Should Bedroom Curtains Match Bedding?

Once you decide on the perfect paint color, furniture, and accents, your curtains and bedding can make or break your bedroom’s appearance. Opting between neutral colors, fabrics that let in a lot of light, and choosing pieces that inspire you are vital to creating an inviting space. This may leave you wondering if you should match your bedroom curtains to your bedding. We did the research to help you with the answer to that!

Choosing to match your curtains to your bedding is an acceptable way to decorate your bedroom. When choosing your curtains, they should complement your bedding and not overwhelm your bedroom as the centerpiece.

Whether you are new or an adept at interior decorating tips and tricks, you may want to match your bedroom curtains to your bedding. Don’t worry if you are not an expert on fabric, applying color, and design. We researched the topic so you can feel more confident about decorating your bedroom, so keep reading!

Classic bedroom in white and blue tones. Should Bedroom Curtains Match Bedding?

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Should Bedroom Curtains Match Your Bedding?

Matching your curtains to your bedding is a great way to create a cohesive look in your bedroom. Some important tips to remember as you start the journey of redecorating are:

  • Stay focused on the theme and mood you want to create for your bedroom’s ambiance.
  • Feel free to experiment with different textures and slight color variations when choosing your curtains and bedding.
  • Remember to consider how much light you want to illuminate your room and center on focal points in your room and creating visual interest.

Remember to have fun when you are decorating your room. If you make sure that your design choices are united by a specific color palette, texture, or theme, everything will fall into place. When you know how you want your room to look and feel, this will naturally guide you to make the best choices for your bedroom window treatment and bedding.


You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money to get the bedroom of your dreams. There is an array of quality bedroom curtains that can brighten up your room, increase a sense of tranquility, or exudes vibrant energy.

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How Do Different Styles of Bedroom Curtains Affect My Bedroom’s Aesthetics?

Start your journey selecting quality bedroom curtains based on your taste and preferences.

Get acquainted with color psychology and understand how mixing and matching different hues and shades on the color wheel are crucial to decorating. Feel free to choose curtains that are in neutral tones, utilize block color, or all about the texture.

Installing extra-long curtains add a sense of drama and can be tied back to let in more light. Bedroom curtains can match the color of your bedding, but come in a sheer, lightweight fabric that gives your bedroom an ethereal look. Large grommets that are visible through a bar have a utilitarian feel. Adding accents like hooks and ropes allow you to physically change the look of your curtains and quickly shift the mood of your bedroom.

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 Check out this bedroom curtain and bedding set from Amazon, which has a modern take on bohemian style.

Can I Use Different Types of Fabrics to Match My Curtains and Bedding?

Classic bedroom in white and blue tones.

Yes, you can mix and match the type of fabrics when pairing curtains with bedding. Depending on the season, it makes perfect sense for bedding to include heavier comforters, multiple pillows, or lightweight sheets. When matching your bedding and curtains, you want to focus on the main elements that unify them together and maintain a sense of aesthetic continuity.

Check out these curtains that match bedding on Amazon that offer an attractive repeating pattern, or select curtains that have a smooth or rougher texture in the same fabric as your bedding.

Sometimes you have to be flexible and may choose curtains that are similar in color, texture, or pattern but are not a 100% exact match. To commit to this aesthetic treatment is okay, and sometimes the only option when a specific style is unavailable. Lightweight fabric curtains allow more light to pass into a bedroom, whereas heavyweight fabric curtains help block out light for more restful sleep.

How Do You Match Curtains to a Room?

Staged luxury furnished bedroom within brand new home with matching bedspread and cushions

Get ready to make a plan when matching curtains to a room. Don’t make selecting a window treatment a last-minute activity. Know your budget, how often particular curtains will need maintenance, and the colors and style treatments you like most. Do consider the length of your curtains, if the material meets your quality standards, and if it is low or high maintenance when cleaning.

Turn up the drama in a bedroom with extra-long luxurious curtains with exquisite patterns and accent details. Allow your curtains to drape playfully over selected hooks or bars, and play up a curtain’s visual impact. Match your curtains by color, fabric, pattern, or style. Choose to decorate your room with curtains that offer a bohemian, modern and chic, or vintage look. You don’t have to stick to trending window treatments, but you can use it as a launching pad for ideas.

Should All of the Curtains in a Room Match?

 Orange and beige bedding naturally matching with orange wall.

All of the curtains in a room do not have to match unless you are a stickler for uniformity. If you choose one window treatment that is a bit different than the rest, you can use the other matching curtains to create visual interest. Play around with mixing and matching tones, patterns, and colors a little bit with your curtain choices to help your eyes move around the bedroom.

How to Match Bedding With a Rug?

A rug can make or break a bedroom, depending on how well it fits with the decor. When choosing a rug to match your bedding consider the following:

  • Match colors exactly. This can be a bit overwhelming if the bedding, rug, and curtains are all exactly the same color, so be cautious. Using different textures in the same color is a great way to create visual interest when you do all three in the same color.
  • Choose similar color palettes, but vary slightly. This technique will keep the room from being too one-note, while still embracing an overall theme.
  • Choose a patterned rug that contains the same color as the bedding. This will create a cohesive look without being too matchy.

When is it Time to Change My Bedroom Curtains and Beddings For a Fresh Look?

A big comfortable bed with pale sage green and white linen, pillows and blanket in a woman's bright bedroom interior with windows.

If your bedroom makes you feel less than your best, it might be time for a makeover. Changing your curtains to accent your bedding is an inexpensive and practical solution to transform your room. Feel free to change up your bedroom curtains with the seasons, or when you feel you need to shake things up a bit.

The right set of bedroom curtains help stage a room, uplift the mood, and show off your personality. You don’t have to break your wallet to give your bedroom a new look, vary your window treatment and bedding.

Enliven Your Bedroom’s  Style With Striking Curtains And Bedding

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for getting away from it all, catching some zzzs, and relaxing with a good book or movie. Experiment with different styles of curtains to give your bedroom a fresh look. See how installing gauze curtains, heavy drapery, or curtains peppered with an on-trend pattern readily change the mood and look of your bedroom. There is nothing wrong with matching your drapes to your bedding, as it can readily modernize or update a bedroom.

Should Bedroom Curtains Match Bedding

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