18 Bed In Front Of Window Ideas

Have design websites warned you that a bed in front of a window is a poor design choice or ‘not Feng Shui? Do you want to, or have to, put your bed in front of a window? Well, you can! We’ve researched all the why’s and why not’s, and we have 18 ideas to position your bed in front of a window successfully!

A bed in front of a window can :

  • Blocks Artificial Light
  • Incorporate colors you love
  • Include comfortable And Warm Bedding
  • Secure windows
  • Provide access to daytime light

Many professionals don’t like to put beds in front of windows because it obstructs Feng shui energy flow or is against classic design principles. But you can successfully position your bed in front of the window despite all of this! Read on for great ideas and tips to use when you have a window behind your bed!

luxurious and elegant bedroom interiors, 18 Bed In Front Of Window Ideas

Consider Your Surroundings

First of all, you may WANT to put your bed in front of the window for various reasons. But is it essential to organize your room according to Feng shui principles?

Chinese Feng shui is about improving and optimizing your ‘Health and Wealth’ through your surroundings. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that healthy sleep leads to a healthy body and a wealthy life.

  • Wealth is not only monetary but a symbol of contentment and happiness in life.

To sleep well, your bedroom should be a place of safety, comfort, and relaxation. Beds should be welcoming. Outside light and artificial light from TV and cellphones should be blocked at night.

The following 18 ideas will help create the perfect sleeping area when your bed is in front of a window.

Block The Light

Since a significant principle of bedroom Feng shui is all about sleep, having a dark room will help regulate your circadian rhythm. This promotes deep, healing sleep.

The National Institute of General Medical Science explains, “When there is less light…[the master body clock]…tells the brain to make more melatonin, so you get drowsy”. Melatonin helps you sleep deeply and without waking.

1. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are one of the easiest ways to block artificial light from a window behind a bed. 

See them on Amazon.

2. Blackout Liners

If you have curtains you love, consider adding blackout liners. These thermal liners block light and heat, keeping your room cool and dark. 

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3. Blinds

If you’re not a fan of curtains, blackout blinds are another great way to block the light from a window. A simple cut-to-fit and stick-on blackout shade can improve your sleep. 

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4. Blinds with Curtains

For the ultimate light-blocking experience, double down on your window wear. Combine window shades with blackout curtains - excellent for city-dwellers where light pollution is rampant.

Pretty wooden blinds combined with curtains bring design and function to this bed in front of the window.

Create a Wall

Promote the Feng shui “Health and Wealth” concept in the bedroom by creating a feeling of security when you sleep.

5. Cozy Curtains

Window dressings block light and create a visual barrier in the daytime and promote a feeling of security at night.

These heavy drapes can be drawn at night for warmth and security even with no headboard.

6. Headboard Heaven

Consider a deep, padded headboard for support in front of a window. 

This headboard gives lots of soft comfort at night with a window behind you.

7. Pillow Layers

If you don’t want or have a headboard, you can use many pillows to create a wall in front of the window.

Beds with different styles of bed linen

Plenty of pillow layers create a visual wall in many colors and styles.

A Welcoming Bed

Another principle of Feng shui that promotes the “Healthy and Wealthy” philosophy is sleeping in a place you love.

8. Fluffy Pillows

As a child, the ultimate experience was jumping onto a huge pile of pillows. Recreate those feelings of enjoyment by putting lots of fluffy pillows on your bed when it’s in front of the window.

Pink pillows on bed next to table with plant in bright bedroom interior with window and lamp


Pretty shades of pink pillows make you want to sink right in!

9. Layered Bedding

A welcoming bed includes soft sheets, down comforters, and extra blankets in case of drafty windows behind the bed.

Grey armchair with pink blanket and pastel pillow in bedroom

This bed with plenty of pillows and blankets would be right at home in front of a window.

10. Soft Colors

Windows allow visual energy. Soften it with inviting colors to calm your sleep experience.

