21 Awesome Bedroom Chair Ideas To Check Out

Bedrooms are a lot more than just a place to sleep and store your clothing. More and more homeowners are incorporating comfortable chairs into their slumber chambers these days. These chairs are used in bedrooms in numerous ways. They can provide an additional place to watch a television program when the living room is being used by someone else. They also give someone a place to read or work that is more private and quiet.

The chairs that are being used in bedrooms vary in size, shape, and comfort level. The chair you choose for your particular bedroom should depend on how you will use it most of the time. 

If you've got a smaller bedroom or one that is already full of furniture, it can be a bit of a challenge to find the space for a bedroom chair. However, with a little bit of rearranging and some careful selection, you should be able to add this piece of furniture to your existing bedroom layout.

Pink pillow on grey armchair near bed in girl's bedroom interior with green cactus and lights on table, 21 Awesome Bedroom Chair Ideas To Check Out

1. High Backed Reading Chair

The chair in this bedroom has a high back, lending great lumbar support for longer sits. It's been placed near the window, signaling its potential use during daylight hours for reading. It's smaller and lightweight, so finding a spot for this particular chair in a smaller bedroom would be relatively easy. 

Bedroom interior with large bed, modern nightstand and wall lamp, armchair, many books around, plant, blank wall. Copy space template

We found a similar chair that might look great in your bedroom.

To view this chair on Amazon, click here. 

2. Bedside Reading Chair

This homeowner has placed their bedroom chair almost immediately next to their bed, with only a bedside table between them. This chair is placed to be used for reading or working, as the table could serve dual purposes. Note the floor lamp behind the chair, indicating that the person seated requires late-night illumination.

The interior of gray bedroom with a wooden chair and a bed

3. The Window Gazer

This bedroom chair has been placed in front of a large picture window, facing outward. Perfect for those who like to people watch or daydream, this chair provides a comfortable seat for both. Facing the window will also allow for excellent daytime reading light, while the lamp above the chair makes reading possible after dark.

Bedroom In New Luxury Home with a stylish chair

4. Hanging Chair

Here we have a fun hanging chair that has been installed near a window. A great way to relax, these chairs can swivel to give the person seated a view from every angle. You could pivot from gazing out the window to watching a television on the opposite wall.

Cozy hanging chair in the loft living room with stylish and bohemia design. Well designed and decorated with an assortment of interesting plants

We found a similar hanging chair that might be a great addition to your own bedroom.

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5. The Lounger

This homeowner decided to purchase a chair that allows for stretching out a bit more. This lounge chaise allows you to elevate your feet and legs. It's perfect for reading, watching a television program, or taking a quick nap. While the size of this type of bedroom chair might prevent you from using it in a small bedroom, it will work well in most master bedroom suites.

For more information on chaise lounges, check out this post: How Long And How Wide Is A Chaise Lounge?

Modern contemporary Lounger chair in a bedroom

We were able to find a similar lounge chair that might be a comfortable fit in your master bedroom. The pillow that comes with this chair gives added back support. 

To view this lounger on Amazon, click here.

6. Wicker Relaxation

In this bedroom, we see a Scandinavian-inspired wicker chair. This chair's size might be an impediment for smaller rooms, but if you have a spare corner, this type of chair is sure to make it a cozy place to relax. 

Mock up frame in bedroom interior, beige room with natural wooden furniture, Scandinavian style

This teardrop-shaped wicker chair is lightweight, at just under 35 pounds. 

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7. Brown Leather Chair With its Own Table

This chair has lower arms and a higher back. Upholstered with rich brown leather, it provides a comfortable seat near the window for this homeowner.

Modern bedroom decorate with brown leather furniture and black wood

8. A Miniature Living Room 

The homeowners of this bedroom have decided to put the extra master bedroom suite space to work as a smaller version of their living room. Here, we see an overstuffed chair with a smaller coffee table placed in front of it. This positioning, combined with the light from the floor lamp behind it, wouldn't be out of place in the living room of any home.

 luxurious and stylish master bedroom interior design.

9. Dressing Table Chair

Not all chairs are for relaxation purposes. In this bedroom, we see a chair with practical use. Positioned in front of a dressing table, this gives the user of this room a place to sit while getting ready for the day. These can usually be tucked under the table itself so that the amount of space utilized when not in use is at a bare minimum.

white elegance English style bedroom with side table lamp and dressing table chair

If your dressing table didn't come with a matching chair, there are several models sold independently that you can choose from.

To see this dressing table chair on Amazon, click here.

