15 Awesome Bed Sheet Color Combinations

Decorating a bedroom can be tricky. You want the right color scheme for you and your home, but you also need to factor in the space. You don't want anything too overwhelming or bright - after all, you sleep in this room. So we've helped you out with an extensive collection of bed sheet color combinations for your perfect pairing!

There are matches for every major color - red, orange, blue, yellow, green, purple, gray, and black! Fifteen (15) awesome color combinations await. Both contrasting and similar colors have been set together in exciting and stunning sheet sets.

Keep reading for suggestions on matching each color with some great partners and determining what color combinations are best for you.

on trend bedroom in greys and pinks bedsheets, 15 Awesome Bed Sheet Color Combinations

What Colors, And How Many, Can I Use For Sheets?

In decorating, the 60-30-10 rule is practically gospel. It's also an easy way for those less confident in their abilities to know how and when to use color. What that means is first to pick one main color to be the focus of the room. The color you pick can be anything - whether you use it to coordinate with your current color scheme, pick it to suit your decorating style, or simply know that you want a cool or relaxing bedroom.

Once you know your "main" color, you'll want to find two colors that go well with it. A good idea is to use a color wheel and either find colors closely related or directly contrast your main color. Once you know your three colors, the goal is to set up the room incorporating your color scheme. The first or dominant color should make up about 60% of the room. The other colors are, respectively, 30% and 10% of the rest.

For more help picking a color, try: What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

What Colors are Relaxing?

Cool colors such as blue and green are tranquil and relaxing - there's a reason why every spa uses them! Pink can also be calm and relaxing, a soothing variation on the normally stimulating red. Neutral colors such as gray or white can also be used to create a serene space.

What Colors Are Sexually Stimulating?

A study done in 2012 determined the most sexually stimulating color for bedrooms - and it's probably not what you think. Most people think of red and black as being the most passionate colors. While these did show up as being sexually stimulating, it was mostly true for the clothing worn. The best bedroom colors were caramel brown and purple - though red, pink, and black were close behind.

Red Sheet Combinations

Red is bold, striking, and passionate. It can evoke feelings of love and romance, and it's certainly noticeable. Red takes backstage to nothing. For this reason, it needs to be applied carefully. Too much red can be too strong, too overstimulating. For a child's bedroom, especially, you'll want to avoid letting red become heavy and overpowering. 

1. Red, Orange, & Blue

This bohemian sheet brings a sense of excitement by pairing red and orange, both warm and energetic. Then it cools everything down just the right amount with a calming blue.

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2. Red & Black

Black and red together make a bold, firm statement. Adding the white breaks up the visual just enough to make the image a little less intense.

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3. Red & Green

Contrasting colors can be a pleasing effect, like this red and green combination. Just be sure to break it up with some neutral colors. Otherwise, you might end up with a bedroom that is too high-energy to be restful.

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Orange Sheet Combinations

A surprisingly versatile color, orange can be part of a tropical theme just as easily as a modern, edgy urban look. Orange is warm and stimulating but pairs well with cool colors like blue and green.

4. Orange & Blue

Like red and green, this contrasting color combination just works. By putting two colors together that rest at opposite spots on the color wheel, you get a fun and energetic combination. Doing so in low doses creates a little excitement, but not too much for a bedroom.

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5. Orange, Green, & Blue

These three colors make what is known as a split-complementary or a triad. Blue is typically in direct contrast to orange - however, here, you can see that this shade of blue has hints of purple. Both this darker blue and green surround "true blue" on the color wheel. By using shades that are one step away from contrasting, you create a combination that's a bit less intense - but still looks good together.

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Yellow Sheet Combinations

The color yellow says a lot. It's bold, and it's bright. It reminds us of sunshine and happiness. It brings a certain energy and punch  - or more subtle shades can simply lend a cheery and upbeat positivity to the room.

6. Yellow & Blue

This combination is called "analogous." Using colors that sit closely on the color wheel, such as blue and yellow, has a calming and soothing effect. Focusing on yellow, a warm color, adds a sense of whimsy that would be perfect for a child's bedroom.

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7. Yellow & Green

Another analogous color scheme, as yellow and green pair together even closer than the prior match. The combination is undramatic and decidedly unpretentious. It's just perfect for a calm, grounded space where comfort is key.

