25 Beach-Themed Throw Pillows That Will Get the Seashore into Your Home

If you love the beach, update the look of your home by adding beach themed elements. This is an easy way to bring the relaxing feeling of being on vacation to your everyday life. Adding beach-themed throw pillows can make an immediate impact and impart fun and whimsy into your room with minimal effort.

25 Beach-Themed Throw Pillows That Will Get the Seashore into Your Home

Below are a few of our favorite examples of beach-themed throw pillows to inspire you on your decorating journey.


1. Embroidery Lake Blue Starfish by Finohome

Now you can bring the beach into your house with this starfish print throw pillow. The visually striking starfish against a neutral colored backdrop is bound to look magnificent. Moreover, it is compatible with Scandinavian interiors with minimal colors.

In terms of durability, this throw pillow cover uses high-quality linen to resist wear and tear. It even has an invisible zipper to install and remove pillows. Maintenance is super easy; simply toss it in the washing machine using cold water.

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2. Pack of 4 Beach Throw Pillows by ULOVE LOVE YOURSELF

Each pillow in this pack of 4 features attractive embroidery contrasted against a chevron pattern that alternates between subtle green, neutral white, and orange hues. The four throw pillows collectively instill peaceful vibes to your room.

Each pillow cover is made with highly durable cotton linen that can be machine washed. Just do not use bleach or hot water. A hidden zipper ensures that the embroidery stays consistent with the design theme. Each pillow is only 18 by 18 inches in size.

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3. Decorative Set of 2 PCs by Hofdeco

This set of 2 pieces feature a vividly colorful design of starfish against a contrasting white background and coral embroidery against aqua turquoise water. If you want to target a more unique décor, you should look no further than these throw pillow covers. The combination of wonderful depth in tone with perfect color ratios will elevate your room.

Each pillow cover is made with super soft cotton linen measuring 12” by 20”. It also comes with a hidden zipper to make removal and insertion of your pillow easy.

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4. Watercolor Beach Sea by Queen’s Designer

The beautiful beach theme by Queen’s Designer could only have been made possible with recent advancements in modern printing technology. The vividly colored blue turquoise turtle will uplift your interior décor in a positive way thanks to the stunning use of imagery and colors.

The cover itself is made using durable cotton linen material that maximizes both comfort and longevity. This cover is easy to wash in a machine washer as well, making maintenance less of a chore.

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5. Throw Pillow Covers by SUABO

The beautiful starfish print features simple design depicting versatile colors of friendly starfish set against a turquoise background. This motif will look stunning in most rooms of your home and match interior design projects and color schemes. You can choose between three different sizes of the throw pillow, ranging from 16 by 16, 18 by 18, and 20 by 20.

Furthermore, the ultra-comfortable fabric is a blend of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent polyester. There is an invisible zipper that makes it easy to remove and insert throw pillows.

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6. Beach Décor Blue Pillow

These beach themed throw pillows capture the color and diversity of beach life. The vivid visuals combine and contrast with each other to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. For extra durability, the fabric is made using 100% medium weight cotton.

All these throw pillows are custom made, making it possible to personalize the mural to your liking with relative ease.

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7. Park Pebble Beach Cotton by Madison Park

Want to discover the world hidden beneath the deep blue sea? Bring this throw pillow into your house and you can dive deep to experience the marine world. The versatile coral reefs and starfish against a neutral background make this throw pillow perfect for use in most rooms. Due to modern digital printing technology, the color won’t fade with time and is designed for rough use.

The fabric is super soft and durable, but it is not recommended to machine wash it. This throw pillow cover should be spot cleaned only.

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8. Summer Beach Theme by Gysan

This set of 4 eclectic throw pillows will make you think you are on an endless summer vacation in your favorite resort. It’s got soft colors balanced out with a neutral contrast. The striking orange blended with blue instantly catches attention. Setting them up in your bedroom or living room is recommended because it instills the feeling of relaxation and serenity at all times.

Furthermore, the presence of a sturdy and durable zipper makes it easy to remove and insert pillow inserts.

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9. Crystal Beach by Harbor House

Bring the great outdoor beach into the comforts of your house with this throw pillow, featuring an eclectic coastal theme with blue seashells embroidered comfortably towards the center. This throw pillow cover is made with 100 percent cotton that is both durable and ultra soft to the touch.

The throw pillow cover measures at a standard 12 by 18 inches, so make sure you already have a pillow of this size available before ordering.

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10. Throw Pillow Cover with Marine Animal Print by Qingingo

Capture the beauty of the ocean and bring it into the comforts of your abode with this set of 4 throw pillows. Each pillow features artwork that tells a story, and will easily make your room look all the more appealing. If you’re looking for a shortcut to enhance your interiors, then these throw pillows could be your answer.

The pillow sizes are 18” by 18”, with the print featuring on only one size.

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11. 4 Pack Beach Theme Throw Pillow by ULOVE LOVE YOURSELF

Brighten up your space with this set of 4 throw pillows featuring lovely flamingo murals. The artist is telling a story with each throw pillow, capturing the flamingo in different scenarios as it relaxes on a beach. Its vibrant pop of pink color should stand out in any setting.

The print is available on only one side of the throw pillow. This means you can flip the pillow over if you ever get bored with the design.

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12. Coastal Throw Pillow by Moslion

Enjoy the glow of the sun’s lustrous rays with this throw pillow cover. The beach setting has the potential to add a ton of flair to your room. This throw pillow features hues of orange and black against a neutral white background. You can easily use this throw pillow with most rooms of your house without it looking out of place.

Both sides of the throw pillow cover are printed with the same pattern, making the design all the more coherent.