10. The Corner Reading Chair

This bedroom's setup comes complete with an overstuffed corner chair and lamp, perfect for reading a book after a long day.

stylish and luxurious master bedroom interior design with corner reading chair

11. The Utility Chair

Based on the chair's style and positioning in this bedroom, the occupants most likely use this piece for utility reasons. There might be someone sitting in it every morning to put on shoes and socks, or it could be a place to leave out clothes for the following day. While still a good seat, it doesn't exude the comfort for reading or relaxing that others in this post do.

Grey interior of a spacious monochromoatic bedroom with a yellow pillow lying on a king-size bed

12. For the Kid's Room

Of course, you can't forget that your child's bedroom might also make use of a chair. Much smaller and lighter, these chairs will fit in most any tiny bedroom. They work great for activity tables, reading, or playing. Bedroom chairs for children also tend to be very inexpensive yet durable.

Blue children bedroom interior with chairs

For those with the space, consider a children's chair and table set. This set is lightweight but durable and seats four children. Placing one of these in your child's bedroom will allow them to have their own established space for working on puzzles, coloring, or doing a variety of other activities. 

To view this set on Amazon, click here.

13. Mother's Nursery Chair

In this room, we see a comfortable chair with high arms and back. This is perfect for a nursery, as it gives any parent a cozy spot to feed and bond with their child. This example even features an ottoman to keep feet comfortably raised. For those parents who keep a crib in their master suite, a chair like this will be more than suitable next to it. 

Cute baby bedroom with nice wooden crib, and blue recliner.

14. The Bedroom Office Chair

Some households might have limited space, forcing the residents to have dual-purpose rooms. In this home, we see a home office in the bedroom. Comfy reading chairs or loungers won't suffice in this situation. Those who sit at desks for most of a workday need a place to sit that is comfortable but will allow for upright working positions. 

Young caucasian man on a team conference call on a computer screen at his desk in a home office.

If your home office desk didn't come with a chair, there are an abundance of styles available that can be purchased separately. This model below is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and durable enough to hold almost any body frame. 

To view this office chair on Amazon, click here.

15. Desk and Chair For Decor Purposes Only

In this bedroom, we have a decorator using a small desk and chair as a room accessory rather than for practical use. As you can see, the desk is styled to display photos and decor, not leaving room for any work to be done. The style and colors of this set match the room perfectly. While not intended for normal use, this chair does provide a place to seat while dressing if the need arises.

Minimal bedroom interior with desk and wooden chair

16. Another Look at a Nursery Chair

Here we have a parent who has positioned a lush chair next to their child's crib. It's been selected to match the color and decor in the room. With this in their baby's bedroom, the parent will always be guaranteed to have a comfortable seat to take when they need to bond with their child. 

Rendering of a Modern nursery room with salmon red and grey accents

17. Parent Chair in Child's Bedroom

A strategically placed chair in your child's bedroom will give you a great seat for the minutes leading up to bedtime. In this bedroom, we have a comfortable chair positioned across from the child's bed, lending to the idea that the parent uses this chair while reading stories aloud before sleep. As children's bedroom furniture tends to be much smaller than adults', it makes it much easier to fit a full-sized chair into a child's bedroom.

 teenager bedroom interior with modern chair

18. Mid Century Style Bedroom Chair

Chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This mid-century-inspired chair has been placed apart from the bed in this bedroom, making for a stylish and comfortable place to relax outside of the bed. This chair's style takes up a little more space, so be certain that your bedroom is arranged for it. 

Monochromatic gray bedroom with grunge wall, wooden bedside table, white walls and blue vintage style armchair

19. Bedroom Chair With Ottoman 

If you don't like the recliner look, we've found a bedroom that has made use of an overstuffed chair with a matching ottoman. While this setup does take up a bit more room than a recliner, it takes up less than a lounger. The ottoman can also double as a second seat if needed.

Modern bedroom interior with ocean view.

20. Luxury Bedroom Chair

This bedroom chair adds an extra touch of class to the modern home. Overstuffed with a hint of Chesterfield in its design, the homeowner here has the perfect place to prop their feet up at the end of the day. Perhaps they read before retiring, or maybe they use it for naps on their days off, apart from the rest of the household members.

luxury white chair in classic bedroom design at home

21. Bedroom Rocking Chair

And finally, we see a bedroom that has been furnished with a classic rocking chair. In this example, it's been placed in the baby's bedroom so that the rocking motion can be used to lull the infant to sleep. However, easily use this chair style in any bedroom in the house.

White Wooded Rocking Chair for Nursing a baby

Final Thoughts

There are so many chairs out there to choose from! When shopping for your chair, keep in mind the space you have available, as well as the purpose you want the chair to serve. When you can define those terms, you'll be able to narrow down your options to something you can enjoy much easier. 

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