11 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Black Fixtures

Deciding on an aesthetic for your home can sometimes feel impossible. Do you like the look of black fixtures in the bathroom but don't know how to make them work in your current space? Well, we've done plenty of digging and have 11 gorgeous ideas to share. Let's check them out below.

The key to successfully incorporating black fixtures into your bathroom is keeping things cohesive. Generally, black will go with other simple colors, like white, grey, brown, and beige. Furthermore, black bathroom fixtures are an easy way to modernize your space, making them perfect for remodeling.

As we begin, we will discuss all things black bathroom fixtures and show you our top 11 ideas. Whether you're new to the DIY market or need ideas for your designer, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

A modern bathroom with a light wood cabinet, walk-in shower with marble tiled walls, and black faucets and hardware, 11 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Black Fixtures

1. Modern Wood And Stone

First, we have an ultra-modern bathroom with black fixtures. One of the standout design features in this room is the use of natural stone and wood, which complement the black mirror and sink nicely.

Although this bathroom doesn't use much black, it does a great job of giving those areas as much attention as possible. Additionally, this design's darker brown walls and trim work well to warm it up a bit, so the space doesn't feel too "showroom."

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Modern minimalist bathroom

ZenStyle Black Circle Wall Mirror

This black mirror has a circular design, is 18x18 inches, is made with four-millimeter glass, promises a bright and distortion-free reflection, and has a polished metal finish.

We may include affiliate links and curated AI content to highlight top design styles.

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2. Bright, White, And Minimal

A bright bathroom with a round mirror over a black and white washbasin

Next, we have a super bright bathroom that has black fixtures throughout. Following a modern theme, this space also uses black fixtures to contemporize itself, doing a great job.

The invisible shower design catches the eye instantly, as does the standout floating sink. Although this bathroom is primarily white, the warmer tone tile they chose for the walls and the grey floor help make it feel more usable.

Again, white is great for opening a bathroom up, but it can also be very sterile if you don't moderate it.

3. It's All In The Lighting

A hyperrealistic bathroom with a blend of modern and traditional elements

Coming in third, this bathroom brings us modern and traditional elements that work well together. As we mentioned, brown and black are close in terms of aesthetics, making them the perfect pairing.

The subtle black fixtures in this bathroom do a great job of modernizing it without taking away its charm. Generally, washed blue cabinets and black handles wouldn't be our first idea, but the two work surprisingly well in this design.

The lighting is also a standout here, so if you don't want too much black in your bathroom, you could try starting with your lighting.

Aipsun Black Vanity Farmhouse Lights

These bathroom lights have a farmhouse design, have three lights, are aluminum material, and won't rust or fade.

Check out these lights on Amazon here.

4. Gold And Black Combine

a hyperrealistic image of a bathroom with black fixtures paired with gold accents. Showcase a regal-looking sconce lighting, a gold faucet, and cabinet hardware, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Another idea for black bathroom fixtures is to pair them with gold ones. Considering that black and gold tend to pair well together, using the two colors in your space is a great way to decorate.

Here, you can see how this design went with the more traditional-looking sconce lighting, which gives it an almost regal feeling. Furthermore, the gold faucet and cabinet hardware bring out the black detailing even more, which we appreciate.

5. Black Outlined Shower

a hyperrealistic photograph of a modern glass bathroom with white and grey tile and black fixtures/detailing. Emphasize how the black trim and fixtures make the design stand out.

Fifth, we have this super modern glass bathroom idea that uses black fixtures/detailing. Although the main areas of this shower are white/grey tile, the black trim and fixtures make it pop.

Generally, white and grey will create a cool tone in a space, while black adds a bit of drama. These three colors are also synonymous with new, modern construction, hence why everyone seems to use them.

Black Shower Head And Faucet Set

This shower set comes with a head and faucet, is stainless steel, matte black, promise an easy installation, and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

View this black shower set on Amazon.

6. Minimalism Meets Boho

A hyperrealistic bathroom with a soft color palette and black fixtures, combining modern and minimalistic elements with a touch of Boho style

Next up, we have a soft color palette bathroom design that uses black fixtures. You can see how this room fits into a more modern, minimalistic aesthetic while still feeling a tad Boho.

A standout here is the unusually shaped vanity lights and the triangular towel holder. Incorporating fun, one-of-a-kind shapes and art into your bathroom can be a great idea if you're into quirky details.

Furthermore, the greenery that this bathroom has growing down the wall adds the perfect amount of life to the mostly white space, which looks nice.

