How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

Not everyone gets to live near the ocean yet they all hear the beckoning of the sun-kissed beaches and pristine waters. Going to the beach helps you, de-stress, and fully recharge for the next day. And there is a pretty big chance that your teenage daughter loves to stay close to the waters just as much as you. Yet we don’t always have the luxury to visit the beach. So what’s the next best thing? A beach-themed bedroom.

The first step to creating a beach-themed bedroom for teenage girls is to clean up all the clutter. Next, try choosing a single or two beach-themed pieces of art for the wall. You can target various elements in the room such as the windows, wall, bedding, furniture, and leverage bedroom accessories to elevate the appearance of your teenage child’s abode.

In many cases, if done right, incorporating certain elements of the beach into your girl’s bedroom should do just the trick. It can fill in the gap until that big day when she finally visits the seashore. A beach-themed bedroom doesn’t have to be overly expensive either, and it’s about mixing and matching the right ‘beachy’ elements to see what sticks.

Also, if you're thinking about more Beach-Themed Ideas for your home? You should be interested in 32 Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire You.

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

Use the Right Window Treatments

Windows are a gateway to the outside world, so it makes sense to choose cascading drapes, matching decals, and relevant window treatments to create that authentic beach inspired room. Using the proper window treatments add privacy to your room - even more important in the case of a teenage girl! - and help you control the amount of sunlight.

A good choice would be to choose matchstick shades or bamboo shades which offer a natural, exotic look that adds a textured beach-themed look to any the room.

1. Tough Bamboo Shades

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Minimalist bedroom. beige upholstered bed, dark green accent wall, white curtains with bamboo blinds, wooden floors

The bamboo shades serve a functional purpose that adds an important element of the beaches: rustic wood. If you manage to find bamboo shades with a distressed wood finish, then that would be even merrier. This room can be further refined by adding beach themed throw pillows and artful galleries with boats and ships.

Product: Real Wood Horizontal Blinds

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Real Wood Horizontal Blinds

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While they’re not as good as bamboo shade they come close enough, these blinds have an authentic distressed wood finish that helps with the beach theme. They are made from 100% real North American basswood, which is durable and attractive to look.

2. Beach Drapery

The right drapes can help you create an elegant and sophisticated look that reinforces the beach themed décor in any girl’s room. Drapes come in so many shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors that chances are you’ll find something related to the beach.

Blue Indigo Drapes

Indigo tie-dye curtains. sunlight filtering through window

Blue is hard to miss on the beach, it’s practically everywhere. Yet it is the most important coastal element you could incorporate into your girl’s bedroom. This blue curtain helps set the foundation for the rest of the room to follow. It also lets just the right amount of light in from the outside.

Ocean Curtains by Ambesonne

Incorporate the serene effect of elegant blues into your girl’s bedroom. It is made from 100% polyester and is fully machine washable. The result should be 'beachy' enough for most rooms.

Need more ideas? We've put together a list of fantastic beach-themed curtains right here.

Invest in Beach-Themed Furniture

Since furniture items take a considerable amount of space in any bedroom, try choosing coastal visuals such as turquoise blue, sunny orange, and tangy yellow to help bring that beach atmosphere. A great idea is to choose decals to achieve the same effect.

1. Blue Dresser

Blue dresser in teenage girl's bedroom. yellow flowers on top, nautical theme with decorative nautical wheels

The lure of blue is undeniable. It is casual and carefree and is all around us. Yet it is the singular most impactful color you could integrate into a teenage girls’ bedroom. In this case, the blue dresser is topped with yellow flowers, but you can choose something different with a stronger nautical theme. A good choice would be nautical wheels.

Product: Wood Storage Dresser

This dresser features a prominent wood finish that works perfectly for kids. It has smooth drawers that rest on metal glides with built-in stops. It even has 8 feet pads to move it around smoothly, allowing your kid to experiment with the dresser and see which position in the room makes more sense. The dresser has 8 feet pads that help the dresser move swiftly and with reduced noise.

Go To the Seaside with Bedding

The centerpiece in any bedroom is, of course, the bedding. There are several sea-inspired patterns you can incorporate, and these include comforters with fish, seahorses, seashells, and more. You can opt for a more subtle look and go with monochromatic colors with shades of green and blue.

1. Beach Bedroom

Beach-themed bedroom. swirling waves with blue patterns, art gallery above the bed

Swirling waves with blue patterns are a surefire way of invoking that beach vibe. It also helps that the art gallery above the bed sets the foundation for the decorative elements in the bedroom.