Modern bedroom interior with furniture near patterned

The muted, lavender-striped walls and clean, white curtains and linens create a peaceful oasis in front of this window.

Views And Light

Enter another enigma of the bed in front of the window; it can block light or views. These options help you maximize daylight and visibility from the window behind the bed.

11. Sheer Curtains

Humans need sunlight to make Vitamin D, which is crucial for healthy sleep. Natural daylight promotes a healthy Feng Shui bedroom.

Modern white bedroom minimal style

Sheer Curtains behind this bed create wall-to-wall natural lighting.

12. Cast Iron Beds

By using a cast iron bed frame, you gain the support of a headboard and maximize light entry.

Light filters abundantly through this pretty, cast-iron frame.

Is It Weird To Put A Bed In Front Of A Window?

No longer are we worried about large animals or intruders and extreme weather coming through unsecured or completely unobstructed windows! So it’s not weird to place a bed there.

In the past, these were serious concerns. But today, window security and technology are very advanced. Added to this, we live in modern communities and high-rise buildings. Putting a bed in front of a window is now a design feature for millions of people.

Use these modern security features if your bed is in front of the window in a less secure home.

13. Security Film

This can be applied directly to windows to stop shattering and entry from weather or intruders. This security film is easy to install. 

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14. Stick-On Alarm Sensors

Security against intruders can be as simple as a sensor that sends an alarm right to your phone when windows open. This window sensor installs in minutes, and it’s inexpensive!

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What To Do If Bed Is In Front Of Window?

Big bed with a large window to the backyard of the house in front

If your bed is in front of the window, there are many attractive ways to create a layout from the ideas above. But if you have concerns over bedroom privacy, we have additional solutions here.

15. Decorative Window Film

Block lookie-loo’s with beautiful and decorative window film. They come in a huge variety for every taste and budget. Beautiful window films can give you privacy if your bed is in front of a window.

See this on Amazon.

16. One-Way Privacy Film

If, on the other hand, you want privacy but don’t want to impede your view, try a one-way privacy film. It blocks viewers from the outside but gives you a 360-degree view from the inside.

This one-way privacy film also blocks UV light and excess heat.

See it on Amazon.

Where Should A Bed Be Placed In A Window?

A bed looks best centered in the window, but use these tricks to create symmetry if your windows are off-center.

17. Create Balance

Use wall art around the bed to balance the off-center effect. 

A simple piece of art ties the off-center windows together with the bed. The entire room is balanced.

18. Create Focus

Draw the eye away from off-center windows with curtains that focus the eye on the bedding and colors.

In this photo, coordinated drapery and bedding draw the eye away from the left-set window. The overall effect is focused and centered.

Is It OK To Put Your Bed In Front Of A Window?

It’s OK to put your bed in front of the window! Follow the Feng shui principles above to promote an excellent and healthy sleep environment. Check this list to be sure you cover everything you need.

  • Block artificial night lighting
  • Create a welcoming ‘nest’ with pillows aplenty
  • Balance any off-center windows with art or curtains
  • Use relaxing colors and fabrics

Here are a couple of creative ideas for beds in front of windows:

360 Degree Windows

Luxurious Bedroom Interior With Messy Bed And Armchair In Holiday Villa Or In Hotel

In this photo, the bed has a solid headboard to create stability. Sheer curtains everywhere provide daytime light and privacy. Soft, white bedding is simple and calming for sleep time.

Low Bed

Grey blanket on bed with wooden bedhead in simple bedroom interior with dark poster and chair under window

This bed is placed low under the window and includes a headboard for a maximum feeling of security while sleeping. Feathery plants on the windowsill add privacy and allow natural light. French windows open to allow the use of light-blocking shutters on the outside wall.


luxurious and elegant bedroom interiors

As you can see, humans are no longer subject to outdated ideas about placing beds in front of windows. It’s secure, and it’s a beautiful way to highlight a wonderful place that you’ll love to come home to every night!

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