21 Awesome Bathtub Ideas To Check Out

Bathtubs are the ultimate place in your home to relax and unwind. Bathtubs also make it easy to bathe kids and pets indoors. But, as with any wet surface, bathtubs can be difficult to get into and out of. Because of this, several designs of tubs are available to suit your needs. 

Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and styles to fit into any bathroom. With so many different types of bathtubs, finding the perfect bathtub can be overwhelming. Placement of your bathtub is also a decision that will need to be made when considering bathtub design. We will discuss 21 bathtub ideas in more depth to help make your bathtub project a success. 

Modern bathroom with black floor and wall. 21 Awesome Bathtub Ideas To Check Out

1. Oval freestanding bathtub

Making a statement in your bathtub can be accomplished with the right bathtub, such as an oval freestanding bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs, such as the one shown in the example pictured below, can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. The sides of the tub have the option of resting against a wall, or being placed in the center of a room, or freestanding. There are many shapes and sizes of freestanding bathtubs that we will discuss below, and any type of freestanding bathtub will add significant value to your home. 

Bathroom with freestanding bathtub in luxury villa. 21 Awesome Bathtub Ideas To Check Out

2. Square freestanding bathtub

As we discussed above, freestanding tubs are available in various shapes and sizes to achieve your desired look. Square freestanding tubs, such as the one pictured below, are an alternative option to the typical round tub. While the round freestanding tub is beautiful and elegant, a square freestanding tub can give your room a more polished and sophisticated look. The edges and rims of freestanding bathtubs are also available in a variety to add just the right touch to your bathroom.

Freestanding tub outside large shower with brown tile

3. Bathtub with a view (freestanding bathtub next to windows)

If your home happens to have a good view, take advantage of it by placing a freestanding bathtub next to the windows. The placement itself can take your bath time relaxation to the next level. Freestanding bathtubs are the easiest to place near a window because they don't require a wall. The simple yet elegant design of the freestanding tub pictured in the example below is the perfect addition to this simple but exquisite ambiance. 

Modern luxury bathroom interior. Bathtub with a view (freestanding bathtub next to windows)

4. Colored freestanding bathtub

White is normally the color that comes to mind when you think of bathtubs, but this isn't always the case. Colored bathtubs are now available to add some pizzazz to your bathroom. Adding a fun-colored bathtub to your bathroom can totally change the mood in your space. The brilliant blue freestanding bathtub pictured in the example below coordinates beautifully with the blue color scheme of the rest of the room. 

Blue modern bathroom with contemporary bathtub. Colored freestanding bathtub

5. Bathtub/Shower combo

Sometimes soaking in a bathtub just isn't feasible, and a quick shower is just what you need. There are also times when a nice warm soak is a perfect way to unwind and relax. To enjoy the best of both worlds, a bathtub/shower combo can give you the option to soak in a relaxing bathtub or take a refreshing shower. The warm-colored tile bathtubs/shower combo pictured below is paired with the perfect chocolate brown colored shower door to finish the look. 

Master bathroom interior with close up of glass shower

6. Oval shaped corner bathtub 

If your bathroom lacks character, a corner bathtub can offer a unique look. Corner bathtubs can also be a space-saver in your bathroom. Because the corners of any room are often wasted space, placing your bathtub in this space can free up space in the rest of your bathroom. Corner bathtubs can come in various shapes to fit the needs of your space, such as the oval-shaped bathtub installed in a rectangular frame pictured below.

White bath tub with faucet and beige tiles in bathroom. Oval shaped corner bathtub

7. Corner bathtub/shower combo

Committing to just a bathtub isn't for everyone. Because of this, bathtub/shower combos are popular choices. For space efficiency with a shower option, a corner bathtub/shower combo can be the perfect solution. Whether you want to soak in a warm bath or take a hot shower, the corner bathtub/shower combo offers the best of both worlds. The design pictured below is more of a rectangular design. 

empty shower cabin

8. Corner whirlpool tub

If space in your bathroom is an issue, but relaxation is also a priority, a corner whirlpool tub may be your answer. The heart-shaped corner whirlpool bathtub with a triangular-shaped rim pictured in the example below is a space saver while giving you plenty of room to soak and relax. The triangle shape of the frame optimizes the corner space of your bathroom while adding a luxurious geometric look to the room. Enclosing the corner with shower doors is also an option to add a shower option to this particular choice. 

Heart shaped bathtub with jets inside a bathroom. Close up of a bathtub inside a bathroom with sunlight pouring in through the glass windows

9. Round whirlpool tub

Uniquely shaped tubs add a modern elegance to your bathroom. Round bathtubs are great for placement in any corner or the center of the room. The round whirlpool bathtub pictured below is easily the focal point of this bathroom. By placing this circular-shaped bathtub in the middle of this bathroom, as pictured below, there is easy access to storage space and towel hangers. 

