, too. The question remains, how can you turn a drab bathroom into a fabulous one using only wall tile ideas? If you want to take a break from the norm, these options below will suit your needs beautifully. 

Marble wall tile shower and bathroom, 11 Fantastic Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas

1. How Now, Brown Spa?

Australian luxury bathroom with brown tile hardwood floor and free standing bath

Brown has become the de facto tile color of almost every major spa. It's easy to see why. Brown tiling, particularly larger tiles, gives people the feeling of bathing in a secret grotto. It's spa-like, has a natural vibe, and also can include gorgeous textures that mimic the look and feel of cave walls. 

To bolster this look's spa ambiance, opt for a nice faux fern and bamboo shelving unit nearby. It's a classic, exotic look that will make you feel like you're on an island retreat.

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2. Wood You Believe It?

Modern bathroom with large shower and wood design wall tiles

Did you know that tile can now mimic the look of wood---sometimes to the point of being indistinguishable from the real thing? Faux wooden showers are incredibly in-demand among hotels because they look so inviting and natural. When paired with a stone tub or a stone sink, it just looks amazing! 

This look gives you a great ambiance, especially when paired with poured concrete accents. Even a concrete soapdish can add a modern, industrial take on things.

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3. Losing Your Marbles

Marbles can act as a great material for mosaics, which in turn, can help accent a bathroom's tile layout in a way that few other materials can. Adding a mosaic accent to your wall tiling isn't easy, but it absolutely is possible. One of the easiest ways to add some round-stoned flair to your home is with the addition of a mosaic wall mirror. Of course, if you're willing to cement things down, you can do that too. 

4. Gone Geometric

Luxury bathroom design with marble shower surround and mosaic accent tiles

There is no rule in the book that says you can't mix patterns when you're laying out bathroom tiling. In fact, adding a different pattern of tiling can help add dimension to your bathroom and give your eyes something to enjoy. Here, we see this concept done with hexagonal tiles being put in a section of the shower. 

While it is relatively easy to do, it also offers the most "oomph" for its price range. 

5. A Splash Of Color

Bathroom counter focused on the splash guard behind the faucet

Most bathroom tiling setups will have a small tiles line that acts as a backsplash for the sink. If not for the sink's backsplash, then it's often found around the shower's tiling. Either way, using the backsplash trim as a place to add a bolt of color is a great (and often cost-effective) way to add action to your design. 

To get an even more attractive take on your bathroom, match your bathroom accessories to your accent tile color. It adds cohesion to your look.

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6. Mixing Minis

Simplistic green bathroom, mix of big and mini tiles

It seems like everything old is new again, and that includes the use of tiny bathroom tiles to create a more detailed, colorful take on a bathroom wall. Miniature, inch-wide square tiles laid out in elegant patterns add texture to any bathroom layout and act as a focal point in an otherwise drab area.

There are so many ways to make this work for a bathroom! If you want to add an extra bright twist on this concept, use tiles featuring a wide range of colors. Coordinating said colors also could help add a crisp, stylish turn on the way your tiling looks. However, it may not be the best tiling for shower walls, so choose an area where showers aren't too close by with this option.

7. Swirling Marble

Bathtub in the modern interior bathroom with swirling marble wall tiles

We are fortunate enough to live in a time when marble tiling is not out of reach for most of us. This is because faux marble tiling is available at almost every home improvement store. Unsurprisingly, marble has become a major favorite among interior designers. Marble is light enough to brighten up a darker bathroom and give you a wide, open look. 

Since marble works well with gold and rose gold, it also happens to be a cinch to work with this stone. It also happens to be a particularly striking choice when used in geometric patterns. 

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8. Floral Life

Handcrafted, hand-painted Mexican ceramic bathroom tile with floral pattern

Flowers aren't just for the living room or dining room. In fact, it's not even a pattern that should be relegated to throw pillows and bedding. Floral prints are available on tiles and often add a pastoral flair. There are several ways to add this design to your bathroom. Painted floral tiles, for example, add a Mediterranean or Eastern European flair to your home.

Arranging mosaic tiles in a floral pattern is a more boho vibe. Either way, you can enjoy the look of flowers without having to worry about actually adding them to your home. 

9. Tile It Black

Contemporary minimalist bathroom with two round mirrors and wooden frame

Are you a fan of gothic bathrooms? If so, you might already know that it can be fairly difficult to balance a dark motif without making it look like a scene from What We Do In The Shadows. Having large black tiles with gold or red accents, though, can be a quick and easy way to make it happen. 

By the way, pairing black tiles with red flower accents is a great way to get an Asian-inspired look that looks striking without looking hackneyed. 

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10. Go For The Gold!

Luxurious gold theme shower room with golden door and wall tiles

Gold is a bathroom color that is often overlooked but really shouldn't be. Golden tiles add a warm tone to your bathroom that makes your bathroom look cozy without looking sloppy. To a point, some might consider it retro. Thankfully, updating your tiling while keeping this look is fairly easy: stick to bolder golds and straight lines. 

If you want to make your gold pop even more, accent your home with grey instead of cream. Too much warmth can actually make your room look dated. 

11. Say It With Stripes

Large white bathroom with striped wall tile design

Stripes are a favorite among people who love coastal rooms, but why stop there? Using tiles to create stripes is a good way to add a sporty touch to your bathroom without making your room look too commercial. Striped tiles are fairly easy to come across, and even when they're not, it's easy to add a thin layer of color to your typical layout. 

The cool thing about stripes is that they work with virtually any color combination you could imagine. Moreover, adding accessories that match up with your stripe combination will be a cinch. So, if you want a safe and universally-appealing way to add some flair, this is it. 

Final thoughts

Tiling your bathroom walls is not only a great way to design a low-maintenance bathroom but also a great opportunity for self-expression. The variety of tile colors and patterns is virtually endless. Whether you go big and textured or mini and bright, you'll be sure to find the right combination for your bathroom ambiance.

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