Do Bathrooms Need Medicine Cabinets Or Are They Outdated?

Do you still use the medicine cabinet in your bathroom? Maybe it came with one, or perhaps you added your own in. If you're trying to decide whether it stays or goes in your next bathroom, we have you covered. Later in the article, we'll talk about whether bathrooms need medicine cabinets or if they're outdated. 

Great news if you're updating your bathroom, medicine cabinets are not outdated. There is still much use for them! Medicine cabinets offer quick and easy storage for everyday items like toothpaste, medication, cotton balls, and more. 

Medicine cabinets maximize the storage space in bathrooms and can be styled to match any decor of any bathroom. Built-in cabinets add more value to your home but cost more to install. Wall-mounted cabinets are among the easiest to install. Keep reading below for more information on medicine cabinets in bathrooms!

Several containers of over the counter and prescription medications on the shelves of a medicine cabinet, Do Bathrooms Need Medicine Cabinets Or Are They Outdated?

Why Are Medicine Cabinets In The Bathroom?

The medicine cabinet is an old cupboard that we still use today. When medicine cabinets first became popular, everyone kept their medications so they wouldn't forget to take them. Everyone goes into the bathroom to start their day. However, medication shouldn't be kept in bathrooms these days, as we now know, due to high moisture levels from your bath or shower. Medicine cabinets nowadays contain mostly hygiene products such as razors, shaving cream, Q-Tips, and toothpaste, among other essentials. 

Why Is The Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Not Always The Best Place To Store Medicines?

If you didn't already know not to keep your medications in your medicine cabinet, don't feel bad. However, after reading this article, you might want to move them out of there ASAP! Below is a short list of reasons why you shouldn't keep your medicine in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

Too Much Water

Bathrooms are humid places. What creates humidity? Hot water. Most medications are made to be water-soluble to make taking them easier and to digest. Water is the first step in making your medicine work its magic inside your body. Storing your medication in a humid environment makes them less effective.


Most medicines should be kept at or around room temperature, which means a range from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. If your medications are exposed to high heat, it could render them useless or shorten their shelf life. 


High humidity can alter the chemistry of your medications often breaking them down into different substances. Aspirin, for example, is broken down into vinegar when left in an extremely humid environment. You wouldn't want to ingest that!

Good Locations For Medication

  • The area should be dark or have no direct sunlight
  • The area should be cool; a temperature range of 68 to 77 is perfect
  • The area should have low humidity
  • Should be out of children's reach

What Can I Use Instead Of A Medicine Cabinet?

If your new house or apartment doesn't have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, what else can you use? Read below for seven tips on how to organize your bathroom without a built-in medicine cabinet!

1. Double Door Duty

Make your door do twice the work. Hang a shoe organizer over it and, voila! Extra storage space. Or if you want something a bit fancier, you could upgrade to a door-mounted cabinet. 

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2. Space Above The Toilet

Odds are the space above your toilet is still free real estate. You can add more storage space simply by adding a shelf or a few baskets for things. 

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3. Declutter By Using Organizers

If all you have is counter space, make the most out of it by using baskets and organizers. A tiered basket can help make the most out of limited counter space or you could use trinket trays with drawers for small items. 

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4. Magnet Boards

A magnet board is another great way to make use of vertical space to keep things from cluttering your counters. Try adding magnets to small cosmetics and putting small metal items like bobby pins and tweezers on a magnetic board that either hangs on the wall or leans on the counter.

Check out this magnet board from Amazon!

5. Mini Shelf Over Your Faucet

A small riser shelf over your faucet is a great way to add a little storage. They can hold things like soap, razors, or other small items.

6. Shower Curtain Storage

It might seem odd but you can actually use your shower curtain for storage! Shower curtains with small pockets in them are available from places like Target, Walmart, or Amazon.

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7. Use a Bar Cart

Using a repurposed bar car is an easy way to add storage in your bathroom. Since it's on wheels, it's super easy to move around the room for whatever you need it for. 

Are Medicine Cabinets Making A Comeback?

Medicine cabinets were never out of fashion! Medicine cabinets are an integral storage piece in almost every bathroom and you might feel at a loss when your new home or apartment doesn't have one. There's a very real chance that medicine cabinets will never go out of style. 

In Closing

Medicine cabinets are an important part of bathroom storage and decor. Adding them to your bathroom space can be quick and easy. We hope this article has perhaps persuaded you to give your medicine cabinet another chance before getting rid of it! Be sure to check out some other articles from us down below!

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