15 Beach-Themed Curtains And Valances [Inspiration and Shopping Ideas]

Love the beach? Longing to bring that sense of airy breeze into your home? You could do that by introducing beach-themed curtains to just about any room.

Let us show you how!

15 Beach-Themed Curtains and Valances (Inspiration and Shopping Ideas)

In this post, we've collected 15 gorgeous designs of curtains, drapes, and valances with one thing in common: The beach! As this post will show you, adding window treatments is such a fantastic way to a room theme to life. Let's dip our toe in the water and start this march of waves, sand and sea critters!

1. Coastal Seaside by Finely Stitched

Liven up your room with this blue ocean themed beach curtain. It even comes with printed seashells to add some more flair to your room. The neutral panel towards the bottom adds a noticeable contrast to the overall design choice.

In terms of durability, the fabric takes advantage of three different materials which are polyester, cotton, and linen in a ratio of 89/9/2. This gives the curtain interesting properties such as the ability to provide protection from the sun and blocking UV radiation. The product is fairly low maintenance and can be machine washed.

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2. Beach Sand Shell Drapes

The beautiful digital print on the curtain allows you to bring the vastness of the ocean into your room, and without stretching the budget thing either! There is an interesting layer of texture thanks to the ultra-realistic beach sand. A little bit of the local flora and fauna such as the starfish add more artistic dimensions to the drapes. Least to say, this curtain will look visually striking and guests will love it.

The high quality of the curtains can block as much as 90 percent of light and UV radiation. It can also muffle noise and make your life a lot better.

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3. Blue Tulle Drapes

The main selling point of these drapes is the unique color gradient which varies from deep blue at the bottom to off-white towards the top. If you’re wondering how adjusting the color side on Photoshop would look in real life would look like, then these curtains should give you a fairly good idea.

The composition of the fabric is a unique layer of a polyester blend, which is both soft to the touch and durable enough to last several years after the date of purchase. These drapes are fairly easy to install, provided you already have curtain rods secured in place.

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4. Seashells Lace Swag by Curtain Chic

If you love seashells for some reason and want to make them a main decorative feature of your room, then look no further than this seashell themed curtain. The transparent drapes are etched with seashells and starfish to add some extra flair to your room. If you already have a beach-themed room, then these curtains should complete the décor and visually enhance the overall appearance.

The material is 100 percent polyester for added durability. Furthermore, this product won’t break your budget.

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5. Ocean Décor by Ambesonne

These curtains are perfect for folks who love the ocean and just can’t get enough of aquatic life! With this ocean-themed curtain, you can now bring the ocean into your room, figuratively of course, without ever breaking the bank. Even the turquoise sea foam looks eclectic to look at.

The fabric is made with a high-quality blend of polyester and silky satin which is soft to the touch and highly durable. Due to the premium quality of the digital print, you won’t have to wear about the ink fading away due to wear and tear. This curtain is designed with longevity in mind.

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6. Blue Curtains by jinchan

Spruce up your rooms with this classic ocean themed curtain with starfish textures. The turquoise color is light enough to seamlessly integrate with most rooms irrespective of variances in interior décor. This curtain can filter out part of the sunlight, which letting a safer portion of light spectrum gentry stream into your room.

The fabric is made with durable material that will last a lifetime. Thanks to advanced digital printing methods, the interesting motif won’t be fading away with time. There are eight different popular sizes to choose from, make you get the size that fits your window.

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7. Tiebacks Seashell by Luunins

The artisan was clearly inspired by seashells and decided to give their own spin to the overall design. The seashells you see on the curtain are a blend of different colors, ranging from cream to orange to blue. This will add a lot of decorative value to your room, allowing you to spruce things up with minimal effort.

The durable fabric does a good job blocking out sunlight, thermally insulating the room, and muffling noise. It even has energy saving properties, lowering your energy bills. The best part is that it requires low maintenance.

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8. Aqua Blue White Coastal Curtains by Coastal Home

Wake up to a wonderful view every morning of a beautiful coast installed in your room. Featuring blue colored seashells and starfishes against the backdrop of a contrasting white, these curtains will make for a truly memorable and relaxing experience for many.

The curtain’s 100 percent polyester fabric is designed with durability in mind, so you don’t have to worry about damage kicking in after rough use. Its fabric can filter out sunlight and maximize your privacy.

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9. Starfishes Aqua Marine by WinfreyDecor

This orange starfish curtain features an eclectic design that contrasts aquatic life against a white background, signifying that we’re deep underwater. The cool motif should elevate your interior design and take it onto another layer.

This curtain makes use of innovative triple weave technology that can block out the sun to increase your privacy. The fabric itself enjoys wrinkle-free properties that maximize its lifespan.

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10. Ocean Curtains by bybyhome

If you are looking to create brilliantly vibrant and unique interior décor, then bybyhome has something just for you. It makes use of perfect color combinations and interesting depth in tone to provide you with great interior décor. From the starfish to the seashells, to the blue-toned backdrop – everything about this product is picture perfect.

There are a whopping 12 different sizes to choose from, so make sure you choose one that fits your window!

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11. 70s Party Decorative Curtains by WinfreyDecor

This decorative curtain brings a very diverse and colorful motif to the table. The different design themes from the hallucinatory mushrooms to the vivid flowers have a vintage appeal to them. If anything, this curtain will serve as a jog down memory lane for many 70s children. The curtain should look stunning in any window of your home.

Furthermore, there are over 15 different sizes to choose from, making it easy to find a size that fits your window’s specifications. The curtain is energy efficient, can block out sunlight, free of formaldehyde.

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12.  Tropez Valance by Lorraine Home Fashions

The beach illustration on this valance is simply gorgeous to look at. It features beautiful and vibrant tones that bring the motif to life and show off the beauty of the ocean in tempting colors of blue, turquoise, red, and green. This valance features 100 percent polyester fabric for added durability and is a fairly low maintenance item.

Just don’t use bleach otherwise you could damage not only the ink but also the fabric.

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13. Sea Valance by the Curtain Shop

This seas themed valance is perfect if you want to bring the sea into your room, but don’t want to go too overboard with your love for all things ocean. The murals heavily feature starfishes and crabs to make the motif look more authentic.

In terms of durability, the fabric is as high quality as they come, featuring 100 percent polyester for extra longevity. It is machine washable for low maintenance.

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14. Tidal Pool Valance by Snapshots

This valance is exactly what you need if you love marine life and want to enjoy it at the comfort of your home. The starfish themed motif will transform your window and help you display some of the most beautiful creatures on the beach. Furthermore, the neutral color should match most interiors, which is perfect if you’re not too sure how the valance will look on your windows.

This valance takes advantage of modern digital printing technologies to ensure that the mural does not fade away with rough use. You can easily machine wash this product.

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15. Sea Friends by Chandra

This valance features several starfishes etched onto a durable fabric against noticeably contrasting whites. The neutral whites should go well with most interior decors, even Scandinavian rooms with minimalistic design themes. This product is entirely handmade and will be sewn after making a purchase.

If you like the product, you can order it on Amazon here.

We hope you found this list inspiring. As you can see, there's no limit to the variety of designs you can get in window treatments, while sticking to the theme of the beach.

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