Beach-Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Choosing the beach as the theme for your bathroom decoration project is smart. After all, who doesn't want to evoke those memories of fun and relaxation for their shower time?

Beach-Themed Bathroom Decor Ides

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Looking for inspiration? We've selected the best Instagram-worthy idea of beach-themed decor below. Let's start!

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Bathroom with blue, turquoise, and sand color-scheme

Kicking off the list is this color-coordinated bathroom.

The colors of the beach—blue, turquoise, and sand—lead the color scheme, but they're displayed against classic white walls and furniture so as not to become too overwhelming.

The beach theme is then enhanced with clever use of decorative items, including driftwood, seashells, a framed picture of corals, and a whimsical sign inviting in the mermaids.

Bathroom with neutral tones

Notice the similar color scheme in this classic bathroom. The neutral tones provide a great background for an impressive collection of sea stars and other marine critters.

Bathroom shelf with beach-themed ornaments

Shelves are a great way to display beach-themed ornaments. If you're just starting to collect sea stars and seashells, you might only need a few small shelves like this one.

The dark navy wall brings out the items on display.

White bathroom shelf with nautical elements

As you can see, a white background works just as well.

We'll see a few more beach-themed bathrooms where white is the main color, but for now, this is a lovely example of using beach elements without going overboard.

Driftwood shelves

Of course, driftwood is a great material for constructing the shelves.

While driftwood's shape doesn't always provide a balanced surface, you can easily fix that by placing a small wood plank on top of it, like here.

Bathroom with shells and driftwood accents

Speaking of wood and seashells, here's a great way to combine the two to create personalized art for your beach-themed bathroom.

This is a great craft project to do when you return from a beach holiday—and it can add a special touch to any room decor.

Bathroom with beach memories in frames

Another way to add that personal touch is to use frames like this and decorate them with photos from that awesome beach vacation.

Place them alongside your beach-combing trophies for a design element that will make you smile when you shower.

Bathroom with minimalist beach accent

A beautiful beach-themed bathroom doesn't have to be about sea stars and seashells. Look at this elegant bathroom, for example.

The seaside color palette is graceful and luxurious, with white being the dominant color.

The pale blue of the waves is reserved for the upper wall areas, while the light brown is used in details such as the rug, picture frames, and the beach sign.

Bathroom with sea star shape in shower curtain

Here's a thought. You don't need a "beachy" color palette to evoke the beach. Just look at this gorgeous black-and-white design above.

All it takes is a hint of the sea star shape in the shower curtain. It's a perfect way to combine minimalist design with the sense of freedom and escape we all associate with the seaside.

Bathroom with clean white background, plants, and a huge abstract beach poster

Another great example is this design, which combines a clean white background with natural materials and even plants.

And the beach? It's there in a gorgeous—almost abstract—poster. Granted, this isn't your typical seaside in the picture, but a dramatic artistic depiction of what appears to be trees with the sea in the background.

Would you consider this a beach-themed bathroom? We think it is, and what a refreshingly different take on the theme it is.

Bathroom with neutral white and earth tones

Here's another unique take on the beach theme: this relaxing bathroom, in neutral white and earth tones, uses natural materials to create an island atmosphere.

Bathroom with turquoise accents.

Returning from our detour into monochromatic beach designs, another classic here. Note the use of contrasting turquoise accents.

It gives the entire room a retro look and feel - perfect for a kid's bathroom. And the three sea stars have a genuine sea sponge to keep them company!

Beach themed  bathroom coral-colored walls and teal colored toilet

More bold colors are here! That reddish shade of orange is, in fact, coral—which is definitely an ocean element.

You could actually say this is a coral-themed bathroom, considering there's actual coral on the shelves.

Bathroom with coral-colored cabinet and deep blue accents

Coral is a key color in this design, contrasted beautifully with deep blue accents.

Notice how the design heavily relies on accessories. Seashells and sea stars adorn the space, complemented by a striking piece of wall art and a blue towel.

Voila! An easy-to-achieve, affordable beach-themed bathroom!

Bathroom with pastel blue and white combination

Wrapping up with a classic beach-themed bathroom. This one combines a pastel blue and white color scheme with a fantastic display of seaside-themed decorative elements.

So, which practical tips can we take from these designs?

Here's a quick list of things you can easily do to bring the beach into your bathroom -

  1. Consider a color theme that evokes the seaside. Try combining sand color with light blue, or go wild with coral and turquoise.
  2. White is always a good base color in the bathroom, whatever palette you go for. Start with white and add the other colors.
  3. Use the classic ocean elements: Sea stars, seashells, and seahorses work very well.
  4. Get distressed wood into your design. Beach board signs are an excellent way to do that - or you could even use real driftwood.
  5. Choose natural materials such as woven baskets for your bathroom accessories.
  6. Work your memories from the beach into the room. Add your beach photos or display the treasures you found while beach-combing your favorite seaside resort.

It doesn't take much to evoke the beach in your bathroom. And it's a great way to create that soothing vibe that will help you relax and unwind.

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