Modern beautiful hot tub with water. Round whirlpool tub

10. Drop-in whirlpool tub

The only thing better than soaking in a warm tub of water is soaking in a relaxing whirlpool tub. Whirlpool bathtubs have jets that shoot water into the bathtub creating circular motions with the jetted water, giving the user a massaging experience. The drop-in whirlpool bathtub pictured in the example below is only one example of the many types of whirlpool tubs. Check out some other options to find the perfect whirlpool bathtub for you and your home. 

Interior of a luxury mansion, beautiful bathroom with hot tub. Drop-in whirlpool tub

11. Drop-in tub under-mount

If there is already a frame or structure in place, a drop-in bathtub may be what you are looking for. As the name implies, drop-in bathtubs are made to drop into a frame or structure. The top of the bathtub has a rim that will secure into or on top of the frame. The flush look, as shown in the example below, can be achieved by securing the rim of the tub on the underside of the frame.

Bathroom interior with bubble bath. Drop-in tub under-mount

12. Drop-in tub top mount

As discussed above, you can achieve a slightly different look by mounting the bathtub's rim on top of the framing structure. This will give your surrounding structure some protection against an overflow of water. Drop-in tubs, in general, are very popular due to their affordability and ease of replacement. The framing structure can be covered in tile, as shown in the example below. 

Bathroom Tub Area. Drop-in tub top mount

13. Alcove bathtub

An alcove is a cave-like recess in a wall or space. Alcove bathtubs are similar to drop-in bathtubs but only require three sides to be covered by the framing walls or structure. They are inserted into the recess, or alcove, of your bathroom for a custom look. A tub apron or front covering is applied to the exposed side of your bathtub for a clean finish. 

Alcove bathtub in a domestic home

14. Walk-in bathtub

Bathtubs can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to get into and out of. The combination of a wet surface and having to step down or up can cause accidents. Walk-in bathtubs can help prevent potential hazards. The walk-in bathtub pictured below is also a whirlpool. 

Contemporary bathroom design with Jacuzzi Walk-in Bathtub

15. Soaking tub

Soaking tubs are the ultimate tub in terms of size. An oversized soaking tub offers many benefits. The extra-high sides give you plenty of room to fill your tub with plenty of water. Soaking tubs are also oversized in width and length, allowing space for two. 

Big white soaking bathtub in spacious bathroom with shower cabin and wall window viewing city, soaking tub

16. Clawfoot bathtub

If luxury and elegance are what you are looking for in a bathtub, consider a clawfoot bathtub. Because of their classic style, clawfoot tubs give your bathroom an unmatched look. While the look of the clawfoot tub is iconic, plumbing and size can be an issue. Almost always bigger than regular bathtubs and with more complicated plumbing due to placement, clawfoot tubs require planning before installation.

White luxurious bath with golden legs at bathroom. Clawfoot bathtub

17. Copper tub

The warm metallic color of a copper tub is undeniably beautiful but can also serve a purpose. The metal sides of this type of bathtub retain heat better than traditional bathtubs. Because of this, copper tubs keep your bath water warmer for longer. Matching hardware in the example pictured below really accentuates the vibrant color. 

Detail of bath room decoration. Copper tub

18. Concrete bathtub

Durable and versatile, concrete is an unexpected yet beautiful material for a bathtub. Whether you are trying to achieve zen or a rustic style, concrete bathtubs make a unique piece for your bathroom. Concrete bathtubs can be formed in any shape that you desire for an unmatched look. 

Concrete bathtub in a gray bathroom

19. Tiled tub

Tiling the outside of your bathtub will require some work, but it is well worth it. In the example below, the tiled bathtub is easily the focal point of this bathroom, coordinating with the tiled and pained walls. Be sure to read and watch some instructional videos before attempting to tile your bathtub, as it will require some preparation. 

Mosaic tile bathtub idea

20. Japanese style bathtub

Intended for relaxing and soaking after a shower, the Japanese-style bathtub is a striking piece for your bathroom. Like other freestanding bathtubs, the striking luxury of the Japanese-style bathtub adds value to your home. The gentle slope of this bathtub's walls makes them more easily accessible than other freestanding soaking bathtubs. The subtle hints of grey color combined with the darker greys and natural tans for a breathtaking color palette. 

Bathroom In New Luxury Home, japanese style bathtub

21. Freestanding bathtub in alcove

For the space efficiency of the alcove tub with the striking look of a freestanding bathtub, inserting a freestanding bathtub of your choice into an alcove of your bathroom is an excellent option. The example pictured below is also positioned next to a window for a relaxing view while you bathe. Inserting your freestanding bathtub into an alcove still frees up space in your bathroom. 

Interior of a contemporary bathroom with washstand and bathtub. Freestanding bathtub in alcove


Final thoughts

Your bathtub should be a place of relaxation and tranquility. Bathtubs come in all shapes and sizes with different features. While your bathroom should reflect your personal styles and needs, finding the perfect bathtub can be a difficult choice. We hope the selection that we have provided helps to inspire you and make your bathroom project a success. 

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