11 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Gray Cabinets

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, replacing the cabinets is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to upgrade that space. The added storage allows you to keep toiletries and extra towels close at hand but out of sight, which helps to keep the bathroom clean. Even if space is limited, cabinets can be designed to fit perfectly into your bathroom.

Today in interior design, gray is a trendy neutral color that works well in large or small bathrooms. Gray is a calming shade that represents peace and balance. If you want a zen bathroom retreat, gray is a great hue to use. It is such a versatile color; it can be utilized on the floor, walls, countertops, or cabinets. We have rounded up 11 gorgeously gray bathroom cabinets to inspire your next renovation project.

A modern bathroom in country house with gray interior, 11 Gorgeous Bathrooms With Gray Cabinets

1. Sleek Modern Bathroom

White and gray exclusive big washroom with fancy bath

This contemporary design utilizes a popular new trend of a floating cabinet. Floating cabinets in the bathroom give it a high-class look without adding extra cost. These particular gray cabinets have a polished sheen that ties in with the expansive mirror and silver accents. The clean geometric lines of this bathroom give it a soothing vibe that would make it a great master bath.

2. Breathtaking Gray Bathroom

Sun shining through window in modern bathroom

The impressive architecture of this bathroom allows multiple shades of gray to be used to great effect. While the open shower is covered in dark gray river rock, the cabinets are painted a cool gray tone. Behind the tub, they even used blue-gray tile, creating a visual feast for the eyes. We imagine no matter rain or shine, we would love to relax in this amazing bathroom.

3. Simple Yet Stunning

Modern bathroom in country house
The classic design of this charcoal cabinet shows that you do not need a lot to create a big impact. The vanity is small yet still offers enough space to keep your extra rolls of bath tissue out of sight, along with other bathroom necessities. Matching trim around the mirror ties the two elements together. The gray subway tile is both simple and elegant all at once.

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4. Light Gray

Great bathroom in modern style with gray tiled walls

This very pale gray vanity demonstrates how you can fit a cabinet into the smallest of spaces. Besides the storage available below the sink, this bathroom has built-in shelves to offer more capacity to organize all your soaps and towels. The slate gray tiles on the wall give the bathroom a dual-tone appearance that is gorgeous. Even though all of the elements used here are basic, they come together in a dramatic way that is aesthetically pleasing.

5. Stylish Bathroom

Bathroom vanities and sink consoles

Elegance meets functionality in this design. The gray cupboard offers three large drawers while also having a shelf space above to keep towels close at hand. The small details on this cabinet give it a bit of character, which shows why installing one in a bathroom easily elevates the style of the room. The glossy blue tile used on the walls complements the gray cabinets beautifully.

6. Dark Gray Cabinets

Modern dark gray aluminum and marble composed cabinet and white modern door

The darker tone cabinet paired with brushed nickel fixtures lends this bathroom a modern look. Notice how nicely the cabinet matches with the granite countertop. With three drawers and a double-doors cabinet, there is ample storage space.

7. Farmhouse-Style Bathroom

Gray luxury bespoke kitchen sink
This gray bathroom vanity takes its cue from the super popular farmhouse-style kitchen. The cabinet offers plenty of space for all you might need in the bathroom. The combination of the large sink, the subway tiles, and the cool tone of the cabinet gives this space so much personality. We especially like the fixtures used on the drawers and cabinet doors.

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8. Gray Glam

Modern bathroom inside brand new residence

From top to bottom, this bathroom utilizes gray in a truly glamorous way. There are multiple shades of gray at play in this space, from the flooring, shower tiles, and of course, the cabinet! We think that the handles on the cabinet door could double as a hand towel rack. The crystal light fixtures add some serious sparkle to this already amazing bathroom.

9. Greenhouse Gray

Sink on a cupboard in a bathroom interior with tiles, mirror and plants

We really like the contrast happening between the sink's black faucet and the gold handles on this gray cupboard. The subway tiles and fun pendant lights boost this bathroom's appeal. Bringing plants, such as succulents and cacti into your bathroom adds color and major style. Plus, there are many health benefits of bringing plants into your home, reducing stress, and cleaning the indoor air.

10. Polished Gray Bathroom

Modern bathroom inside brand new condominium

This bathroom uses light gray cabinets with a satin finish that causes them to almost blend right in with the tile floor. Once again, multiple tones of gray are used with the paint color on the wall as well as a dark gray painted door. This cabinet has three drawers and two doors to provide a good deal of room to organize all of your cosmetics and hair products.

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11. Gray And Yellow

Modern luxury bathroom in a luxury home

This spectacular bathroom shows how adding a pop of color, such as yellow, really adds flair to a gray bathroom. The floating cabinet draws similar colors from the tiles on the bathtub, while the unique handle on the cabinet door mimics the linear design of the tiled walls. If yellow is not your favorite color, red or turquoise would also look stunning as an accent color in a gray bathroom.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you like a more modern design or your style leans towards a classic look, the versatility of gray cabinets makes them perfect for any bathroom. We hope these 11 ideas presented here have given you plenty of inspiration for your next DIY project.

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