15 Bear-Themed Lamps and Lampshades For Any Rustic Style Room

When looking for lighting options for your rustic domicile, you might be tempted to play it safe with simple designs. But why not take the time to incorporate some whimsy into your decor. Bear-themed lamps are a great accessory for a rustic mountain getaway or a cute country cabin.

Below are some of the most charming bear lamps that are sure to put a smile on your face!

15 Bear-Themed Lamps and Lampshades For Any Rustic Style Room

15 Rustic Bear-Themed Lamps

1. Napping Bears Lamp

Napping Bears Lamp on amazon

This napping bears lamp from LL Home’s De Leon collection features two black bears: one laying on a branch and one sitting below. Both relaxing to their heart’s content, these bears will make the perfect addition to any rustic-style room. As a pair, two lamps would work beautifully as rustic accent pieces! The post itself mimics a tree, and you can see one of the bears peacefully enjoying a pot of honey. This lamp will surely make any bear-lover's day and is bound to be a talking point for your family and guests.

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2. Reading Bear Table Lamp

Reading Bear Table Lamp on amazon

Are you an avid reader? Still looking for the perfect lamp for your cozy nook, but can’t find something that matches the rest of your rustic home? Zeckos’ black bear reading lamp will fit right in! As a mama bear reads to her curious cubs, you can enjoy a good book right alongside them. It’s the perfect lamp for any book-lover, reader, or even a child who adores bears! It’s 20 inches tall and comes with a paw print fabric lampshade that plays wonderfully into the whimsical lamp post.

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3. Three Black Bears

Three Black Bears on amazon

Black Forest Decor makes a rustic lamp featuring three black bears climbing on each others’ shoulders to reach a bee’s nest! The tree post brings both natural and rustic vibes into your homes, making this lamp a prime choice for people who love being in the outdoors. Black Forest Decor prides itself on creating pieces that work in your home, cabin, or lodge, so you have plenty of options for where to put this piece.

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4. River’s Edge Table Lamp

River’s Edge Table Lamp on amazon

River’s Edge bear tamp lamp combines both the design and the lampshade to create an astounding bear-themed design. The lampshade is made of metal and features two silhouettes, which has a beautiful look whenever you turn the lamp on. A mother bear and her cub, are hand-painted to look as realistic as possible. They’re made intricately from poly and make a beautiful accent piece for any nature-lover, bear-lover, or rustic-style home.

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5. Rustic Bear Lampshade

Rustic Bear Lampshade on amazon

This 16-inch lampshade features bear silhouettes and is a perfect way to turn a plain lamp into something rustic for your home! It’s made of faux leather and oiled paper, mounting easily on your lamp’s harp assembly with its brass-plated wire. It has lacing around the top and bottom edges, depicting a scene of two bears walking by some mountains. It brings an outdoor vibe to your home, combining a rustic style with a scene of nature.

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6. Bear and Tree Table Lamp

Bear and Tree Table Lamp on amazon

This 20-inch table lamp is made from cold cast iron and is another one of Zeckos’ gems. It features a single bear at the base that’s climbing some stones and is paired with a lampshade that has an outline of a bear’s head. It’s only on one side, adding a simplistic vibe to this rustic lamp. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants a creative piece in their home that doesn’t overpower the space too much. It’s been hand-painted to bring out the texture and detail, giving a realistic impression to the miniature bear as it walks through the forest.

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7. Tree-Climbing Bear Cub Lamp

Tree-Climbing Bear Cub Lamp on amazon

This lamp is quite unique, as the shade and bulb sit in the middle instead of on top. On either side of the light are bear cubs: one lounging on top of the branch and one still making its way up the base of the tree trunk. The lamp base is made of resin while the shade is linen-pressed. The lightbulb hangs from the bending branch up top, and the shade itself features from threading on the top and bottom, and the realistic coloring makes it a perfect lamp for any outdoors-inspired space.