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Green Sheet Combinations

With its tendency to remind us of nature and new life, green can also bring a feeling of renewal and refreshment. It tends to be cool, calm, and soothing.

8. Green & Brown

It's hard to dislike such a perfectly natural pairing as green and brown. After all, these colors do literally occur together in nature, frequently. Green and brown is earthy and grounded, but maybe most significantly, gender-neutral. It can be tricky to find a combination that doesn't seem to lean toward one gender or another, but this one can work for any situation.

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9. Green & Navy

This set is a new take on an old classic to freshen things up a bit. It takes the comfortable familiarity of green and blue together, one of the most obvious and expected matches. But, to keep things inventive and just a touch on edge, it pushes the green to a lighter, brighter version. As for blue, it uses the darkest version. This creates just a hint of tension and flair between the colors.

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Blue Sheet Combinations

There are so many shades of blue to pick from; it's almost impossible to go wrong. Whether you go for a light sky blue, rich turquoise, or a deep navy, there's a shade for every taste. Blue can be calm and soothing or bold and energetic.

10. Blue & Pink

This is a fun but underused combination. Many people think of blue as a masculine color and pink as a feminine one, which tends to force them apart. But, together is obviously better - just look at this match! The blue takes a bit of the "girliness" out of a design that, in any other pairing, would be over the top with the pink flowers.

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11. Blue & Gold

Blue and yellow already are a great set, and isn't gold really a glam version of yellow? So it makes sense to keep them together. Not only do the colors work together, but picking gold over a more standard color adds sophistication. Using a lighter shade of blue rather than the more traditional navy means this can work in a room of any size without seeming dark and heavy.

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Purple Sheet Combinations

The color associated with royalty, purple can make a room look regal and refined. For a more subtle style, a light purple can be graceful, sweet, and calming. Purple isn't as common in home decor, which means it's a great choice for an accent color that is distinctive and memorable.

12. Purple & Green

This harmonious pair works perfectly together, creating a look that is fun and modern. The purple adds some energy, and the green has a calming effect of grounding the whole thing. It's bright and bold, but not too extreme.

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13. Purple, Orange, & Red

A high-energy pairing, this might be best suited for a teenager's bedroom. Purple, orange, and red all rest together on the color wheel, which typically indicates a natural pairing. However, these colors are all intense and bold, and a lot less calming than most other color combinations made from neighboring colors. If you like a dramatic, intense pairing, this one would be hard to beat.

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Gray Sheet Combinations

Gray is considered to be a neutral hue. As a result, it can pair with just about anything. However, too much neutrality is boring. Too much intensity in your color scheme will leave gray forgotten. As a result, there are a few combinations that are especially ideal.

14. Gray & Pink

Pink, a shade from red, is bold and stimulating - but not quite as overwhelming or intense as red. This makes it a great match for gray. It's got enough energy to bring up the room and keep it from seeming boring. Yet, at the same time, enough subtlety to not steal the show away from gray entirely.

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15. Gray, Black, & White

When putting gray and black together, it's essential to pick a lighter gray - one that has a nice contrast against black. A dark shade of gray will be too similar for an adequate pairing. The combination of colors makes a modern room that is elegant and simple.

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Should Your Sheets Match Your Comforter?

Your sheets and your comforter need to work together on your bed, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have to match. Incorporating similar styles, colors, or patterns can create a sense of cohesiveness between the different elements on your bed. The key is to find enough similarities that it's clear you put the comforter and sheets together on purpose.

You don't want someone looking at your bed, trying to figure out if you had a laundry accident or made your bed in the dark. If it seems like mixing those sheets and that top could only be done by mistake, try again.

Why Are My Sheets Discolored?

When sheets start to get that obvious, weird-looking spot that only shows up on the spots where you lay down (you know you've seen that discolored gross mark), it's usually from sweat and body oils.

Most people use bleach as their first defense. Unfortunately, this may not help. In fact, sometimes, it makes the situation worse. Bleach can have an oxidizing effect on these stains, creating the exact opposite of what you hope for. Enzymatic cleaners such as Oxiclean are usually more effective. Read more about it here: Why Do My Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

In Summary

We hope you found something on our list for every style. While the best color scheme for your bedroom is up to you, you can find a combination to suit any design! Remember, you don't have to match all the time. Just coordinate and link together all the elements of your bedding.

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