Product: Ocean Duvet by Ambesonne

This ocean themed duvet is designed for both Queen sized and King sized beds, which means it will take up quite a bit of space in your room. It helps bring pristine blues with serene whites to create a harmonious look in the bedroom. The throw pillows share the exact same patterns for maximum compatibility.

2. Jellyfish Patterned Duvet by C&F Home

The jellyfish pattern with a contrasting white and blue backdrop creates a calming effect that elevates the room’s design. This duvet has ideal color combinations to evoke the depth needed to create the ideal interior décor. Furthermore, maintenance is super easy thanks to being fully machine washable without damaging the print.

3. Beach Themed Coastal Cover Set by Feelyou

This bedding is a mix of visually stimulating upbeat illustrations and vibrant colors. The composition of a coastal scene imbues an energetic vibe to the bedroom. It is made with super soft microfiber material for maximum comfort. It is available in four different sizes, including both King and Queen Size. Both throw pillows feature the same design for coherence.

4. Turtle Linen Bedding by SDIII

One look at this beach-themed bedding makes you want to plunge right into the bed. Nothing feels safer than nestling right on top of a giant turtle’s back as it drifts away into the deep abyss.

You can see more options in our post about beach-themed bedding sets here.

Take The Walls to The Beach Too

The best way to relive your beach vacations is to let the walls do the talking. They appeal to a children’s visual interest by using beach themed murals on the wall. To this effect, you can use wallpapers with sandy beige patterns or decals to apply on strategic areas on the wall and furniture. Or better yet, you can decorate the walls energetic art that features surfers riding big waves or dolphins splashing in the ocean.

Here are a few ideas.

1. Striped Wallpaper

Beach-themed bedroom. white bed with teal accents, colorful wood plank accent wall, seashell art above the bed, chandelier

The striped wallpaper has a simple design that incorporates different colors such as beige, turquoise, off-white, and dark blue. Notice the use of throw pillows here, with one of them featuring a seahorse. Throw pillows bring a lot of value to most rooms.

2. One Feature Wall

Beach-themed bedroom. white bed with palm tree mural, wooden floors, bedside lamps

Another bright idea is to focus on a single wall instead of all other walls. The colorful mural lends itself to elegance which will be reflecting in your bedroom, creating a sophisticated style for your daughter. The blue colors add passion.

3.  Mermaid Wall Decals by West Mountain

While wallpapers and wall paint are slightly more expensive, you can still elevate your room’s décor by using wall decals instead. This particular decal evokes aqua watercolors that paint a warm silhouette of a mermaid. This wall decal is available in four different standardized sizes.

4. Starfish Wallpaper

This is a peel and stick wallpaper, which means you can remove it and add it whenever, wherever. Girls with an inquisitive mind can experiment with the wallpaper endlessly without damaging the beach-inspired print. Furthermore, there’s no need for glue to install the wallpaper. The wallpaper features a blue backdrop with starfish murals. The product is available in five different sizes including a test sample.


Using the ideal combination of accessories can add more value to a beach inspired bedroom. For example, you can add a nautical wheel, surfboard, seashells, mermaid silhouettes, or cover her bed with cozy throw pillows that feature whimsical patterns such as sand pails, boats, and the dolphins.

Top it off by laying a soft rug in the center of the room with wavy patterns. You can hang a chandelier in the shape of seashells for extra design points.

1. Dream Big Printables

Here is a set of 4 breathtaking beach art prints that feature lots of blues, sandy beaches, and a wavy sky. Each print is embossed on the high-quality matte print that makes the colors and textures pop out. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime, you will qualify for free shipping.

You can get creative with one of those curated beach-themed tiles too (our own guide).

2. Pineapple Throw Pillow by Kissenday

Throw pillows are light on the wallet and visually pleasing. They feature thousands of patterns with vivid colors and versatile murals. In this case, the wonderfully vibrant pineapple with its cute inspirational saying will overhaul your girl’s bedroom without breaking the bank.

There's so much choice when it comes to these, we've created a special guide with 25 beach-themed throw pillows here.

Be Creative!

It takes the right combination of accessories and wall art to make beach-inspired bedroom. As with other creative projects, there is no one-size-fits-all rule. Let your imagination run free by experimenting with wild abstracts. Or better yet: ask your little one for advice on what she wants. A nautical wheel for instance, might not be her idea of how the beach looks. She might want a turtle theme throw pillow instead.

Need more inspiration? We have a separate guide about beach-themed bedrooms for grownups. You can get some ideas for your teenager's room or even for yourself!

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

How to Create a Beach-Themed Room for a Teenage Girl

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