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8. Bear Lamp with Hand-Painted Shade

Bear Lamp with Hand-Painted Shade on amazon

This whimsical bear lamp is the perfect touch for any rustic-style kid’s room. It keeps the themes of animals and nature while bringing a fun aesthetic to the space. The bear and moose on the base are painted in a kid-friendly style and show the bear climbing one of the many pine trees. The lampshade, instead of another animal, conveys a forest setting for these two animals’ homes. It’s hand-sculpted and painted. The lamp makes a great night light for your kid's room or an end table lamp in a summer cabin.

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9. Bear and Bee Table Lamp

Bear and Bee Table Lamp on amazon

Cal Lighting’s bear and bee lamp not only adds a gorgeous rustic accent to your home but one that’s unique as well. More often you see lampshades made from leather or linen with printed designs, but this one has been encircled by sticks. Woven together, these sticks surround a plain lampshade and give a more dimensional look to the shade, allowing it to fit in with the textured base. Atop the shade sits a small bee, paired with another below on top of the stump. The bear itself is trying to get to the bee, standing tall to make the other half of the post.

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10. Bear Floor Lamp

Bear Floor Lamp on amazon

Already have enough accent lamps? Consider Vintage Direct’s bear floor lamp! All the way from the base to the shade, the post is textured to appear like a tall, slender tree. Around the base are two adult black bears, one lounging on the forest floor and one standing up as it hugs the tree. This lamp is 62 inches tall and made with Grecian-bronze, making it quite the hefty piece. It will, however, complete even the simplest of rustic rooms. And since most of the design is at the base, you won’t have to worry about it overpowering your space.

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11. Rustic Wildlife Lodge Decor

Rustic Wildlife Lodge Decor on amazon

Ebros Gifts’ rustic table lamp features two black bear cubs, sitting playfully on the forest floor hand-in-hand. The two look happy, leaning against a tree, and will surely lighten the mood of any rustic-style room. It’s hand-painted and polished and made from polyresin, meaning no two lamps are exactly alike. These bear siblings show one of nature’s more loving sides, making a heartfelt addition to any rustic cabin, home, or even office!

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12. Campfire Bear Accent Lamp

Campfire Bear Accent Lamp on amazon

This unique piece from Black Forest Decor is perfect for anyone who loves their accents to be on the more creative side. Not only is this lamp of a bear sitting like a person at a campfire, but it also strays from the traditional end table lamp. With no lampshade, the light itself is from the fire—adding an almost realistic touch to this playful scene. As the bear warms his paws, you’ll be able to light up your space with some ambiance. The bulb is included, and they offer 60-day hassle-free returns.

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13. Metal Bear Lamp with Burlap Shade

Metal Bear Lamp with Burlap Shade on amazon

DEI’s metal bear lamp has a more modern edge while still keeping a rustic style. It has a burlap lampshade that’s been paired with a thin metal post—the best of both worlds for anyone who likes rustic (but doesn’t like too much rustic). At the base is a quaint forest scene that isn’t painted or carved, but sophisticated silhouettes of a tree and an adult bear as it walks along. The lamp post and base are made entirely from metal, and it brings a bit of outdoor beauty into your home.

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14. Grizzly Bear Table Lamp

Grizzly Bear Table Lamp on amazon

Zeckos has created yet another gorgeous rustic lamp that not only combines the bear with the lamp but turns the bear into the lamp. The grizzly bear stands tall against a log on the forest floor, appearing as if it’s the lamp post from a head-on angle. The lamp is cast from resin and stands 24 inches tall with a shade that depicts the surrounding forest, making it seem as if the bear is among the trees. The detail on the resin is superb, going so far as to show off the grizzly bear’s fur and claws. It brings a touch of the wilderness into any country home or cabin and is sure to be a focal point for all of your guests.

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15. Black Bear Embroidered Shade

Black Bear Embroidered Shade on amazon

Made by Park Designs, this embroidered lampshade brings a handmade touch to your rustic home or cabin. It has a regular fit clipping and can be used with a 40-watt lightbulb. The shade is a plain cream background with black edges. Towards the bottom is an embroidered family of bears as they walk through the trees and mountains. While still keeping with the rustic theme and bringing the outside in, this lampshade has just the right amount of stitching to add a delicate (but not overbearing) touch to any lamp post.

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