Triangle Metal Towel Holder

This towel holder has a modern triangular shape, is metal, works for the bathroom and kitchen, and is 9x7.8 inches.

Follow this link to view it on Amazon.

7. Making The Most Of A Space

a photorealistic depiction of a well-utilized, small bathroom space with black framing for separation. Emphasize the ambient lighting under the cabinetry for a fresh, contemporary atmosphere.

Coming in seventh, we have a smaller bathroom that uses its square footage well. The black framing in this space helps distinguish each area from the next, perfect for small layouts.

Furthermore, the ambient lighting underneath the cabinetry gives this bathroom a fresh, contemporary feel, which is very "in" right now.

You can also see how the black fixtures create a theme without needing to draw too much attention.

8. Using A Softer Color Palette

a hyperrealistic image of a bathroom with blue, light wood, and black fixtures.

Switching gears, we have a blue, light wood, and black bathroom that is a standout on the list. Considering how blue, brown, and black aren't always best friends; this space uses them in a cohesive way that we can't get over.

Specifically, the rounded mirrors and the hexagon backsplash create a fun, quirky theme, which only complements the black fixtures. This is another bathroom that uses black lighting to its advantage, so we recommend following the same idea in your space.

9. Black Framing

a hyperrealistic photograph of a bathroom with black fixtures and a focus on art. Showcase the black fixtures throughout the bathroom with a black picture frame that ties everything together.

Our next idea is perfect for those who love art in their bathroom. You can see how this design went with black fixtures throughout, with a black picture frame to tie everything together.

A standout in this room is the white mirror, which, although a surprise, works quite nicely in the black space. The blue cabinetry also pops alongside the black fixtures, so it's safe to say blue and black are a good pairing.

Americanflat 12x16 Black Picture Frame

This picture frame is black, is an engineered wood material, includes a white beveled mat and hanging hardware, and comes in various sizes.

Check out this frame on Amazon.

10. Deeper Hues

a photorealistic image of a deep green bathroom with black fixtures, exuding a mysterious allure. Highlight the ultra-dark sink that creates a floating effect for the white bowl.

Next, we have a deeper green bathroom design featuring black fixtures. Unlike some of the other concepts, this space chose to go with dark green walls and black fixtures/finishes, giving it an almost mysterious final look.

One detail that stands out is the ultra-dark sink, which gives the white bowl a "floating" appearance. This idea is perfect for anyone wanting something different for their bathroom and a more vibrant color.

11. A Hint Of Rustic Charm

a photorealistic representation of a rustic bathroom with black fixtures, reminiscent of countryside charm.

Finally, we have a gorgeous rustic bathroom with black fixtures that is right out of the countryside. Although this bathroom isn't entirely vintage, we appreciate the tiny detailing throughout.

Specifically, the wood backsplash and black lighting, faucets, and cabinet hardware give this room an electric yet modern final design.

Again, having black fixtures doesn't need to change the way your space feels dramatically, so using it for a few areas should do the trick.

How Do You Decorate A Bathroom With Black Fixtures?

Modern bathroom interior design

In general, the best way to decorate a bathroom with black fixtures is to add pops of color. Like many of our examples show, you can do this with your backsplash, cabinets, and shower tiles.

Some good colors to use with black bathroom fixtures are white, grey, brown, and even blue. Furthermore, it's also important to accessorize your space, whether it be with plants, fun lighting, or your other hardware/fixtures.

Considering how sleek black is, using it throughout your bathroom can transform its entire look while giving it a new, fresh feel.

Are Black Bathroom Fixtures In Style?

Bathroom interior with black fixtures and one piece shower tub with white shower curtain

Although trends come and go, black bathroom fixtures have been popular for a while. With current trends pointing towards lighter, neutral finishes, fixtures, and color palettes, all-black bathrooms won't be what's "in" soon.

However, using a few black details in your space will always look good. As we mentioned, black is a very intense hue, so less is more. On top of that, having white walls or cabinets with black fixtures can keep your space in style and add some drama at the same time.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you need to plan your dream bathroom or want to freshen up your current one, knowing how to use black fixtures is important. From what we found, black fixtures are sleek, modern, and will add a pop of color to your bathroom.

With that said, you don't have to use much black to get the point across. Other soft shades of grey, beige, and brown will lighten up your bathroom while complementing the black accents.

Regardless, remember to find fixtures that fit your bathroom's aesthetic, and don't be afraid to spice things up with some fun art and decor!

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