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Beach themed throw pillow with sayings

13.  Embroidered Beach Throw Pillow Cover by DECOPOW

If you like the sand between your toes, the warm breeze speeding through your hair, and the smell of salty air greeting you with a warm welcome, then this is the throw pillow for you. It features a simple caption that reads “BEACH” in blue colors. The letter ‘A’ has been swapped out in place of a beautiful starfish that completes the mural.

The fabric itself is made with white cotton canvas, which is reasonably durable and soft to the skin.

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14. Romantic Throw Pillow

If you want something more ‘romantic’ to go with your room, then this is the motif you should be looking for. The caption on the print is designed with a stylish font that should set the right moods in your room. Furthermore, the motif is printed on both sides of the cover.

The cover itself is made with durable and ultra soft short pile velvet which is super comfortable to the skin.

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15. Life’s a Beach Enjoy the Waves by Fjfz

Let everyone in the room know that you love the beach more than anyone else. This throw pillow seamlessly communicates your passion for the great outdoors seamlessly and gently. The combination of vivid teal with lustrous orange against a contrasting white backdrop makes it perfect for use in most settings. There are no elaborate ornate designs on the motif, allowing you to use this throw pillow with Scandinavian decor.

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16. Navigation and Beach Style Throw Pillow by 7ColorRoom

This set of 4 throw pillows makes use of high-resolution images that will make you feel as if you are really standing on the beach. Each pillow covers different themes, including sea life, and a heavy star-studded anchor.

It is clear that these pillow covers will spruce up your home. Furthermore, the fabric is made with durable material that is soft to the touch. A hidden zipper allows you to easily remove and insert pillows. Maintenance is incredibly easy due to the pillow cover being machine washable.

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17. Beach Rules by decorbox

Go bold with this beach themed pillow cover featuring a beautiful caption that should spell out your love for the great outdoors. It is perfect if you are planning to decorate your home with bold colors. Display the throw pillow in your bedroom, living room, or patio to serve as a fun and beachy detail.

The cover is made with friendly polyester cotton blend fabric that is both comfortable to the touch and extremely durable.

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18. Home Décor by PSDWETS

Looking for versatile beach themed throw pillows that feature cool colors to complement your modern interiors? This set of 4 pillow covers will make your interior dreams come true with the high quality of view that depicts the ocean, sand dunes, and beach themes in different settings.

Each cover contains a different motif, adding versatility to your décor. A hidden zipper makes it easy to install and remove pillows. Being incredibly feature-rich, these covers can be machine washed in cold water to make maintenance less of a chore.

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19. Embroidery Pillow by C&F Home

If you want a throw pillow that doesn’t catch attention but subtly adds flair to your room in the background, then this is the perfect product. It is finished with a teal piped edge and a neutral backdrop with a caption sewn in the middle.

Because the embroidery is stitched instead of being digitally printed, it is recommended to spot clean the throw pillow instead of machine washing it.

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20. Beach Holiday Throw Pillows by 7Colorroom

Bring your love for tropical beaches indoors with this beautiful throw pillow, featuring two beach chairs under colorful umbrellas perfect for basking in the sun. The ocean sparkles under the magnificent rays of the sun, beckoning you to take a dip inside.

An invisible zipper at the back makes it easy to add and remove inserts. The square pillowcase measures 45 by 45 cm. Its fabric is a blend of cotton and polyester that is both durable and soft to the touch.

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21. Beach House Pillow by Kensington Row Coastal Collection

This throw pillow is slightly different than other items on this list. First off, it has a weird size that measures 28 inches by 9 inches, which is unusual as far as throw pillows go. The print on the front involves a fun beach setting that should go well with your room. Its fabric is made with a durable blend of poly and cotton.

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22. Decorative Throw Pillow Case by TOOL GADGET

This set of two throw pillows are exactly what you need, bringing the luxurious summer vibes into your room. They are an instant ticket to a relaxing beach no matter where you put the throw pillow at. The covers prominently feature the beach in all its glory. A caption towards the center reads “Happy Place”.

Only one side of the throw pillow is printed, so if you ever get bored of the design, simply flip it over. The throw pillow is machine washable, but don’t use bleach to clean it.

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Vintage style Beach-themed throw pillows

23. 6 Pack of Linen Sea Throw Pillows by Thmyo

If you’re looking for a mega collection of throw pillows with vividly colored beach themes, these throw pillows should do the job. They also have a slightly retro side to them on account of the map in the background. All in all, these throw pillow covers elegantly combine both the beach and vintage themes without breaking the bank.

Each throw pillow measures 18” by 18. It is safe to machine wash the throw pillows without fear of damaging the fabric or print.

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24. Vintage Throw Pillow by Emvency

This beautiful rendering of a starfish at the center of the throw pillow cover should add bright colors to adorn your space. The rustic texture of the cover adds a vintage feel to your space while the caption in blue pronounces your love for the seas to guests. This throw pillow cover is available in three popular sizes, so make sure you choose the most compatible size for your room.

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25. Set of 4 Throw Pillow Covers Asminifor

This throw pillow cover features murals that are both cool and contemporary, and will definitely add the all-important wow factor to any room in your house. The bright colors have a very vintage appeal to them thanks to the artist’s rendition of the early 80s. All the throw pillow covers take advantage of modern HD digital printing, which won’t fade away with time.

Each cover is made with a durable, thick, and comfortable fabric that is extremely delicate to the touch. The pillowcase size is 18 inches by 18 inches, which is the ideal size for throw pillows.  A hidden zipper makes it incredibly easy to add and remove inserts without looking out of place. All in all, this set of four is highly recommended.

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